Financial Domination

“Dear Goddess Posh,

i love You because You are not only a wonderful and intelligent woman but also because You are very powerful. The way You decided to punish me for having been so impolite to You is unique. Indeed, i have never been in total control like that for 7 days in a row. It makes me in a submissive state that i have never experienced before. i am not sure i will be the same after these 7 days, because as i am under Your power almost 24/7, You are always in my mind. i have to ensure that i did all Your requests correctly in order to not disappoint You, so i am always stressed to check that everything was done. For instance, when i received the message from yahoo regarding the fact they had to cancel my order, it gave me a lot of stress. How will You react ? i need to contact You directly to inform You of the situation, etc…

Another strange feeling by being under Your control is that i have to find tons of excuses with my gf. It is the first time i serve a Mistress while i have a relationship with somebody… It makes me even weaker, because i realize that i focus more on You than on my gf. She came home yesterday before i could contact You, but i had to lie telling her that i was sick and would prefer to be alone for the weekend. i hate that feeling but on another hand it is very exciting… It is very strange for me.

You also managed to make me weaker when You ordered me to send the giftcard to Your mother. OMG ! It was so humiliating for me to send Her a giftcard and explain to Her that it was sent by moneypuppet, the obsessed and brainwashed victim of Goddess Posh. Knowing that Your mother now is aware that i am under Your total control for 7 days and even having to contact Her to explain to Her that i am one of Your victims was devastating ! This was the first time i had to do such a thing and i really hope it will be the last. As You know, it is already hard for me to assume my fetishes, so to have to admit it to other people was terrible for me. i think i understand only now what is the meaning of mindfucking Goddess Posh.

Therefore, for all these reasons i have now to admit that You are the best Mistress i have ever met and i do recognize Your superiority not only towards me but also towards other Goddesses! You are unique, creative, cruel, but at the same time so beautiful and nice that it is not possible to not love You Goddess Posh.

Thank You again for all You did to me Goddess Posh. Thank You for making me suffer for You and for allowing me to send my money to You and to Your mother.

moneypuppet, the obsessed and brainwashed victim of Goddess Posh”

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