Financial Domination Tributes

Come have a taste of sweet temptation. Give in to your desires to be a money bitch for me, puppet.

You’re going to be one of my super special VIP boys aren’t you. All you have to do is designate $200 for that specific purpose on either niteflirt, paypal or amazon! Once you do that I’ll give you special access that only my GOOD boys deserve to have. It’s a lifetime membership, and more than generous of me. Inside you’ll find all kinds of deviously addicting things like photos, stories, and total bragging! Believe me, I have a LOT to brag about. Access all VIP posts here: VIP POSTS FOR POSH ADDICTS

Each of us has our own lust, some try to fight it, and others don’t. What will happen when you bite into the forbidden fruit? I am sure you’re incapable of refusing a nice juicy bite of the tasty treat I hold in my hands. My forbidden fruit: Greed, Power, Control, Money!! Financial lust races through my body the way weakness pounds through your cock. You don’t stand a chance against me, you are trapped beneath my heel already, looking for a way to make me love you, want you, adore you.

I lust for the finer things in life, and I always get them. No is not a possibility when it comes to what you will do to keep me happy. You will be my financial pet, my money slave, my hungry hurting horny bitch begging for mercy and craving attention. I am a financial seductress, a tempting adorable manipulative Goddess which will break you in two, turning you into an addicted pet. I love toying with men, tossing your emotions into a blender and burning your soul in my flame.

Each of you has your own weakness, and I will find and prey on yours. This is not about what I can give you. I enjoy, deserve & am after PURE Financial Slavery. You will approach me first with a cash tribute or I’ll simply chalk you up to being one of those inconsiderate selfish boys and move on. See you NEED me, you NEED me, you NEED me and I simply do not need you. I can live without you but you are already hooked on the power of POSH, you are already started on the path to addiction. You will be a good financial slave for me, a good money toy for my pleasure, and you will send me a cash tribute if you expect me to be happy. I know you wouldn’t want anything less.

I will use manipulation, brainwashing & hypnosis to get those things – but really I don’t need to because you are a FINANCIAL SLAVE and you want to lay yourself at my feet with your cash in MY hands.

I know you’re so absolutely ready to get it on. You’re completely drooling at the prospect of being a good financial puppet for me. Here are a few ways you can get started.

Giftcards can come from: Macy’s, Victoria Secrets, Bravissimo, Barnes & Noble & Amazon

What I especially LOVE:

I adore perfume and am always allowing YOU to add to my collection. My favorite is Vera Wang Princess and I LOVE Marc Jacobs Lola. Oh and of course Dior Addict. I just love anything Dior. I also really get a thrill from antique coins and money.  The way it feels to hold a piece of history in my hands gives me shivers and I am going to let YOU be the one to give me that pleasure.

Giftcards may be sent to

I know your legs are too weak for you to even take one step. Hand over your wallet now puppet.


See the shiny buttons! Mmm yes click click click and THEN SEND me the cash! Yummy, I love knowing my next shopping spree, where I drop thousands of dollars in less than two hours, is going to be funded by YOUR hard earned cash. We both know why you’re here boy, it’s to be MY wallet and pleasure me.

Call me and tell me how badly you need to give up that cash to me:

You've reached a portion of My financial domination website which is for MEMBERS only. My members are my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you can be one too!

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