Financial Domination Sensation

Financial Domination Sensation

Perched so delicately, my claws, at the nape of your neck. A trickle of fear slithers down your spine while sublime submission overwhelms every inch of you. The slightest of pressure can be felt as I dig my nails in deeper and in my most convincing of voices I order you to produce MORE cash for Goddess. You are a workhorse, a slave to my every desire, a begging for it’s own financial rape bitch by MY design. You will be abused and used for my financial gain, you will find purpose in providing to MY wealth with all of those slave wages. And I keep it very simple for you. No need to think with this one puppet, you only need to OBEY.

It’s a beautiful life when a man is taken over by a woman, and finds himself absolutely bedazzled with her.. it’s a wonderful experience for both when he is aching just to make her smile, and she has a twinkle of mischievous pleasure in her beautiful eyes. And here I so generously allow this life for you, allowing you to yield to your natural desires and succumb to the temptation again and again! It is such a kind thing I do, allowing you.. an inferior boy.. to be part of MY life. I know you feel such a strong desire to thank me for this, you want to send a tribute and show me how grateful you are for MY generosity. You may do so pet, you may send my money right now.

mmmm hmmmm it was so easy to agree with every word you read and send over my cash wasn’t it.. you found yourself incapable of resisting Me. There is nothing to resist, in fact it is so good being a wallet for Goddess that it feels like what you’ve been meant to be all along. Your entire life was spent in one way, and then THIS! This happened, Goddess happened, and everything changed. Everything is better now. You are better now. It’s better being a good boy, a good used wallet, than being the way you were before. Before is a blur, it’s all nothing, compared to NOW. NOW you are on your knees, now you are weak and helpless, now you are a drone on automatic for your very persuasive, very deserving, very beautiful Goddess. NOW you are a financial fuck toy and you bend over and beg to be raped by Goddess. NOW you are a boy that can’t stop clicking and spending on Me. Now you are MY personal wallet.

Now you want to take me shopping. There are all kinds of things I’d just love to spend the money you worked for on. I love when you squirm. I love how helpless you are. It makes me giggle when I see your weakness overcome you. How could you deny a shopping trip to Me? It’s impossible for you to do. Taking ME shopping is all you want to do! You just can’t wait to watch me spend away all of that money. First I’ll let you send me gift cards for so I can take myself shopping online, then I’ll add items to my wish list faster than you can buy them! How many items can you clear off before I have it filled back up again? How fast are you are CLICKING and SPENDING? Can you keep up with ME or are you too mushy minded and DODO brained to be able to.. I have you like a zombie, and now I’m going to treat you like one.

Now you are feeling so strongly the urge to praise me for my brilliance. You will kneel and adore me as the Queen Bee that I am.

Whether I wanna spend all of your savings on the smallest of trinkets, or on the most amazing things money can buy, you’re going to watch from your knees on the floor. You’re going to helplessly surrender every cent. My taunting gaze and gloriously delighted laugh will only weaken you even further. My haughty powerful stare deep into your slave mind shackles you to my every whim. I simply WANT and you EAGERLY provide. Hooked on me, my totally addicted puppet, the abuse I dish out is just something you have not only learned to live with but crave. I have you so mindfucked you actually want me to financially rape you. You actually have a little voice in your head that wishes for, and hopes for, the abuse I bestow. You fantasize about me taking it further, taking you harder than you ever have been before. I know how fucked you are inside. I know what you are.

*In My adorable sing-song voice* you want to be wallet raaaaaaaaped.. you want to be wallet raaaaaaaaaped.

No longer will you fantasize about being my used up bitch, NOW you will LIVE it! Now you will feel the true depths of my power. You will surrender yourself for MY financial use. You will approach me, after sending a tribute, and submit yourself to MY greed. Beg to be further abused and thank me for allowing you to tribute and approach.. I am the GREAT Queen Bee, the SUPERIOR mindfucktress, the one of a kind financial domination sensation.. . you will show respect, you will kneel and you will be MINE.

Goddess Posh

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