Financial Domination: One Little Click

Being my financially dominated toy, my weak helpless money bitch, is a compulsion you couldn’t resist even if you wanted to. At moments you may even think you want it to end, you may find yourself broke with nothing left after I raped every last penny from you but then as soon as payday rolls around you’re back here, groveling, BEGGING, to experience my greed all over again.

And my favorite boys, the ones with the never ending well of cash, who worked their whole lives to build up their credit and savings are now faced with a similar dilemma. It’s too good to stop but sooner or later you WILL be tapped out. You WILL go broke!
Why not sooner? Why do we have to draw out your demise. We already know you’re my cash cow and you’re addicted to MY financial greed and lust! We already know you can’t stop me. Why should I have to wait?


I shouldn’t. I should receive My cash when I want it, which is now. Today. Right here. I want your mind fucked, your body weak and your wallet completely emptied on me. Not just your silly little wallet of course, but your savings, your checking, your 401k, ALL OF IT. I want your credit maxed out and your resources depleted.

The only way YOU can prove to ME that you’re a good boy is by going absolutely 100% broke and ending up as my destitute helpless bitch. I’ll let you get a dinky studio apartment and live off of ramen, I’ll be kind enough to allow that my financial fuck toy. Everything else, every last dime, it all goes to ME.

You’ve been slaving away your whole life just so you could get to this point and be my helpless money bitch. It’s so easy too, isn’t it. To just click & spend on MY luxury. One little click and it’s all MINE! I want it all and I always get what I want.

I am greedy, but you love that about me. You love it that this addiction is so strong in you and that you can’t possibly ever resist. You love it that I am a greedy money sadist, and that I get off on draining you of it ALL.

Isn’t it SO hot. SO exciting to have no control. All you want to do is be my helpless clicking worker bee.. work hard every day, click & spend more cash EVERY DAY! The only thing you need is My control. MY dominance. MY greed. The only thing you need is ME.

I want 20k deposited into my bank account, today. I want you to be the good boy who wires it to me and I want you to BEG like a bitch for the privilege. I want to see a wealthy man on his knees, begging to be my money toy. I love financial domination and love fucking with your mind at the same time. I make you NEED this to live, I make you CRAVE your own destruction and most importantly I make you ADDICTED to making ME happy with cash!

That’s all it takes boy, just one little click & you’ve made your Goddess happy. One little click.. so easy, so easy to click for Poshy.. just click & send.. so easy. Send my cash bitch!

You can start with this $999 pay mail on niteflirt .. then send $999 on paypal.. then send $999 as an giftcard & then send $20k to my bank account hahaha.. click & spend you helpless addicted money slut.

awwww he loves me. You know what I love. I love your cash.. MY cash.. and I am feeling particularly financially sadistic today so you’re going to go ahead and send more now, aren’t you. That’s a good mindless money machine.. no thinking, so easy to just not think and just spend and spend and spend..

more money for posh



One boy really does LOVE me, sending me another $1000 LOVE giftcard! LOVESTRUCK helpless pay puppets.. follow in his footsteps and send MY cash.

more money for poshy
financial domination is soooo exciting


But then I receieved this one immediately after, from an anonymous addict. $50 amazon giftcard for ME.. sure I’ll add it to the heap but next time go for gold and send more.. it’s what I want, it makes me happy, be a good boy and really dig deep and max out that card.

you love being a good boy- send MORE

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