Financial Domination Mindfuck Clip Updates

I’ve updated VIP radio to include a “Vintage” Posh hour! It includes the audio from some of my earliest clips including The Ultimate Mindfuck. Even Robotoine did not have a copy of those clips, surprisingly because he asked me, ‘who is Paul?’.. kinda odd since he has been serving me for many years and should have read about Paul in my journal at some point. Which, btw, Paul is still dying to be at my feet but I ignore him endlessly. He asks me how I can be so cruel as to encourage the demise of his vanilla relationship only to turn around and not ever speak to him again.. well Paul it’s called TRIBUTES. If you can’t TRIBUTE your FINANCIAL DOMINATION GODDESS you won’t be hearing from me, I can promise you that. So now he gets to suffer without both myself and his ex-gf.

I’ve also added a modern Posh hour to the VIP radio and this includes the audio from ten of my most recent clips.


There are two new financial domination mindfuck clips on my clips4sale studio for you Posh drone’s to indulge in. Run quickly to buy then watch and obsess and of course respond with your helpless obedience by shopping on my wishlist and sending tribute!


Charmed & Chosen
financial domination mindfuck clip Charmed & Chosen

Charmed by my superior beauty and master manipulations your boy toy brain is so helpless and exposed to all of my wicked desires.

You want to be the chosen one, the boy I use for my own pleasure by treating you like a financial fuck toy and leaving you to suffer.

Hurt for Goddess slave, you’re too weak to and charmed to resist. You crave to be chosen to be abused for MY luxury.



Trapped By My Lovecuffs


I’ve carved my name right into that weak little boy toy heart of yours.. I’ve made you fall harder and deeper in love than anyone ever has. Now you’re just a victim of your own love for me, helpless to resist my every whim, and craving my use and abuse.

I’ve cuffed you to me for life and you will kneel and thank me for allowing you to LOVE me so much! It doesn’t matter how much you have to suffer all you care about is Me.


Poshatized Puppet made this montage for me from a few of my clips in this past year.

Mindfuck Incarnate



Almost all of my files are available for direct purchase now. I also have some of new files available for niteflirt pay2view, and my two newest clips will be added later this week.

The Royal Mindfuck

A Craving to Obey

Go Deeper for Me Puppet




VIP you will see an update this month including new photos & stories about the wallets I’ve been raping. For now though you can continue to click and spend like the addicted money slaves you are. My boys know it is not about what they get, but about what they give to ME. I deserve MORE, always MORE! And I’m in the mood to rape a wallet deep and hard .. and you will beg for it and cry like a bitch.


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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

Thank you Goddess for these new release, you are so besutiful and so powerful, we drink yours words so deeply! Oh yes Goddess we daily beg to be the chosen one

Poshatized Puppet
Active Member
Under the Influence
Poshatized Puppet

Thank You Goddess, i love the new clips You made. They both help to make our boy brains become more compliant to Your will. i can stare endlessly at the motion of Your hands sliding over Your breast. It’s just a lovely tease and at the same time You brainwash mercifully, and we just watch and listen.

Under the Influence

Thank you Goddess Posh for blessing us with new clips and radio shows, I am not worthy. I cannot wait to read your next update with new stories about how awesome and amazing you are.