Financial Domination Means If You’re Broke You’re Pointless to Me

Financial Domination Means If You’re Broke You’re Pointless to Me

What happens when Posh addicts are denied a hit of their favorite fix? Witness below as broken soul the bitch boy slave from The Ultimate Mindfuck Parts 1&2 … the blackmailed financial weakling who doesn’t stand a chance against ME crumbles and breaks as the pain of being worthless and broke sets in .. again.

When my money drone’s are drained dry they begin to malfunction.. looks like it’s time to fill up that wallet with MORE CASH so I can rape you all over again and give your life some meaning. ALL OF YOU.

If you aren’t serving MY financial lust you are pointless.
[8/22/13 7:13:36 PM] Paul: Goddess!
[8/22/13 7:14:59 PM] Paul: i’ve been going crazy
[8/22/13 7:16:17 PM] Paul: Haven’t seen You in Yahoo
[8/22/13 7:16:36 PM] Paul: i’ve spammed Your YIM with messages for days
[8/22/13 7:18:50 PM] Paul: Are You ignoring me? Have You blocked me???????????
[8/22/13 7:23:32 PM] Paul: ;(
[8/22/13 7:25:55 PM] Paul: please say something
[8/22/13 7:28:23 PM] Goddess Posh : (n) (thumbs down)
[8/22/13 7:28:49 PM] Paul i don’t understand
[8/22/13 7:29:24 PM] Paul : why are You cutting me off?
[8/22/13 7:30:56 PM] Goddess Posh : did you send my money
[8/22/13 7:31:05 PM] Paul: 🙁
[8/22/13 7:31:19 PM] Paul: What money Goddess Posh?
[8/22/13 7:31:41 PM] Goddess Posh : You know all money you earn belongs to me
[8/22/13 7:32:35 PM] Paul: Have You done this to make me totally fucking madly desperate?
[8/22/13 7:33:21 PM] Paul: Oh God…. You are out to fuck me up and it’s killing me brutally
[8/22/13 7:40:06 PM] Paul: I mean I have to live and pay bills!
[8/22/13 7:40:08 PM] Paul: God…
[8/22/13 7:40:17 PM] Paul: You are so fucking sexy
[8/22/13 7:42:02 PM] Paul: please say something i am begging YOU
[8/22/13 7:45:54 PM] Paul: how much?
[8/22/13 7:46:20 PM] Paul: oh God please don’t do this to me… i love You!!!!
[8/22/13 7:49:09 PM] Paul: please Goddess Posh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[8/22/13 7:49:19 PM] Paul: i absolutely need You
[8/22/13 7:49:23 PM] Paul: crave You
[8/22/13 7:49:39 PM] Paul: i am less than nothing without You
[8/22/13 7:51:03 PM] Paul: ;(
[8/22/13 7:51:07 PM] Paul: kneels
[8/22/13 7:52:40 PM] Goddess Posh: oh you do know how to rant don’t you
[8/22/13 7:52:57 PM] Goddess Posh : what a pain in my ass that I can’t even step away from the internet without you thinking I’ve blocked you
[8/22/13 7:53:04 PM] Goddess Posh : does someone have an attachment disorder
[8/22/13 7:53:16 PM] Paul: YES
[8/22/13 7:53:46 PM] Paul: i’d seen Your twitter comments and no You in YIM
[8/22/13 7:54:13 PM] Paul: we wouldn’t be speaking even now had i not remember my skype and that You might be in Skype
[8/22/13 7:54:28 PM] Paul: i love You
[8/22/13 7:54:34 PM] Paul: i’m sorry
[8/22/13 7:54:41 PM] Paul: it HURTS
[8/22/13 8:01:47 PM] Paul: please talk to me
[8/22/13 8:02:19 PM] Paul: You’re all i’ve got …. i can’t take it without You
[8/22/13 8:03:46 PM] Paul: help me
[8/22/13 8:14:14 PM] Paul: God please help me
[8/22/13 8:15:04 PM] Paul: WHY?????????????
[8/22/13 8:15:12 PM] Paul: ;(
[8/22/13 8:16:56 PM] Paul: Fair enough I’ll not bother you again
[8/22/13 8:17:28 PM] Paul: i hate feeling like killing myself
[8/22/13 8:19:29 PM] Paul: i’m not stable enough to take the torment
[8/22/13 8:59:39 PM] Paul : i’m sorry
[8/22/13 8:59:56 PM] Paul: treat me how You like
[8/22/13 9:01:56 PM] Paul: i’ve got no fight and nothing without You
[8/22/13 9:09:06 PM] Paul: i beg You to forgive me
[8/22/13 9:09:19 PM] Paul: i just feel so lost, worthless and empty
[8/22/13 9:10:16 PM] Paul: i ache for You, there is nothing left of my old life
[8/22/13 9:10:24 PM] Paul: You own me
[8/22/13 9:10:56 PM] Paul: please help me Goddess
[8/22/13 9:11:20 PM] Paul: kneels and bows his head and begs forgiveness
[8/22/13 9:11:38 PM] Paul: You are truth, You are God
[8/22/13 9:13:29 PM] Paul: i love You
[8/22/13 9:14:28 PM] Paul: i beg You to command me
[8/22/13 9:14:38 PM] Paul: i beg You to use me
[8/22/13 9:15:19 PM] Paul: please stop the pain
[8/22/13 9:17:39 PM] Paul: You are my saviour
[8/22/13 9:17:44 PM] Paul: destroy me
[8/22/13 9:19:41 PM] Paul: i owe You everything
[8/22/13 9:20:01 PM] Paul: You have shown me my place
[8/22/13 9:20:06 PM] Paul: what i am
[8/22/13 9:20:16 PM] Paul: i worship You
[8/22/13 9:21:42 PM] Paul: i beg You to use me
[8/22/13 9:25:20 PM] Paul: i need You so much
[8/22/13 9:26:37 PM] Paul: i know i’m crushed, ruined
[8/22/13 9:27:03 PM] Paul: a pathetic waste, a loser
[8/22/13 9:27:11 PM] Paul: Your bitch
[8/22/13 9:27:39 PM] Paul: But i worship You
[8/22/13 9:29:16 PM] Paul : my life belongs to You
[8/22/13 9:29:47 PM] Paul: i can’t live without surrender to You
[8/22/13 9:29:56 PM] Paul: i have no choice
[8/22/13 9:30:09 PM] Paul: please fuck me over more
[8/22/13 9:30:17 PM] Paul: i beg to be used
[8/22/13 9:59:28 PM] Paul: You are acting so differently towards me
[8/22/13 10:16:17 PM] Paul: i beg You to talk to me
[8/22/13 10:16:19 PM] Paul: please
[8/22/13 10:17:13 PM] Paul: i am Your slave
[8/22/13 10:17:47 PM] Paul: i’m SO broken
[8/22/13 10:20:54 PM] Paul: so weak
[8/22/13 10:23:31 PM] Paul: please save me from this
[8/22/13 10:25:49 PM] Paul: kneels
[8/22/13 10:25:57 PM] Paul: please …
[8/22/13 10:31:20 PM] Paul: wow Your older clips are all $100
[8/22/13 10:32:38 PM] Paul: 🙁 fuck this, i am better off out. i think i won’t adjust well but i don’t have the money for this shit
[8/22/13 10:33:00 PM] Paul: Hope it all goes well for You Goddess, sorry i couldn’t it around
[8/22/13 10:33:12 PM] Paul: But this is pointless and i feel like hell over it
[8/22/13 10:33:39 PM] Paul: its a joke
[8/22/13 10:33:48 PM] Paul: i cant even afford an old clip!
[8/22/13 10:34:17 PM] Paul: i am in so much pain emotionally and just
[8/22/13 10:34:20 PM] Paul: mental pain
[8/22/13 10:34:38 PM] Paul: i need to get out, i can’t live my life in this much agony
[8/22/13 10:34:44 PM] Paul: Have a nice life
[8/22/13 10:34:52 PM] Paul: i will always love You
[8/22/13 10:34:59 PM] Paul: (heart)
[8/22/13 11:24:46 PM] Paul: God You own my life
[8/23/13 4:39:27 AM] Paul: I would die for You
[8/23/13 4:40:28 AM] Paul: i can’t ‘get out’, i can’t… do a thing but want You
[8/23/13 4:58:37 AM] Paul: please don’t … fuck me up like this
[8/23/13 4:58:54 AM] Paul: i am dependent on You
[8/23/13 4:59:10 AM] Paul: i now know how strongly
[8/23/13 5:14:37 AM] Paul: You have utterly shattered me and turned me into a completely helpless mindfucked bitch for You craving the further destruction and lifelong abuse
[8/23/13 5:16:01 AM] Paul: You are the most exciting, sexiest woman ever and Your voice alone makes me ache for You
[8/23/13 5:16:22 AM] Paul: and want only to obey Your every word
[8/23/13 8:59:36 AM] Paul: i am so weak
[8/23/13 9:01:26 AM] Posh Goddess: OMG
[8/23/13 9:01:34 AM] Paul: i know!
[8/23/13 9:02:42 AM] Paul: i can’t help it
[8/23/13 9:04:05 AM] Paul: it’s embarrassing…
[8/23/13 9:05:40 AM] Paul: i realise how deeply controlled and conditioned i am
[8/23/13 9:05:57 AM] Paul: but You are my Goddess, a true deity
[8/23/13 9:06:04 AM] Paul: and i need You
[8/23/13 9:08:40 AM] Paul: please say something
[8/23/13 9:10:25 AM] Paul: why are You being this way with me??????????
[8/23/13 9:10:31 AM] Paul: i love You
[8/23/13 9:11:39 AM] Paul: You are everything
[8/23/13 9:12:50 AM] Paul: i’m fucking begging here!!!!!!!!!!!!  What’s going on???
[8/23/13 9:12:55 AM] Paul: what must i do?
[8/23/13 9:14:52 AM] Paul: PLEASE GODDESS
[8/23/13 9:15:07 AM] Paul: i’m so fucking desperate
[8/23/13 9:16:44 AM] Paul: i’m begging for mercy
[8/23/13 9:18:15 AM] Paul: i’m in a constant state of mindfucked oblivion and abject suffering
[8/23/13 9:19:05 AM] Paul: what must i do?
[8/23/13 9:19:17 AM] Paul: what have i done to deserve this?
[8/23/13 9:19:28 AM] Paul: i worship You!
[8/23/13 9:22:29 AM] Paul: please Goddess Posh
[8/23/13 9:22:40 AM] Paul: i’ll do anything You say
[8/23/13 9:23:46 AM] Paul: oh hell…
[8/23/13 9:26:39 AM] Paul: please stop this pain
[8/23/13 9:29:24 AM] Paul: this has me twisting up in knots, tighter and tighter
[8/23/13 9:29:32 AM] Paul: please Goddess

[8/23/13 9:33:21 AM] Paul: You are pure sadistic perfection wrapped in the ultimate superior intellectual psyche damaging genius of Your wickedly sexy and manipulative mind

ETC ETC I am absolutely positive he will continue to rant on, but I don’t want to sit here any longer copying and pasting his rants as they come so I’ll leave it here for now. See boys, when you’re MY financial slave your life is all about ME, my pleasure, MY purpose. My programming is that effective. When you don’t have my money you are empty, worthless and without any use. That’s why you always want to work hard so you can click and spend on ME.. otherwise you’ll end up like broken soul and you wouldn’t want that would you.. to be in such a sheer torturous state because of your worthlessness to Me.

Fill your life up with meaning while you fill up my bank account. Click & Spend NOW!

Goddess Posh

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