Financial Domination: It All Starts With Just One Little Click

Mmm. I do have to say the perverse pleasure of raping a wallet is like no other. The feeling that rushes through my body as I extract one tribute after the other from the willing hands of a pay pet is a completely unique experience. It’s as if I am siphoning power and pleasure straight from your bank account, and you helplessly watch because what puppet would ever dare to interrupt the pleasures of a Goddess? What kind of puppet would you be to ever try to deny his Goddess the power and control over his slave wages that she deserves? Not a very good puppet, and I know what you want is to be a good puppet and nod your little head along to every thing I say.

Just like my pet chris from Australia. He can’t help but to sink his teeth further into the tasty flesh of corruption and addiction. His body craves my intoxicating venom. His wife, his children, mean nothing to him other than a burden. They are all just a pain in his ass, stealing his time and energy away from worshiping Goddess. It’s unacceptable so we’re working on getting him moved out and living in a dinky little flat, no longer going to that stupid therapy his wife has him in, and devoting his entire existence into developing his addiction to ME. He is literally addicted to me, my words, my voice and sending my cash. Because he needs extra motivation to help keep him in line I have full access to his wife, and I could contact her and reveal all of the evidence I have against him (including audio recordings and screenshots of private emails between the two of them)but so far there is no need to. Because he is a good addict.

These paypal tributes I received from Chris are only some of the financial service he provided in a 24 hour period of time and I know he’ll be sending plenty more. I’ve barely made a dent in that 20k credit card of his (mine). The screenshot is of his paypal account via his phone showing all the tributes he sent to ME, mmmm…ALL for Goddess right, none for you pets!


All you need to do is accept your place as my financial slave and you won’t have to fear me. It’s when you fuck up and give my cash to someone else, or try to stop handing it over to me before I’m good and done with you, that my dangerous side reveals itself. Just don’t fuck up and you have nothing to fear from me. It’s so simple!

Poshy fool was given the honor of buying me a gift. He picked out a shade of Dior lipstick I’ve been wanting. Of course, I love my Dior make up as you all should know by now. But, come on now, one lipstick! Are you kidding me? I deserve MUCH MORE and no I don’t need to show appreciation for a little ‘token’ of your appreciation. I am showing appreciation just by allowing you to purchase something to bring me happiness, so why should I then pretend to get excited over a lipstick just because making ME feel good makes you feel good.. instead of expecting me to ‘appreciate’ a little lipstick, go out of your way to drain your credit and buy me something that really does excite ME and then maybe you’ll get to see what it’s like to truly pleasure a Goddess! How insignificant does this look compared to ALL that I am!

It’s just that it wasn’t much of a sacrifice for someone who is so addicted to me. If you’re some poor college kid who I barely ever talk to and you buy me Dior lipstick I’ll be much more impressed than when you’re a grown man with a career and salary who speaks to me almost daily!

I released a new $99.99 file on clipvia and clips4sale. It’s called Mindfucked Minion. You need this file.

Here is a letter I received from one of my admirers after listening to my file Your Only Salvation, he just happens to love to send me money and contribute to my lavish lifestyle!

“It all starts with one little click. And what harm could one silly little click be for you?”

Dear Goddess,

glad this letter finds You well and wealthy! i’ve spent hours reading and listening to Your revelations, and i hope You don’t mind me sharing my feelings and thoughts.
In one of Your lovely radio shows, almost accidentally You were raving about this remarkable life of Yours: “I love My life! It’s amazing! I deserve it! […] Sometimes I just think about how amazing it is […] that men serve me because I deserve it and men give me the cash I deserve. […] they adore Me, they enjoy sending My money. […] What other type of person could have such an amazing […] lifestyle? […] What kind of person just has such luxury? […] Sometimes I forget how really blessed I am, because I expect it, and I demand it, and I would not accept anything less! […] My time was better devoted to being happy and not worrying about the daily grind.”

This passage is so telling; it sums up nicely why i am so mesmerised by You: You want to live a life of happiness and luxury, and You actually do. You are able to live this life of luxury because You do have the money needed. You are able to live this life of happiness because You do not have to do all this menial and icky work. And now for the really breathtaking part: You are able to live this life of happiness and luxury because there are inferior men working for Your benefit. And eventually, there is an exquisite quality which makes me awestruck: You even expect them to do so because You feel You are deserving it!

For some reason or another i always liked the idea of a woman living a luxurious life. It must be very pleasing for her; and if she shows how pleased she is, she pleases others. And the idea that she could live such a luxurious life because she would be pampered is a real turn-on. But i’m thrilled knowing that this isn’t an idea only! Knowing that there are real ladies out there who definitely do not have to work at all! Ladies who make a living by being pampered! It seems so bizarre! And is so pure and innocent! In all honesty, knowing that ladies like You are for real pleases me. And Your actually expecting men to pamper You takes it all to an even deeper intensity which overwhelms me …

Let us contrast Your mindset with societal mainstream standards: It might be understood that a woman has such wishes, but she would considered being out of touch with reality if she actually would nurture them. Well, apparantly the reality had to adapt to Your wishes. wink Also, this woman would considered being narcissistic and megalomaniac. But would those men really passing the money on to You, let alone enjoy doing so, if You were so narcissistic to have no empathy for them? And would the empathy of a mediocre person trigger a similar success? Well, apparantly the empathy of Yours not only is greater than those of underdeveloped narcissists, it even exceeds the average. And given that men do pass on money: Is it correct to attribute self-aggrandisement? Or wouldn’t it do You justice to rather say You simply refrained from demagnifying Yourself?

Well, apparently what one has to diagnose is Your truthfulness to acknowledge the grandeur of Yourself. Goddess, You are extraordinary! And being the extraordinary woman You are, ordinary people aren’t to be blamed for not appreciating You – they are to be pitied.

Even if contrasted with other findommes, You are outstanding. Whereas quite many are only pretending, i haven’t the slightest doubt that You are genuine. If i would have to name the world class findommes, i would come up with about half a dozen only. Likely there are more good findommes; but as soon as their impact on their peers is to be taken into account, i guess it’s those few. It’s lonely at the top …

You truly have embraced what You are! You are carrying Yourself with such a superior sense of entitlement! You are so generous to let men serve You! Aren’t You a Goddess, after all?
i’ve tried to comprehend You – but, of course, You are beyond me. This attempt to comprehend You, to grasp You appears like an attempt to trap You. But of course, i cannot trap Goddess. It seems like a fight. But of course, i cannot fight Goddess. What i can do is – give in and worship. As You have coined it: “The only thing that you can do, the only choice you have, the only choice you allowed yourself by crawling to Me: showing Me that tiny little seed of darkness you had in you and allowing Me to implant more seeds of darkness into that wicked little soul of yours. you allowed yourself salvation only through Me, only through Me.”

Which leads smoothly to the next topic: “you want to find your salvation through serving Me […], through showing Me your inferiority”. There are two tasks to be solved: to get in the ‘Posh state’ in the first place, and to stay there.

The initial situation is promising already, given my adoration for ladies who have embraced their entitlement. What’s more, this adoration is personalised, as You are
epitomising this remarkable lifestyle. So this we have managed. wink

If there is a Goddess deserving to be served, there should be those serving. “All that matters is that we embrace who we are, and we experience that together. […] And you are going to embrace that I am entitled and that I deserve everything”. The crucial point is that i have not yet invested enough energy in embracing my proper role. As said, it thrills me that such relationships do exist. But i often was celebrating this without taking on my responsibility.

When i did, mostly with some encouragement from Your side, oftentimes i felt a great relief. i was trembling all over, and my fears didn’t stop me anymore. Also later on, when i was completely out of that state again, i didn’t feel shame or regret.

In order not to get out, Your policy of keeping the focus on You in general and of keeping chaste in particular of course does make perfect sense. In fact, when i couldn’t hold anymore, i didn’t enjoy the ‘relief’.

So i am at ease with this concept as such and i liked being in the ‘Posh state’ myself, but seemingly i still have troubles to dive in deeply. As far as i am able to figure out why this is, there are four reasons to be considered. The first one is that i hesitate to commit myself as i sometimes think i better should serve a lady in person. The second one is that i have not yet developed an enduring vision of my proper role. The third one is that i get scared as i get closer. The fourth one is that due to my lack of money it’s always over before it has really started. Seemingly, i am concerned with myself. But: “It’s not about you […]. It’s about Me, being much more deserving and much more mentally and emotionally powerful than you are.”
Sincerely, your german wallet

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waouh what a Big great post! so amazing, australian Guy is so lucky! and Goddess Posh always are the only on true beautiful and intelligent Goddess Posh!

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soooo amazing giving in…i am glad You enjoyed the rush. i feel so happy having purpose…so easy with You….Thankyou