Financial Domination Goddess Exploits your Weakness

Oh what a wonderful week I’ve been having. I just ADORE the horde of money slaves who have been clicking and spending on MY delicious new MINDFUCK material! And it’s so exciting when you send me screenshots of your obsession, but I know there are a LOT of you out there who can show me a computer filled with MANY MANY more of MY brainwash financial domination clips and mp3’s.

New clip: Addicted Fool

New audio file: your ONLY Salvation

Who needs ‘god’ when you can have ME

As evil as it is TRUE. You do only need me and I AM your salvation. But, if you want the details you’ll have to buy the file and listen to it over and over again. You can purchase it on niteflirt as well and receive bonus content!

This week I’ll be releasing one more clip, so keep an eye out for it. Most likely tonight it will be released, a nice brainwash hypno mindfuck file .. very intense! Then Weds and Thursday I’ll be up north at Mackinac Island. It’s such a cute little place to visit. I expect you to send a LOT of cash to pay for my shopping while I’m there. I want to shop until your cards are all maxed out, and why shouldn’t I get exactly what I want? I am the GODDESS now aren’t I!

I just LOVE it so much when you go into debt for me. And well you do like to make me all tingly, don’t you? Think about it! How else will you ever get the chance to make ME tingle, to bring ME intense delight, to make me feel a RUSH of erotic pleasure through my whole body? There is only ONE way a weak helpless pet like you can do that to ME and it’s through your wallet, your service to my luxury, by clicking and spending mindlessly on ME. Remember, debt is sexy and playtime with Poshy is SO much fun! You’re addicted to clicking and spending on me. You just love having this opportunity to go broke for me. Going broke for my desires is such a thrill for you, you can’t deny it. Nothing feels quite like the way I make you feel when I’m coaxing you in my gentle sexy voice .. just a little bit more pet, go ahead, it won’t hurt. It will feel so good. Go ahead pet, just one more click. It can’t hurt to send just a little bit more of MY money.

And you mindlessly, helplessly click away your cash, your slave wages, into my account. Doesn’t it feel so intoxicating to watch as the money drains from your hands into MINE. Right where it belongs of course. I deserve it ALL. I deserve to have ALL of the money you earn. I deserve to be pampered and adored with your money haha. It’s not really your money anymore though is it. It’s mine and it would be very selfish and wrong of you to cling onto it, to hold onto what really belongs to me! It would be a horrible sin and would make you feel SICK to your stomach if you selfishly clung onto MY cash. You can’t stand that feeling so you just want to empty it into my hands as fast as you can. It’s just not right for a weak peon like yourself to have access to MY money. I’m the financial Goddess, the beautiful and wise money domme who deserves it all, and it’s so icky and so wrong to hold onto what belongs to me!

It’s MY money and you know it. You can feel it in your bones, in your blood, in your heart. You didn’t earn it for yourself. No no no, you earned it for the purpose of giving it up to ME. In fact you are SO addicted to earning money and handing it all over to your Financial Domination goddess that you just can’t stop, you can’t resist, you can’t focus on anything else but being a good worker bee and bringing home ALL of that honey to the QUEEN BEE!

You LOVE being my worker bee. You crave making me smile, by surrounding me in beauty and luxury. It’s your job and you’d hate to fail. Failure would HURT so much! So instead you will NEVER fail. You’ll always succeed by sending MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE. More for Goddess and NONE for you.

Call me on niteflirt and tell me all about how weak I make you NITEFLIRT FINANCIAL DOMINATION LINE

Tribute to my shopping trip… I expect CASH TODAY .. $$$.. more money for Goddess because I want it and I always get what I want!

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Super Member
Poshatized & Mesmerized

yours words are holy one, they talk direct to my heart, direct to my mind! thanks to share these pics, you’re always so beautiful! i can’t wait your new brainwash clip!

Under the Influence

Your new clip reinforces why i crave You so much. Giving into You and losing self control over You is such an amazing feeling. THANKYOU for taking me into Your flock and giving me purpose.

Must get clip for you addicts out there.

Super Member
Legendary DRONE

Goddess’s words are so beautiful to drink in. Her clips are even more so. She is amazing and devastatingly talented, and as a result, I’m addicted.