Financial Domination By Goddess MindFuck

Oh Johnny boy, your credit card is waiting to send me more more more.
You’ve been walked all over by ME. This boy, he tried to resist, he even made it about a year before he came RUNNING back EDGING.. First he joined my members site, which is only $149.95. He realized not all of my clips are available on there, some of the best you have to pay for separately. He added those up to a total of $700 and bought each and every one of them. This pushed me back into the top 50 on clips4sale, which I was quite pleased with of course because anyone who is a Posh addict knows I deserve to be NUMBER 1. (I AM Number ONE)

I hear from many how it is so frustrating that they can’t afford my clips. It drives a boy insane having me right there in front of them and not being able to afford ME.

Let’s break it down some shall we. Firstly, most of my clips are at least $2.00 a minute, some are up to $5.00 a minute. To call me on niteflirt you will pay $3.99 a minute and up.

You can’t keep the calls on NF, you can’t replay them over and over except for in your HEAD. My clips are very powerful, they are unique and when you watch you will feel my control over you. It will feel very personal and you will play it over and over and over. Essentially each clip I make has a lifetime effect over YOU. Why would I charge any less than $2 a minute? (God, that is so generous of me) If you can’t appreciate the value of ME and MY clips you can just go buy from someone else.

Why do you think so many come back for more? Why do you think I have obsessive buyers who are right in line to get each new clip I release? Why do you think I draw soooooo many boys into MY world?

Because I am amazing. I am the ultimate Goddess of MindFuck and emotional ruin. I am someone that nobody can ever emulate, while they may try, nobody could ever do POSH the way I do. You can try the copycat clips for $5.00 a pop, but you will come crawling back confessing how much of an idiot you are.

I don’t mind it when others copy from me either, it is inevitable that creative wires are going to be crossed in this scene. We are all interested in the SAME things, why wouldn’t we make similar style clips, similar themes, similar ideas? It’s going to happen, however you can see when some people try to copy me down to my very style and that is flattering. I know nobody could ever be greater at doing ME than ME .. obviously! lol.

There is a certain boy who was once owned and serving another Domme. I have known him for a couple of years now and I have always known he has a ‘thing’ for me, even when he is supposely in love with another woman.

Since he is no longer serving her I have been allowing him to speak with me more, I have been giving him more and more of my VENOM. He did think I was so sweet, and he does say he believes I’m a nice lady (mwahahaha) but I wonder for how long he will have that impression. I believe he is going to be sucked under and turned into a Posh Puppet and I believe it’s going to be a very easy transition for him.

Do any of my current Posh Puppets want to warn him before it’s too late? Do any of you want to explain to him just how sweet I really am.. 😉

How about you Richard, you thought I was sweet once upon a time, didn’t you?

Oh and footpervdustbrainUKjerkoff – here ya go: 07877 429 623 + 0208 2498945

Hush money? Is that what you wanted to give me to keep me from telling your Domme all about your slutty ways? I don’t think she’d like to know that you wanted to pay me hush money, tsk tsk.

Also, I’m not interested in ONLY making clips. If you’re not a clip boy and just want to serve me like crazy get up the nerves and contact me. Send a giftcard or niteflirt tribute first. I expect those who approach me to be financial slaves who have read up on me, who already understand MY power and feel the NEED to make me happy. Don’t be scared, you’ll come out the other side alive, I promise. Though I can’t guarantee you’ll be in one piece.

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10 years ago

Did I think Posh was sweet once? Posh venom has a wonderfully, unique sweetness. With each taste it gets sweeter and sweeter, more and more unique and more and more impossible to resist. Soon you miss it when its not on your lips. Then you miss it more and more and you begin to crave it. Then things begin to grow serious. The craving turns to need and the need grows stronger, and STRONGER AND STRONGER. Now you are addicted, obsessed, a Posh Junkie. But it doesn’t end there. Your arms sprout invisible strings and you have become a puppet… Read more »

10 years ago

She will take away your freedom and you will still love her. It is what she does. She makes you think she is sweet. She makes you think you are special and treasured, wanted and precious and all that good stuff. She makes you start to fall in love. She strings you along. draws you into that illusion. When it’s too late, she tears the veil. You are left wondering just how much power She has over you now – using your love for her as a weapon against you even as you realise that you are in love with… Read more »

10 years ago

Goddess Posh is so controlling. The others warned me about it, but it hasn’t hit full swing yet. She is cunning, clever, dominant, and sexy. She is smart, funny, beautiful, and controlling. I said that already, but i still thought i should say it again. Her words are so appealing, that you just can’t resist. Quite pleasant really, and quite tempting. i feel like i could be on my knees at Her feet whenever She would want it. She could snap Her fingers and i would be at Her high heels. Awaiting praise or punishment, it wouldn’t matter as long… Read more »