Financial Domination Being Bad Feels So Good

We’re all drawn into the dark side of financial domination, where things are lurking that push our moral limits to the edge. This dark side is tantalizing. It’s the very fact that it’s bad, it’s taboo, which draws me to these things. Face it, no matter what part of financial domination you are involved with, you are being “bad” by the standards of society. Whether a financial domme or a financial slave you’re defying social norms. Financial domination is taboo, all around.

That’s why we do it. Because it feels good to be bad, and to be bad with another person.. going down that dark path together.. is exciting and always an adventure. Every trip I take is unique. I’m always in control, guiding you this way or that but no two people ever get the same exact experience with me. Basically you’re mileage may vary.

Being bad is good sometimes. It’s bad of me to be greedy, self-centered, spoiled, bratty and materialistic, and on occasion I might even behave like a toddler stomping my feet and demanding my way.. but.. I make no excuses for this. I embrace who I am and enjoy it. It’s bad, it’s taboo, but it’s good. It’s good to be Me.

It’s so taboo for me to be worshiped, this is considered morally wrong in many cultures. But, I do it with absolute authority. Naturally. It’s Me, and you and I know that it feels good. It feels good to be a weak helpless slave for a superior Goddess. How lucky you are to be kneeling in the presence of a true Goddess. You almost can not bear it.

It’s dirty that you send me money from your family funds. Sure, you and wifey both contribute and you were supposed to use that money for vacation or bills but.. Goddess wanted it.. and Goddess is superior. Goddess must always get what she wants.. that is what you feel rush through your head and you give in. You cave in, because being bad feels so good. Being bad for Goddess is good.

Doing bad things for Goddess is exciting. How erotic is it that such a beautiful woman seduces you into doing naughty things just for her benefit. You become aroused at this, don’t you. Because you’re dirty, and Goddess loves it that you’re dirty. You’re so easy to manipulate as the wicked taboo side of financial domination consumes you.

It feels good to be bad for Goddess. Who cares about anything else when that feeling erupts in the pit of your stomach and rushes through every part of your body, making you weak in need. Your body buckles in desire to give in, that feeling is SO good. Being MY bad boy is SO good. You love doing bad things for ME.

You are seduced by the taboo, the dirty, the wicked. You love how wrong it is to send me your cash, but it’s so right. It’s so right, it belongs to Me. We both know it’s all MINE. But it’s bad isn’t it, it’s so bad.. so dirty… and you can’t stop.

In fact you just love it that I am here and a temptation for you. You can’t stand her, the other woman, the one who gets in the way of Goddess. It’s taboo that we embrace a man betraying his whole world simply for my materialistic pleasure, and his masochistic needs to be abused but it just feels SO good that we are never going to stop. Isn’t it so bad that I would allow married men to serve me *gasp* omg we are just SO bad…

Go ahead, be a bad boy. Click & spend on your favorite money domme .. CLICK FOR GODDESS .. SPEND FOR GODDESS… SEDUCED BY THE TABOO

Call me on niteflirt and tell me all the bad things you want to do for Me! Do you want to steal money from your family, or maybe you want to steal from your boss… maybe you want to click and spend all night long from your phone while wifey is in bed next to you .. all along you’re aching to stroke yourself because Goddess has just fucked your wallet over harder than anyone has before…

Don’t you want to tell me all about it? Email me on niteflirt for pay2view wallet rape fun.. and lets discuss you becoming my slave for life, all the way to your deathbed.. and then even after.. long after you’re gone.. I am still enjoying every dime you’ve ever worked for.

I’ll take giftcards from amazon to and we can chat on yahoo or skype all about your dark financial domination fantasies but don’t act surprised when they start becoming real. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I am highly effective, and addictive, but trust me.. you have never felt so good in your life as you will feel being under MY spell.

I recommend my new financial slavery clip Money Kitten Meow Meow to go with this journal entry.

Goddess Posh


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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Oh Goddess! you’re so right! Goddess always right ! Of course financial domination look so bad, so ashamed, but being bad and ashamed feel so good! you’re so superior, so beautiful, so powerfull, and i am so powerless, so weak, even if it’s bad for society, it’s good for you, you know i had used the wifey credit card for purchase my financial domme radio access, it’s so bad, but it feels so good because i do it for you ! mmmm , so erotic to do it for you !

Under the Influence

In everything Goddess writes she exposes truth. Yes it feels good to be bad, but I am so lucky to be traveling down that dark path with Goddess Posh. Only through her can I find purpose. I work only for her. I have never been so fucked for Goddess!

Under the Influence

Oh my Goddess, You are so very right: luring me into the taboo zone was the kick that You gave me to break my resistance. After having smelled and tasted the sweetness of behaving bad, violating taboos, acting at the risk of losing everything… all this feels so good. i thank You very, very much for letting me feel the pleasure to serve You by doing bad things that are good for Your financial lust, satisfying Your greed, and thus making me feel wonderfully fucked by You.