Financial Domination Radio

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The Original Financial Domination Radio show is available to PREMIUM puppets only right here! Which means you need to dish out your money slave cash for access! YES the ORIGINAL FINANCIAL DOMINATION RADIO show is BACK on the air. Now you can listen to all of the old live shows plus new live shows right here!

Imagine 24/7 of MY voice discussing financial domination, being a money domme, living the lifestyle of a spoiled brat and adored Goddess while my slaves work every single day to earn their wages so they can contribute it to MY luxury, MY pleasure, MY desires.

You can even listen in to LIVE WALLET RAPES. My live shows are an hour long or more and I often invite one or more of my pets to experience being drained financially LIVE on the air while you listen in.. hearing my voice as I coax more and more cash out of their eager money slave hands.. mmmm .. imagining perhaps that it is your wallet which is being drained. Maybe it could be you next..

The return of my radio show has been in high demand by my admirers, pets and slaves. I always intended to return it but now it’s available only to those boys who are PREMIUM VIP pets! How do you become one of MY premium VIP puppets.. simple. If you’re already VIP you will be granted full access to the radio station for $100 and if you’re not yet VIP you simply need to send $300 to become a Premium VIP puppet for ME.

When the live shows aren’t playing all the previous shows are going to be on loop! 24/7 of Goddess Posh mmm…. this is such a privilege for you addicts!

If you aren’t one of MY special pets who has exclusive access get it now so you can start listening to ME 24/7 too! ALL day, ALL night.. Posh Posh Posh. My voice, my words, my mindfuck, my power, my sensuality, my sexuality, my dominance, my seduction, my will.. consuming you. You can’t resist your Goddess.

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