Fem Domme Poetry by Posh

Fem Domme Poetry by Posh


Coiled so tightly around a
a feminine curve
so tightly aroused
by her feminine curves
so tightly wound

Doesn’t it feel good to be her


Boy, silly boy you left something
behind of yours
I found it dangling from my
collection of lost and found broken
bound by fetish dreams
yours was here
waiting to be seen

begging to be seen
and used

I found it and I fingered it delicately
then I tucked it into my back pocket
I carried it around
I showed someone on the street
I said, look it’s his but he left it for me

His but he lost it to me
His but he found it gone, slipped out from under
His control

It’s mine now
his mind now
now minds mine now

and it tickles.

No Mercy

Strapped attached wrapped
all around your make believe
a girl so pretty
a girl so dangerous
a girl so tempting

she brings you to your knees

make believe you so believe
but to believe makes it an
addicting reality

the corruption in
your body loves it
like a poison swimming in your blood
you crave another dose

just a hint of it on your lips
just a hint of it, you beg

what a junkie on your knees
begging please

what a dirty boy on your knees
pleading please
no mercy
for you little boy

I’m going to have your for dessert.

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