Fantastic Financial Domination Brainwash Clips

Look out boys, there are two new clips and you’re going to be SO vulnerable and helpless after viewing!

The first financial domination clip is called Poshy Red Light Special and is SO sexy it will make your brain go totally MUSH! Your mind will be an empty vessle and filled up with my amazing voice and lyrical genius! You are forever cast to be my helpless money slave and you LOVE it!

It’s yours, if you want it tonight. I’ll give you the red light special all through the night.

The Posh version of this completely HOT song! Included your ever favorite subliminal messages as well as background whispers and soft mindbending audio to leave you wanting MORE.

My breasts tease you as my golden soft voice melts your mind and leaves your wallet completely empty.
Come get your Red Light Special, boy.

(yes, that’s actually ME singing so sexy OMG)

Can the helpless boy ever escape from the evil witch? Can he find his way through the forbidden forest with the aide of the adorable Fairy? What is to be his fate..

*brainwash* *mind control* *conditioning* *fantasy* *love* *addiction* *financial domination*


I am going to be out of town for a few days but you can still email me, buy ALL of my files and send paypal, niteflirt and clipvia tributes. Giving to your Goddess must never end. I expect, and deserve, a constant flow of cash in MY life. I expect MY toys to always be ready to play, when I want it..

and guess what, boys, I want it now!


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