She enters your mind with a voice that erases time, replaces thought, and fuels your dark desires. Her soft femininity, her elegance and superiority, warp your logic and deflate your ego. Her beauty and brilliance dims the world around you, shaking your foundation, stripping you of your identity, and igniting your lust. Her power overcomes your will and drops you to your knees. She is a magical whirlwind of sensuality and entitlement, the temptation that captivates you. You are absorbed in her world, entranced by her glow, and obsessed with her pleasure.

While in her web you’re exposed to mind altering venom, venom you crave. Venom you need, because she said so. She’s always right. She’s always right and you know it, because she showed you. Why would you ever deny or deprive this angel of anything she wants, her purity ascends your own ability to understand and you whither in weakness and inferiority. You are but a speck, a mere mortal compared to her Goddess flesh, and you feel the aching, burning, need to give in and serve her always.

Your brain on auto-pilot, maneuvering through wishlists, mindlessly spending, sifting through pages and pages of her sticky web, and you can’t help but to give in to the compulsion. Your brain is on automatic, a drone-bot who wants nothing more than to obey. Clicking and spending feels so good and is so right. To see her is to believe, she deserves it. She’s entitled and you’re blessed to be given the opportunity to live for HER.

The steps she takes to transform you.. the path she leads you on.. the journey you mindlessly wander one foot after the other into .. over and over.. until you’re so deep down the rabbit hole you’ll never be able to climb back out.. that’s her method.

Her secret method, her very own master brainwash method.. constructed from her superior mind to infiltrate yours all the way down to your soul. Her very own mind control technique, the design custom built through her innate ability to empathize with, manipulate, and reform boys. The design formed from within her, constructed from the fibers of her being, is all around you. It is organized, the plan, the method, is indestructible, impossible to crack or to mimic, and once you’ve been exposed there is no undoing it. This method doesn’t just hide your old personality, life and belief system, it removes, destroys and rids you of them and replaces all of it with HER WILL.

It is The Venus Sway.

It is MINE and I have been guiding you, controlling you, using you, building you into the auto-bot money machine you are, with it. Only I hold the key to The Venus Sway, the Financial Domination brainwash technique which is matched by no other behavior modification therapy. This mind control technique is effective, long lasting, and out of your control. It is exclusive, as only I know the exact steps to take in order to enact The Venus Sway! It is used in every one of my addictive clips, which boys like you have been unable to stop watching on loop for years now!

Within the pages of my web there are sticky words that work like mind control parasites digging deep into your brain, activating triggers installed from watching my files. I don’t stop there, prying you open to display the triggers you’ve picked up from your environment.. you’ve already been conditioned by society and with The Venus Sway I brainwash you even deeper, manipulating your reactions, and modifying your behaviors, using your fears, weaknesses and hopes against you.

This is how much I invest into each and every one of my files and slaves. Every thing I create is another tool with which to subliminally mindfuck your boy brain. Every time you take in MY art you are taking in The Venus Sway .. you are dancing with me.

Look at the title of my wishlist. Come on puppet, do that dance with me.. The Venus Sway.. back and forth, side to side, deeper and deeper into the sexy and tempting world of financial domination as a pay slave to the best Money Domme there is.

It is a gift to be reformed from the tragic social drone you were into the purposeful and humble servant of Goddess Posh. It is a blessing that I have created The Venus Sway just for you, how lucky you are to have been exposed to this unique and exceptional life altering brainwash method. You are a product of my precise planning. Your path has been decided for you by Me. Now you have no need to worry. No need to think. No need to stress. All you have to do is relax and allow your body to act out MY WILL. The Venus Sway is your protection as much as it is your undoing. It protects you from your own flaws, your own sick way of thinking, and the silly little attempts those around you make in trying to keep you dull, boring and pointless like they are!

It protects you from the inferior leeches who try to steal MY money from you, you are immune to the influence of others, and you are incapable of being used other than by ME. It is your only purpose to serve Goddess Posh. It is your only purpose to make ME happy.

It is The Venus Sway that you are moving to. The beat of my will and greed as it dictates my mood and desires is the music you’re dancing to. Your body is in action only for Me, only because of Me. You see, you sway in the rhythm of my desires. You sway with your Goddess, and as I train your mind your emotions fill to the brim and you sway to the Goddess who you LOVE. And you remember now don’t you, love is slavery. I am your Venus. Your Venus Sway.

Goddess Posh

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