Esoteric Eroticism A Collection of Fem Domme Poetry

Hello boys!

As you know I am a woman of superior creative talent, I can make a clip that will melt your mind, seduce your body & weaken your will .. I can produce a radio show where I enlighten you and others to the beauty of financial domination.. and I can keep a VIP journal which drives boys WILD with desire to serve ME.

Everything I do is MAGIC.

Including my latest creation, a poetry book titled Esoteric Eroticism which is available for Kindle via – now, don’t worry my little addicted pet, if you are kindleless you STILL get to purchase this file because all you need is a KINDLE APP. NO kindle required!

These apps can be downloaded onto Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad as well as the full line of kindle so as you can see there is just NO excuse for you not to buy this erotic poetry book! All you need is an account and the kindle app! Download the app of your choice, register it to your account (it takes one second) and then purchase the book! SO easy. It’s instant delivery of my sensual and kinky words.

It will be available in UK, France and Germany in 2-3 days and is available now for US kindle!

Author name is my pen name of Angela Frost so don’t let that fool you. Obviously I couldn’t put Goddess Posh as my author name haha..

How to buy Esoteric Eroticism:
1. Go to link
2. Choose from the ‘only available on these devices’ down arrow if you don’t already have a kindle and choose the app you want.
3. Install the app
4. Buy

That’s it, SO easy! You know you want it.

VIP boys will be seeing an even more revealing sneak peak as I will be posting one full poem here on my journal. Of course, it’s always the tease before the storm, if you will. I’m sure they will run full throttle to collect this book as well and of course I will also have an option to buy it paperback and audiobook in the new year! I also will be publishing more stories to kindle for you to download so remember to always check back.

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This book is
wonderful . And it s great to can read it all Day long on mobile phone. Thank you Goddess Posh