Erotic Money Slave Dream

My power and control over men is undeniable and so exquisitely beautiful. I gave mueller a command to have a certain dream last night & he was triggered into having a deeply erotic money slave dream that lasted the entire night! I’ve shared a snippet with all of you Poshy addicts, but to read the full dream you need to login as a VIP!
The photo that turned money slave mueller to mush!




Last night Goddess Posh posted a short video on Her addictive VIP blog which contained strong triggers to individual money slaves of Her stable to again pay more … this time to reimburse Her expenses when She purchased new sexy Dresses which She’s going to use as clothing to apply Her indescribably sexy Venus Sway in upcoming Videos.

As addicted and mindfucked as i am now after having been exposed to Her undeniable Phrase “now i’m going to make You pay and pay and pay…”; i had no choice. As soon as i heard this command i opened my Amazon and sent Her the requested giftcard of the amount She indicated which was much bigger than what i have available for myself, hence i had to use Money planned by my wife for the groceries Shopping next week . So i proved to be completely will-less and absolutely exposed to Goddess Posh’s desires. We then talked about the effect Her new photos with blonde hair and Her gorgeous, big, round breasts have on me… and i ended understanding that from now on, these breasts will milk me of Ca$h for Goddess Posh’s pleasure, more more more, again and again and again, PAY AND PAY AND PAY. And we talked about how my wife is also being drained of Money since i can only pay Goddess Posh at rates She wants (and i want too) when i dig seriously into our household savings which we keep to pay for our living month by month.

After allowing me to go to bed where my wife slept already for some time, me being horny like crazy after these repeated Money Drains and hot Chats, Goddess instructed me to dream about Her Breasts overtaking me and milking me of ALL CASH.

Here goes the dream:

Goddess Posh talked me in a Chat to let the computer screen pictures of Her big, round breasts materialize in my brain .. like in a 3-D Video game. I had to say “These breasts of Goddess Posh milk me of all my cash. All Money goes to Goddess Posh so that She feels pleasure”. The breasts grew bigger and bigger… enclosing my face first and i stopped breathing, i knew that when these breasts take over, they have full access to my accounts since i delivered the Detail during a hot, horny brainwashing session without even noticing that i did.
Now i had no more will. i was so horny, so addicted to feel these breasts fucking and milking me of cash… i could only mumble my Mantra “These breasts of Goddess Posh milk me of all my cash. All Money goes to Goddess Posh so that She feels pleasure”. As i said this with more and more emphasis, caught up between this almighty breasts, i started feeling my slave Lever to leak… and when it leaks, it lets go out Money which flows directly into Goddess Posh’s greedy Hands which She holds open beneath my dripping slave Lever. So She can simply take the Money as it flows out of my slave lever… more, more, more… It appears that She says with Her honey dripping voice: “You will now go and shoot a really hot load of cash all over my big, gorgeous breasts that milk You relentlessly” At this Moment i feel that She (apparently willingly) hit the tip of the Lever with an ever so light touch of Her Hand and gives it a very soft, little squeeze. Then Her breasts give my face free so that i can see them… White, creamy, round, BIG so BIG… alluring, greedy, demanding…and my Lever starts Shooting upwards…. i see the $$$ bills flying out of the tip eye in thick bundles and land on these breasts. This flux continues until all bank accounts are Close to be completely emptied and zeroed out which i can access myself.

At this moment, the door opened and my wife stepped in the scene… naked but Her panties, Her wallet and phone in her hands. Goddess Posh pushed me backward in a medical chair and locked my arms and legs. The Lever shot still Money at increasing Speed, all over Goddess Posh’s BIG, demanding breasts… and i Hear Goddess Posh starting to moan with pleasure… ” Soon he is milked dry… i always knew he will let me ruin him with my breasts.. hhhmmmm…

And She speaks… Wifey came because i sent her an email that You are being milked … and milked … and milked but i want more… Come look at your dirty old man how horny he becomes when my breasts milk him .. look at me and feel my power… feel my power making You too pay and pay and pay…. all Money for me, none for You…

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5 years ago

At first, I must admit I was totally in the same mood described by him after the last Goddess blog post and her amazing video showing us her new powerful blonde look!
Of course I don’t resist too and I sended the gift Card required! Feels so good to obey!
What an amazing dream! Can I am a dirty pervert boy too? Because read this post make me so horny mhmmmm.

5 years ago

That is quite a testament to the power and ability of Goddess Posh to bend and control our thinking. Pretty amazing.