Ritual of the Apostles: Erotic Monetary Exchanges

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that what I truly love & rightfully deserve is to live a life of grand exquisite luxury, provided by a group of apostles whose only purpose and one desire is to keep me in this lifestyle. Its apparent that I can of course get by without you, but that doesn’t get me off nearly as much. And in return these apostles get nothing, except for the opportunity to fill their life with a Goddess to worship. This is an erotic monetary exchange, this is a desire to submit your money to me knowing that you will receive zilch in return.

Its not a question of if I can cash in on your fetish, profit from your weaknesses or maneuver your thinking. That’s simple for someone of my intelligence, beauty & charm. But that’s not financial domination, that is exploitation and manipulation. While I do enjoy mind control I am not always going to be giving out the ‘mind fuck’ you crave. While I do enjoy men becoming weak against my will, I do not always desire to exert the energy it takes. This is not a game of give and take to me. This is my life, this is how I live. I live with men at my beck and call, regardless of what they may receive in return.

Its not beyond my understanding that arousal for you is immediate upon giving to me what I want, I know how it makes you feel. Yet, I do not wish to focus on that, I do not care. What I care about is that you are doing what pleases me.

Some can say the actions I take to fulfill my financial lust is really me catering to your desires. They are wrong. Those who serve me know that whatever fetishes they have are kissed good bye. I am not some bitch on the PC who is desperate for money and willing to do whatever nasty degrading act it takes to get you off and make you pay. You aren’t here to PAY me, you are here to SERVE MY WILL. If we have the same fetish interest that makes it even better. However, if you get off on having your foot fetish exploited then I am not the woman for you. See, I have one foot bitch right now, and only because I like him. He tells me how different I am, I don’t give him the pictures or clips he loves, I don’t even turn my cam on for him. He hasn’t left yet. He has fallen for me despite the fact that I have not catered to his wants. It hasn’t stopped him from worshiping me and giving me what I desire. I am powerful enough that you will fall prey to me and forget what you wanted in the first place.

I think another slave of mine has a foot & leg fetish, but its been so long since we’ve even discussed his wants that I can’t remember..

And if you think I am going to spit at you, call you every four lettered word in the dictionary, sell you my used items, give you masturbation instructions aside from.. do not masturbate.., humiliate your penis, get on cam whenever you want it, show you my feet, take special custom pics for you in special outfits, give you humiliation tasks, mail you pieces of my flesh, send you bodily fluids, play your fake blackmail games, ‘work’ around your schedule, pop a balloon, smash things with my feet, pretend like you’re miniature and I’m eating you or stuffing you between my amazing breasts, shake my butt for you, smoke anything ever at all, tie up & torture your genitals, parade around in heels, wait until you are drunk, high, smashed, stoned, humiliated, humored, horny, or otherwise satiated before getting the cash that I deserve then you are not a financial slave and I want nothing to do with you. Capice. You can find plenty of women who apparently share all of these same fetishes as you do, and you can get off to them.

And if you think you can handle submitting to my will 100%, submitting to my financial lust, becoming another apostle in my world of financial domination then you will click this link & experience firsthand an erotic monetary exchange with Me.

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