Enlightenment Through Financial Sacrifice

Enlightenment Through Financial Sacrifice

I know you’re here trying to drink in any drops of POSH you can get your desperate little hands on. I see you, lurking, wishing.. wishing you could be the one to submit to such greatness. It must be humbling to realize what a speck you are in the grand scheme of things. You’re just a blip in time, barely visible in the Universe, you aren’t much at all, and that must make you feel so insignificant. At least here, under my heels, you have more purpose. Here you find yourself being part of the greater good .. part of something much more grand than  yourself.. part of Poshtopia, where MY bliss and pleasure are your path to enlightenment.

You can be significant to me with the right amount of effort. You can stop wishing, stop lurking, and start serving. You can transform from a wandering useless speck in the Universe into a meaningful pet at the heels of this GODDESS!  It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. You can yield to my power or you can diminish into nothing and drift out of here just another nameless, faceless, useless speck! I know you’re drawn to me, my magnetic energy sweeps you right in and pulling away is nearly impossible. But if you’re just going to bob around useless to ME I will make sure you are tossed out of MY orbit and sent floating into nothingness and believe me when I say I won’t give you a second thought, ever. The boys who are serving me as they should be will continue to grow in significance with each and every act of submission, and the useless specks will disappear into nothing. The truly devoted feed my financial lust, enjoying it as it grows stronger and more insatiable, enjoying the pleasure that consumes my world, enjoying being a part of it all. I know you too crave to be a part of Poshtopia, which is a world of UTOPIAN bliss, DOMINATION and submission, where MY happiness is the guiding force behind your every action and each time you stroke my pleasure button with your financial service you fall deeper into obsession and develop MORE significance to Me. It is the perfect balance, we are the yin and yang but ONLY because I allow it. I have all the power and all the control, I am the deciding factor on which of you little specks are allowed access to my INTOXICATING existence!

The good boys, the one’s that love being scooped up by my greedy hands and made into a toy, they appreciate this about me. They will show themselves to me, make themselves known, and stand out amongst all the useless specks that are out there. They do not need convincing. They do not need to be forced. True submissive money slaves adore my financial lust and feel my greed feeds their own desires to serve Me. It is these boys that give me the greatest rush, the most pleasure, the strongest sense of satisfaction. It is these little specks which begin to shine and appeal to me. These are the one’s that I carefully collect…. I pick them out and put them into their own special place in Poshtopia and whenever I want I take it out like a toy off the shelf and play with it to my hearts content. You too can be one of the toys I cherish, or rather one of the prey I delight in tormenting.

Then there are the foolish boys that think being catered to is in fact being submissive (make me feel helpless and a loss of control.. they demand!!). They think that having their butt kissed and being given ‘sessions’ and making a woman WORK for the money he ‘gives’ is service and financial domination. Those little specks usually aren’t drawn into my world because I don’t put out the vibe that I would ever accept that. But it’s funny when once in a while one of you boys that serve me currently gets a little bug up your butt and decides to run away and try something shiny and new that ‘cares about your feelings and fetishes’ and ‘gives you sessions’ .. because you find out quickly just how true and deep the power I have over you really is. You’re quickly reminded that the shallow attractions lead to a shallow connection, that the sessions and butt kissing and catering she does to keep you around makes you feel like you’re the one in control. Like you’re using your wallet to manipulate a woman into performing an act.. and that it doesn’t feel nearly the same, nearly as good, as being under MY influence and knowing you absolutely have no control at all. Knowing that instead of buying an experience, you are experiencing a TRUE exchange of power. So the times when they run off it is simply amusing to me because I know exactly what will happen. You’ll return and you’ll be even more fucked than before.


So what if I take advantage of your weaknesses. So what if I make you love and adore me simply so I can rape your dry of every last cent. So what if I make you beg like a bitch for your own destruction. So what if I manipulate you like a puppeteer with her favorite dolly.. the strings so tightly wound around my fingers.. so what if you get hurt and suffer. You also get to experience Me. Now you get to enjoy the unique mind of this financial domination sensation. Now you get to be a speck with a purpose. So suffer for me. So burn for me. So hurt for me. So open your wallet and SERVE Me!

Crawl into My world and humble yourself with one of these three options:

1. Send a GENEROUS cash tribute by niteflirt or if you’re so lucky to have such personal access via Paypal or Snail Mail

2. Send a HEFTY http://www.bravissimo.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com so I can SHOP with your slave wages for new lingerie. 

3. Send a BIG FAT http://www.amazon.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com

Weak little puppet can’t say no.

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