Effortless: My ability to make you weak.

With little effort at all I’ve managed to make ALL of you crumble. I took one step back, slowly and deliberately. You ran forward full force with your wallet out.

Those of you who cried about bills you had to pay suddenly were able to find that extra cash it takes to make me happy. Loyal slaves parted with all of their hard earned money when I turned my piercing eyes into their souls. Fearful and insecure lurkers came forward from the shadows, embracing their place as my wallet puppets. Debt became a goal you wanted to achieve, not something you needed to avoid. Spending every last cent on me was the ultimate high, and all of you caved in to that experience. I know what makes you high, are you ready to take a hit?

One of you though has left a bad taste in my mouth. He was an obedient and good boy, he did give me his money but there was something about him that got under my skin. I think it was the fact that he tried to pretend he was living a reality when he was truly trying to use me to make his fantasy come to life. I don’t provide fantasy service, not for any amount of money. I don’t provide for you ever. That’s why Donald will be the star of my final clips4sale clip, as I believe from this moment forward I will make clips, upload them to my website and allow only premium slaves to pay hefty prices for them. Why should the rest of the world have access? They, no..you, don’t deserve it.

I will continue to write though, because I write for me. I write because it fills me with amusement at how weak you behave after reading my words. Its a nice outlet to express how much I am enjoying, or not enjoying, my life as a financial domme. I write because that is what I do, its who I am. I am a writer, and I am far too intelligent to spend my life in this online scene. Wherever I go men will always want to cater to me, I will always have that insatiable side that longs to capture a man and turn him into a willing victim of the money slave market. I’ll always have the urges to be worshiped, and there will always be people to worship me. Its just a side of me though, and there is something much more important for me to do than to sit here and let you creeps gather at my feet.

If you’ve been a loyal buyer on clips4sale you will have to accept that your only way of seeing my latest clips is through personal interaction with me. No more allowing strangers to stare into my eyes and hear my sweet voice filling them with weakness, and worst of all LUST. I am not to be lusted after, but to be cherished and adored. I am to be serviced financially, that is what I am here for, and you are here to give me your cash. If you’re not here for that reason the exit is to your left- don’t come back.

Upcoming clips-

Donny Boy is a Bad Boy- available on c4s 12/01/09

(you shouldn’t have been so bad Donald)

Posh Brand of Humiliation 2.0- available via website 12/03/09

(Perfect for my masochistic money slaves. Get ready to hit new lows- in your bank account and self-esteem.)

Poshy Christmas List- available via website 12/06/09

(A must have this Holiday season.)


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