I’ve haunted your dreams again. My beauty serenading you into a deep enchantment. My powerful presence leaving you breathless as you felt fear boiling in the pit of your stomach, and excitement flushing through your blood- would I cause you harm, or would I lovingly caress your face and tell you how much of a good boy you had been.. It all depends really, am I the Goddess of your nightmares, or the Devil in your dreams?

Do I have reason to be proud of you my loyal follower? Have you done your best to make ME happy? Have you obeyed my commands, sacrificed money, time & YOUR LIFE all for ME? Have you grovelled on your knees in complete adoration of me, declaring your loyalty and love for the one and only Goddess MindFuck!?

I AM in  your head. I perch in a dark corner waiting for just the right moment to make my presence known. The first time you come across me you are ensnared & when those desires overwhelm you enough you either run and TRY to hide, or you come forward and SUBMIT like a good puppet. That is when your path is decided and those dreams are chosen, the Goddess of your nightmares, or the devil in your dreams..

Which is it puppet?

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