Divine Manipulation With Seduction Financial Domination Goddess

If you keep up with me at all you would know I have been very sick since Saturday and got off track with everything because of it. I know you boys don’t mind, all you want is your Goddess better and so you waited patiently for me to make my return to raping your wallets and taking over your lives. What was it like having NO POSH for 3-4 days straight? Pure torture I am sure.

But, last night I once again proved just how warped I could get your little boy brain by releasing a new devilishly sweet clip by the title of Divine Manipulation. You just love it when my silken soft words that are dripping in venom go down like honey .. don’t you.


OMG who could resist THAT peaches and cream, completely adorable, face?! NOBODY.

Do you remember I posted previously about someone who went on a $400 clip binge (again), a week or two back?! The very following week he went on ANOTHER binge. This time for $616. hmm somebody can’t get enough of my clips, and I also know he was shopping in the Posh FinDom Shop on my moneyfetishes website! This boy is soooo hooked on Goddess and he has yet to introduce himself to me. Who thinks it’s time he stepped up and admitted his little addiction and gave me something more.. something worth talking about hmm?! I do!!! I did decide he needed a little recognition for being such a clip addict of mine and so I made him his very own clip, but you can watch it too..


So if you’re the boy who made THAT purchase then clip “Special Message for Clip Addict” on clipvia is for YOU! CLICK & SPEND boy…


Little slave davey read the VIP post and he understood to take me VERY seriously. He has known me for many years and he knows I always do as I say I’m going to do. Just because I was off and ill for a few days doesn’t mean I’m not going to fuck you up financially, if your name is on the list you BETTER step up! He purchased two new clips and bought me two gifts from my wishlist, but I know he will be back tonight begging to send MORE.. he always is!

Just like ALL of you addicted boys, right .. always back for MORE.. always ready to spend MORE money on Goddess.

I am entitled to all of the cash you earn and you know it. I am a TRUE Goddess and you boys are VERY privileged to be able to serve MY desires.

Poshy fool is another boy is going to learn the hard way not to disappoint Goddess. He thinks he can tell me he is ‘low on funds’ while he goes skiing with his son.. I’m pretty sure that’s about one of the most stupid things a loser like him can do when I have ALL of his information. Work email, work address, home address.. what else do I need when I have that info, it will be very easy to print out the transaction receipts from paypal and send them directly to his wife.. not to mention mailing his boss and informing him how his employee has only ONE testicle and is a total freak who spends all day at work obsessing over ME and not getting a damn thing done.. well it could be interesting to say the least. Remember, if you become useless to me then I make use out of you! You have to serve SOME purpose in my life, now don’t you..

Remember these clips are here to start the year off right with your mental and emotional training and conditioning. They are meant as a side dish to the main course, which is ME. Serving me, worshiping me, kneeling before me.. making ME happy – that is the most important thing a boy like you needs to be doing. The clips I make are NOT a substitute in servicing ME. I expect TRIBUTES & gifts from MY cash slaves immediately! Which you obviously love to do, don’t you, you love clicking and spending and sending MY money because being MY money slave cash cow feels so amazing. It feels SO good to send Goddess HER money.

When you don’t send MY money you are essentially stealing from ME.. you don’t want to be a stupid thief do you? No, you want to be a GOOD BOY who always puts Goddess first, because I am FIRST.

List of Priorities:

3. work

THAT’S IT. NOTHING else is as important or matters, not like I do!

Oh and welcome back to Mikey who has called on niteflirt twice since his return, begging to once again be on his humble bitch knees, degraded and humiliated into servile weakness for ME.

Goddess Posh

Tributes may come from niteflirt, clipvia, amazon.com giftcard, greendot moneypaks and paypal.

Buy clips here CLIPVIA & CLIPS4SALE

Can I see someone OUTDO the most recent clip bingers hmm (two for $400, one for $616, one boy spent 1k total on clips etc) ..

UPDATE!!!: I just noticed he has purchased a few of the same clips over again, so either it’s his shy way of padding MY purse with more cash orrrr he deletes in a frenzy to get over ME (hahaha) and THEN is re-triggered and has to buy ALL over again.. mmm either way, keep it up!

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9 years ago

Goddess is so, so right. i was in touch before i had barely got through the front door… and within a short time was begging to tribute more $$$ to Her.
Pride-stripping, humiliating, immasculating. Goddess has turned me out to crave these things, and gets me coming back for more. i am scared where this will lead..