Disposable Money Pets..

POSH: you’re not allowed to talk to me anymore.. andrew the aussie addict
THEBOI: are you serious?
THEBOI: Goddess please don’t do this to me, I gave heaps last week, more than I could afford, I went over on my cards. I’m trying so so hard to get you more money, please don’t ignore me
POSH: so that makes you now disposable, not having money- uh-oh
POSH: guess you better start making me happy
THEBOI: please just don’t dispose of me, I’m am getting more, the credit, pay, tax, please just don’t cut me off like that
THEBOI: you know that I need you in my life
THEBOI: this isn’t fair, you make me fall for you and really enjoy having you in my life, first thing I do in the morning is turn on yahoo to see if your there. You create this addiction to you and then ignore me? This is just plain cruel.
THEBOI: I wouldn’t even do this to an animal

Oooh look, he came back later:

THEBOI: look, I don’t understand what I’ve done that’s so wrong. I have given to you before, and I promised to give again. You said you enjoyed talking to me and that you have connections with your slaves. I could understand if I was being annoying and talking too much, that’s why I tend to not initiate contact, but I don’t understand why you’d do something this mean.


You ARE disposable if you don’t have money, even if I’m the one who used it ALL up. He’ll get to talk to me again, on his humble slave knees, once his credit extension comes through & that personal loan, oh yeah and his tax, bonus and paycheck. Yes, lots and lots of money coming MY way. mmm and that’s how it’s MEANT to be.

For those of you who are participating in my Marriage Therapy, session two has been filmed and released tonight. Remember it is very important for you to watch each session in order for it to work. You can watch them on loop even, that will especially help you out. I am so kind and sweet to offer that to you, aren’t I puppet boy.

And this one is ALL about the sexual relationship between your wife and you. I can help IMPROVE it, really I can. Just know, by the end of the session you will realize that I AM YOUR SEXUALITY. Without me you’ll never feel release or pleasure again, you NEED me.

the marriage counselor 2

Also, clips are being updated on my lulu site now. For those of you who bought clips from niteflirt and had links that don’t work, I will be sending you the correct links as soon as I upload the files, so be patient okay. I don’t really feel like waiting around hours to get you the clips you paid for but since I’m such an amazing Financial Domme, I will work on it.

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Under the Influence

Goddess so completely owns me. To teach me a lesson she gave me a taste of what life would be like if I stopped paying and submitting to her. I hated it, it was lonely and without purpose.

Goddess has me so hooked that I can’t get away, and I can feel the hooks digging in even deeper.

I have lost all self control and she now has complete power of me. There is nothing I can resist about her.

@ Andrew

Have you seen the well-to-do Up and down Park Avenue On that famous thorough fare With their noses in the air High hats, and arrow collars White spats, and lots of dollars SPENDING EVERY DIME FOR A WONDERFUL TIME !!!! smile