Disneyland here I come!

Disneyland here I come!

Prepare yourselves, in a little more than 30 days I will be gone for a whole week. I know, it’s torturous, and you’re already starting to have panic attacks at the thought. Just imagine how much better you’ll feel knowing that you helped to create the best vacation for me possible. If I go away and you have to sit and think for 8 days “I haven’t done anything at all to bring My Goddess happiness. Will she even remember me when she gets back? I am such a horrible slave for her.” that would be terrible wouldn’t it? Instead I am giving you the opportunity to change the outcome, you can think something more along the lines of: “Goddess deserves a vacation. I am so happy for her that she is having a great time. I sacrificed for her so she could really splurge, and indulge on herself. My suffering means something now.” Think about it- either way you’re going to suffer so it would do best to not be in vain. If you’re terribly distraught just remember, I have plenty of clips for you to buy and watch over and over and over. Of course, they all focus on me and the thing I love most Financial Slavery- and your weaknesses. I know you won’t be able to resist watching them repeatedly and deepening your dependence on me regardless of the content. Just to be able to see me is a gift and if you are not a fool then you will not take that for granted, will you!?

I’m going to California to visit a friend I’ve known since I was 12. She moved back a few years ago and this will be the second time I’ve seen her since. It will be her 25th birthday, and in July is mine, so we’re going to visit Disneyland, hang out in LA, and have a fabulous time. I’ll be there between the dates of May 28th- June 4th- which is a total of eight days. Get your wallets and your kleenex ready- but most importantly put your cock away. There will be no masturbating to my journal! It is why I do not post pics of myself or my gifts/tributes often – I know those of you who are living vicariously through the real subs are worthless and do not deserve it. Those who serve me get to see my cam, my photos, and my tributes/gifts personally- one on one! It’s a privilege, an honor, to serve me and as such it is also an honor to see the fruits of your labor in MY hands.

My slaves don’t need public recognition, because making Me happy is their number one concern. However, it is nice to be recognized from time to time, but I’m not here to cater to them so if they want that they can serve someone else who does.

Forbidden Fruit- the Clip- has done well thus far, in fact I believe that it has wrapped a few men right around the base of my tree where I can continue to drop my dirty wicked fruit onto their heads whenever I want. Men are so easy- sometimes I am astounded by the lack of women which understand this. It really pisses me off when I see our World for how it really is. Men are still in control and I am not saying men are bad, or shouldn’t have roles of power, but at least there should be an equality about it. Just take a look at the music industry- how many unattractive female singers can you find? How many unattractive male singers can you find? I can name a lot of ugly male singers/performers, but very few female counterparts. Now, how many attractive male singers don’t have talent? I’m not sure, everyone has their own criteria for what is considered talent/beauty but personally I find that there are many females with not a lot of talent that are only famous because of being attractive. These types of double standards drive me insane. Okay men in Hollywood can be fat and ugly as long as they are funny &/or sweet, but women must be either skinny or pretty, if not both. If they are fat they have to be funny, if they aren’t fat they have to be naughty, it’s just lame. I’m so tired of people accepting that as our way of life. It makes us look like pathetic little followers to the media. Personally, I make my own rules, I set my own criteria and I have my own followers. I prefer going against the grain and setting my own path. It’s much more interesting, and a hell of a lot more fun. I would love to see more women stepping up. They don’t necessarily have to be a Domme, I would never ask someone to be something they are not, but to just know that they are okay for who they are and how they are, and that they don’t need male approval in order to be a beautiful and good person would be amazing. Too many women have such low self-esteem because of the media, but I believe my fellow Dommes and I understand the truth- that men are weak, and what they think about how we look is not as important as respecting and loving ourselves for who we are. I hate seeing women who are not naturally submissive, but who take on a submissive role in society because they are so worried about male approval. They deserve to feel beautiful with or without it.

Goddess Posh

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