Deity of Ruin: The Indigo Goddess

Deity of Ruin: The Indigo Goddess

On The Indigo Goddess: They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it)

Part of you realizes there is something MUCH greater out there, and getting to your knees and sacrificing to ME is so much better than bowing before your icky sports game or dumb dumb tv screen!

It’s undeniable that you feel a draw to me. A magical pull which you haven’t been able to explain away and caving into those feelings is really so much easier than fighting them, isn’t it. But why am I so powerful, why am I so capable of drowning you in my delicious serum and leaving you helpless and begging for more? What is it about ME that makes ME so special?

Obviously there is something here that is more than meets the eye. Admit it, face it, it’s as if you have no control over your body. You’re weak and really you can’t stop me from doing as I please with you. Perhaps I really AM a Goddess, an Indigo Goddess. The truth is, and you know this deep down inside, it is obvious that it is I who has provided the gift to you. As an Indigo Goddess (formerly child but has now reached adulthood) I have a level of understanding which you can not even begin to comprehend about this world and the people in it. I see things from a perspective that is unique and fresh and I bring a tidal wave of changes to this pitiful society we live in. Serving ME is a pivotal role of YOUR existence! What makes ME an Indigo Goddess?

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