Deity of Ruin: Financial Apocalypse

Update: New file to purchase on NF P2V or pay for password directly! Page added to website which is password protected, The Five Karmic Laws of Worship! MUST HAVE for ALL MY followers.

The Five Karmic Laws of Worship

I request your presence at the downfall of man, where woman heralded by her beauty and grace seizes your mortal soul and conquers your wallet! I am your Goddess & you shall bow to my Holy desires.

I demand your chivalry and your obedience, one by one following behind your leader as the sheep and brethren of My society. Aren’t you all so weak and branded by MY enchanting spell, your whole body warped into a pay piggy drone for Goddess!

I’ve come to this Earth for the purpose of one reason, to be worshiped as the Goddess I am! Bringing to mere pathetic mortal men the possibility for purpose, for truth, for light. For without MY beauty to conquer your nightmares you would flounder in selfishness and materialistic greed. With MY enchanting power granting you a reprieve from the vile evilness of this world you finally have a chance to be MORE than just a zombie of the capitalism underbelly of society. ONLY through SACRIFICING to your Goddess are you able to escape the doom of this corrupted wasteland. I am the link between the dark abyss and the eternal afterlife of pleasure. Only through ME, only through Goddess Posh, are you going to reach your true potential.

Shed yourself of all worries, your mind is tainted by the constant fret over bills and financial needs. Let go of all doubt as you relinquish control and you will see that surviving in poverty opens your mind and your heart to the real energies and influence of the universe! Only by suffering in the name of Posh Messiah do you bare witness to the extreme pleasure of being a financial slave! It is time to begin your Financial Apocalypse, time to embrace your role as MY subservient disciple, who walks in faith and fills his mind NOT with the brainwashing of society or the materialistic greed of his nation but with the words and wisdom of his perfect, beautiful, all-knowing Goddess.

It is a gift to rid oneself of all the worries he holds, and it is a gift I offer to you. Focusing instead on MY pleasure is the way, the truth, the light.. it is how you MUST live your life if you are to be fulfilled. Endure pain so I may experience MORE luxury. Sacrifice your own monetary greed so I may cusp the finest jewels in my perfect hands! How exciting it is for you to lose what you once thought was important and to find the truth: Goddess is EVERYTHING! Why without ME you are truly just a lost cause, forsaken by all. Left to your own devices you would continue to build worry in your mind, bogging it down and losing touch with what truly matters. The ancient truth which has been hidden for centuries, unburied by the Birth of Goddess- and only through serving ME will you reveal this truth and experience the light. There is much to learn beneath the chambers of greed and power, but a boy must let go and give to his Leader. I am that Leader, I am the Light, I am the Way, through ME you will find your calling.

The path is laid before you. Are you going to walk away and continue your dire life of boring self-indulgence?

I didn’t think so. Now, it is time to indulge in your spiritual awakening through Goddess! Below you will find the link to MY prayer, which you MUST memorize and repeat daily on your knees. You will also find a pretty button to CLICK and SEND, it will be one of MANY financial tributes you make to your Money Domme.

Click on MY photo & get taken directly to the check-out page for the PRAYER which will ENHANCE your service to ME.


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9 years ago

i am simply defeated by Your seduction every time, and despite all i cant even think of You or conceive of You as evil for You are too beautiful, too perfect, too clean, too angellic. Too worthy of worship and i too insignificant, weak and powerless before Your omnipotent sky-clad majesterial sorcery. A corruptive power, that wreaks havoc with the mind, twists it, turns it, plays with it, until the subject hears no tune but Yours and becomes Your instrument. Lost in Your music…

Thw Best Of Me
Thw Best Of Me
9 years ago

I know goes without saying but, I just wanted you to know that you are loved.

Please, take care of yourself.

Thank you….


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