Dehumanized & Poshatized Financial Domination Hypnosis Clip

you Will Serve

Dehumanized & Poshatized

That’s the title of my latest MIND RAPE clip. As it was so affectionately referred to by my newest conquest Leo.

This clip is all about making you better.. better for ME. It’s time to get better, it’s time to release you from the icky impure HUMAN state and Poshatize you! It’s so much better when you get rid of the nasty elements and fill up on Goddess! My newest brainwash hypnosis mind-control clip is all that you need to free your mind from the constraints of being simply human, and become more.. better.. become POSHATIZED. As a dehumanized & Poshatized money drone there is only one thing which matters to you, and that is the need to completely surrender and sacrifice yourself for MY happiness.

I know you absolutely can’t wait to become Poshatized for me. You and I both know this is for the best. This file is VERY effective! It can not be sold on clips4sale or clipvia because it’s just TOO potent! I am only allowing those who I have direct access to, those who I can monitor myself, to be exposed to THIS file! This clip is designed to erase, then replace, the human in you. Now you will no longer feel or need selfishly, the way a lowly impure human does, NOW you’ll be BETTER by being filled up with the will of Goddess and becoming completely POSHATIZED!

To make this 16 minute hypnosis brainwash clip yours all you need to do is send $100 and contact me via yahoo.. or email.. or Skype, I’ll accept it as an giftcard to or cash with paypal if you have that address.

To celebrate the birthday of your Goddess, July 13th, you need to start shopping now! Hello, I am not a nagging spouse, a boring relative, an obnoxious child.. I am your LIFE. I am your EVERYTHING. Which means you better make sure I get every single thing I want for my birthday, oh and for the rest of my life. It also means that you need to put extra effort, and extra care, into providing to me for MY birthday! I am more important, more significant, and more valuable than anything in your life! I just can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you boys are going to be getting for me, of course it won’t be coming out of MY tributes will it. Then that would be me buying my own birthday gifts and that would be SILLY. I also want EXTRA tributes this month. I want more more more more more!

It’s exciting to be able to celebrate the birth of your superior and amazingly powerful Goddess, it’s SO exciting! It’s almost sickening to imagine your life without me in it, isn’t it pet.. you’re so hooked, so addicted, and you will glorify me and show me the praise I deserve with your wallet. You are my disciple, my worshiper, my helpless puppet, and you will give your financial Goddess all that I desire. It is the very nature of our financial domination relationship that you suffer and provide so that I may have more luxury and more pleasure, so that I may benefit from your pain!

I don’t care if I am greedy or not, nor do I care what anyone who happens to stumble across my website/financial domination thinks. I deserve to have it all and the men who serve me are frankly the luckiest men on the Earth, wouldn’t you agree.. only a moron would pass up the chance to bring pleasure and luxury to ME. As said many times before, it is indeed a gift to be able to gift your Goddess.. MOI!

I will also accept tributes on niteflirt where I take financial domination phone calls.. you know you call me up, worship me, and I drain it all from you mmm .. it’s good like that, better to get it all at once right.. just like ripping off a band aid.

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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Last Clip is very deeply addictive and I can’t stop watching it on loop!
I am already an addicted drone , but I became more and more, being poshatized and dehumanized feel so amazingly arrousing….
All for Goddess Posh

Super Member
Money Slave Bitch

Superior Goddess Posh
Your new clip Dehumanized & Poshatized is great, You look Beauty incarnate, everything is Posh class; voice,eyes,your hair all unmatched. Its presented by the grace and poise of an actress.
Fluffy is just what you deserve, new and shiny, filled up with potential Posh Pleasure, just needs a few click and immediate pleasure will break out. With Poshyfool in charge of maintenance, fluffy will create pleasure years ahead! Have fun Goddess…. and don’t be modest!!