Defy Me & Die

When you boys think you can play the money slave until it gets to be ‘too’ much for you, and then you try to defy me, that’s when I grow angry. See, that means the whole time you were just doing what you wanted to do to keep yourself entertained, stimulated, or whatever. It basically means you thought you could get away with using me until the going got tough. There is one problem with that, it pisses me off and the last thing you want to do is piss me off because I will destroy your life.

So you’re worried about a little debt, now you can worry about a lot more than debt. Like how you’re going to keep your job when your boss receives forwards of the 100’s of emails you sent from your company account while on work hours, and then your wife is going to want to know why you lost your job, especially in a time like this. Soon your wife will leave you and take the house, you’ll be left with nothing BUT nothing.

And I will have satisfactions in knowing that in the end it was I who decided your fate after all. (And of course you’ll be back begging for more, even if you are living in a cardboard box)

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I’ve got a cardboard box, and I get very good, high speed internet from my ISP. The connection is great, I recommend cardboard boxes.