Deepen your Addiction with Posh Sleep Regimen

You all know by now how I just adore seeping into your boybrains, little by little, reconstructing who you are into a POSH puppet. I really feel that converting my files to MP3 and listening to them ALL night long will help you to further obsess over your Goddess. To best influence your sleeping mind I suggest Devastating Beauty, if you live with someone find a way to listen to it anyway. All you have to do is say you’re having bad dreams at night, and a friend suggested you listen to some soft music on your MP3 player. If you’re so dumb you can’t figure it out on your own beyond that, I don’t want to brainwash your inferior mind anyway. It would be MUCH to easy, and I do enjoy having INTELLIGENT slaves!

For those of you who know what’s best for you I suggest you begin your sleep regimen immediately. I will lull you to sleep every night, my sweet soft voice coaxing you into a deep trance like state, and your brain will be open to the suggestions of my wicked creative mind. Of course, my insatiable and ever growing bank account will also have a part in this. What’s the point of having a herd of brainwashed zombie boys if I’m not putting them to good use.

Speaking of, David is being SUCH a good boy. I’ve had him listening to MY conditioning every night, all night long, and now he can’t even masturbate without MY permission. He has made me completely happy by remaining chaste for just over two weeks now, which for someone like him is a BIG step in proving how much I mean to him. I expect ALL of you to remain chaste for me, it is very very important. I know you don’t want to disappoint your Goddess by being a pervert, so you will of course remain with your hands off of your disgusting worm. I don’t even want to think about you jerking off, it is so vile to me. I am your Goddess, not your sex toy & if you’re going to be disrespecting ME by having NO self-control over your urges it is best that you don’t even bother trying to speak with me. I will have ZERO interest in allowing the like’s of YOU to serve me. I only let GOOD BOYS who know how to OBEY into My world.

Also, I’m making a file tonight which is going to be all about your bank account sending DIRECT DEPOSITS into MINE on a weekly basis. How sexy is that, mmmm. In fact, I am even working on David right now and he is at this moment setting it up, yummy. That money is already mine anyway. Sacrificing for me is such a sweet delicious treat, how I am so wickedly kind for allowing him (& you) the chance to do that for me. I will LOVE waking up to the money YOU WORKED FOR in my bank account, right where it belongs.

ETA: File will be released on c4s very soon! It is saving now. Here is a photo to help inspire you for when the time comes.

I must have this bracelet. Sadly, by the time one of you went to buy it for me, it was already sold out. We have not been able to locate it anywhere else. Whoever locates this bracelet for me, and BUYS it, will make me SO happy. Click the photo to get the product description and then go on a little hunt, find it, BUY IT, and ship it to ME ME ME. Mmmm just in time for the Holiday’s. I’m going to look absolutely adorable in this, I am a Goddess & you were made to do one thing in life: keep ME happy.

Also, for those of you foot fetish boys who have been dying to serve my perfect immaculate feet, I have added JEWELED shoes to MY wishlist. They are absolutely 100% made for ME, adorable, and belong on MY feet. Which one of you lucky little sheep is going to $$$$$ for it?! Is it going to be you?

I feel amazingly yummy right now, as David sets up his bank account to be emptied into mine. I know more and more of you little obsessed puppets are going to follow suit, and soon I will have a whole army of worker bee’s sending money right into MY greedy little hands.

Oh before I forget, there is a perfume I want from Victoria Secrets. Bombshell! It’s $65.00 a bottle, and I expect it to be paid for immediately by either giftcard sent to OR you can just buy it for me as a gift. Yummy. While you’re at it you can also buy the shimmer mist, shimmer lotion, & shimmer powder for your Goddess. Oooh the Holiday’s are just around the corner & I am going to sparkle & shine like a diamond with all of your affection, adoration & devotion sprinkled on me.

ooooh update.. the transfer of money from his bank account into mine is complete! .. and it’s TWICE a week. SO yummy.

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