Deadly Infatuation

I really LOVE my repeat obsessive buyers. When you spend $500, $300, $700 in one go at my clips4sale studio, and then come back for MORE it makes me SO happy! Being infatuated with me it makes you do things like that, spend your paycheck on ME ME ME. I especially like those of you who buy my paypal address, because I know you’re really eager to get that cash into MY hands. Splurging on my clips is a great way for you to deepen your INFATUATION with me. Seeing clip orders of EVERY clip in my store is even better, it makes me tickle in all of the right places. Why would I do financial domination if it didn’t make me completely and utterly in bliss?! I feel butterflies every time you break the bank on me..

I loved waking up this morning to giftcards and cash deposits, I have you trained SO well puppet.

You might not be ready to admit how deeply you do love me, you might feel safer calling it infatuation. Infatuation seems more shallow, doesn’t it.. . no emotions involved..

Go ahead, let your guard down. Let’s see how deadly infatuation really can be..

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Under the Influence

Infatuation is more deadly than you can believe when it is infatuation for Goddess Posh. The Goddess of Mindfuck, She doesn’t merely infatuate you. She makes you fall in love. Be warned! She did it to me and she will do it to you too. You probably even see it coming until it is too late. And She will make you admire that, and like that, and in the end you’ll love her even as She bleeds you.

Under the Influence

Im a addicted junkie for Posh, i take Posh evry day, too make life go, if i dont get my Posh fix i cant live………..

im a begger and slave, i cant live , can you hear me………..

She is soo amazing and wonderfull, she rapes my mind, rapes my soul.
But cater my worthless soul, becouse no Posh, no me……….