Dazzling Blonde Beauty Makes Weak Boy Brains Sleepy & Spendy

Pay for MORE of MY Dior!

I don’t always wear makeup but when I do it’s DIOR and slave paid for.

Most likely you understand that it’s a parody of the Dos Equis guy commercials, but in this case the parody serves a purpose other than just humor (though of course you may lay your praise at my feet for my humor and wit).  But the main point is to remind you, my pet, that you need to open your wallet and pay for MORE of MY Dior. Pay for MORE of my everything!
Not only do you need to open your wallet and pay for MY makeup, you will pay for anything I want. And why is this, you might wonder…

Because, you’re without control. I have the control. You’re on a leash, a little weakling being yanked this way and that way by my strong hands, and you’re going to do exactly as I say. Pay for MORE of MY Dior, and pay for MORE of EVERYTHING I want! I have an entire list of items hand chosen by ME that I know you just can’t wait to shop from. Click on my amazon wishlist and then mindlessly click ‘add to cart’ next to every item, and then go check out and send all of those gifts to me and make me DELIGHTED and FILLED WITH GLEE. See it’s really so easy, why make more than one trip… might as well get me everything I want in one go and oh don’t worry, I’ll be wanting plenty more again tomorrow so you’ll still have more opportunity to be of service to me.


My dazzling BLONDE beauty makes your boy brain feel so mushy and sleepy, and sleepy boy feels oh so spendy mmmmm … you stare and stare, and suddenly, hours have gone by and your wallet feels oh so much lighter! #FINANCIALDOMINATION This is the fate of a Posh puppet.

Login my VIP so you may stare and stare at even MORE of my dizzyingly beautiful photos.


Goddess Posh

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5 years ago

Oh Goddess Posh, I am so sorry about my poor English, because I wish know better words to explain how beautiful you are, how powerful you are, and how weak for you I feels while watching these fantastics photos!

You know how I can’t wait to see the new movie of the season of siren serie!
You look so great in the photo, so “blondifuel” and I am sure this opus have good words for our pervert sins…

Now my mind have only one goal… Spend for Goddess

puppet drone
puppet drone
5 years ago

Goddess thank You for Your guidance and for Your gorgeous pics in Your stunning blonde hair! i am on my knees in thankfulness for allowing me a chance to pay my sins away to You in cash, and will work on finding every spare dime that i can to lay down at Your perfect feet!

5 years ago

Mhmmmn thank you again Goddess Posh for these wonderful photos!
Obsessing on it on loop this evening I don’t have resisted to send an amz GC right now!
Feels so good to obey…

4 years ago

You’re so incredibly beautiful Master. Your pics are so utterly and completely dominant, a look of total confidence, mocking the slave looking at them, any one of the slaves you’ve raped and abused so many times.

Her Little Wallet
Her Little Wallet
2 years ago

Thank You Goddess for making These photos available for us to weaken our minds and pull us deeper into the Rabbit hole of mindless Submission and moneyslavery