David Financial Domination IS Your Vice

David, I know you’re still obsessed with me. I banned you from buying my clips but you couldn’t stop yourself, did you think that a clip cash card would hide you? Not so much, John Shepherd- knowing that I adore the Stargate franchise you obviously wanted to be caught. You’re such an addict. You are exactly the same as an alcoholic who wants to just ‘sit’ in the bar, but not partake in the festivities. It won’t work that way, it won’t LAST. Your will is going to snap right in half and you’re going to OVER CONSUME, make up for lost time, stuff yourself silly on POSH POSH POSH.

David, my vacation is going to be Atlantic City instead of California. I will be staying at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in the REGAL SUITE- this is mid-October. I will allow YOU David to come bow at my feet and show me how much you adore me, miss me and want to be near me. I will allow you to WORSHIP me, IN PERSON, just the way you need. Do you think you can handle it puppet boy? Do you think you can be a good boy and handle sacrificing to ME in person?

You think you’re strong, you think you can just watch and admire but I know better than that. You. Are. Going. To. Break.

And this time, there is no going back. This time it’s ALL or NOTHING.

As for the rest of you puppets, I expect you to pay for EVERY BIT OF MY VACATION. Oooh I am going to gamble your money away and leave you BROKE and BROKEN. You are going to pay for my luxury suite, you will pamper me the way I deserve. You will contribute to MY lifestyle like a good Posh puppet. I know you want to make ME happy, this is your chance my special pet. This is your time to shine as my golden good boy. Be a good boy now, send me MY money.

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