Cultivation of the Flock- Mind on Automatic

Cultivation of the Flock- Mind on Automatic

Have you seen this video? Do you think its about a pervert who got what was coming to him? I’m sure my point of view is biased- but I think this guy is dealing with his perverted demon and has to suffer as a consequence. Sounds similar to you, doesn’t it. And since I also think you’re pretty when you cry I posted this especially knowing it would hit home. Oh and is it just me or does he make a mega hot sissy. Look at him in his red lipstick, talk about sexy.

I know you’re here, back again to get your fill. Pretty soon reading my journal and obsessing over my clips won’t be enough. You could never have enough really. But to know you are making me happy, that will bring you a level of satisfaction you’ve never felt before. I know you think I am adorable, and you want more. Oh silly boys, you can’t get close to me if you don’t make the first step. Buying my clips religiously and not making contact is really hindering our progress. Lets not stall any longer my future sheep, come take your place with the herd of obsessed and loyal brethren.

On that note, you will be the first to watch my new hypo clip. Video enhanced (of course because I’m too pretty not to be on video) this clip is all about erasing your mind and turning you into my automatic piggy bank. You want to be my robotic piggy on autopilot, don’t you..

Cultivation of the Flock- Mind on Automatic


I also released “Good Boy. That’s Better”– another one you won’t be able to stop yourself from drinking in. Both clips are in the financial domination category, because that’s what I do. I know you can hardly take it that someone so sweet looking has such vile deviance lurking behind her every move, but that hasn’t stopped you from returning daily to my feet.

Oh I am too kind, giving you all of this material that makes you weak and helpless. I don’t know why I outdo myself like this. How grateful you must be.

And for those who haven’t figured it out a certain somebody is back. I said I wouldn’t allow him back this time but I just had to hear all about how horrible it was for him and how his gf left him. I had to enjoy the fruits of my five minute labor after all. Oh and how I did enjoy it. He begged me not to write about him EVER again in my journal. What a fool, why would any of you ever wish for that. Its an honor to ever be mentioned by me. How rare it is that I focus on any of you in here. I normally keep it all about me and how powerful, beautiful, intelligent and a multitude of other things I am.

12K Al, are you happy you fucked over a bunch of other Dommes and then came to me and expected to do the same thing, only to find yourself short of 12k a few short months later? I can take the niteflirt screenshot but all of you know I don’t need to, my power is evident and thats why you little fetish fuckers who like to play games with other women avoid me. You know I won’t cater to you, I don’t need your money. I just love to financially dominate men, I can survive financially without it, and even if I couldn’t I still wouldn’t ever bend to your will. 12K Al, we’re about to make that 14K by the end of September, I expect you to comply with your tail between your legs, otherwise your fear of the same punishment that Paul had to face will become a reality.

Have to do some spamming, I always forget to link to anything besides c4s. Just bookmark this entry, no doubt I won’t post my links again for months. You ought to have them saved in your Posh folder anyway. I am not your link fetcher.






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