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Apparently Paul was not too impressed by the email I sent pretending to be his lover. I guess his ‘girlfriend’ wants to have a serious talk with him and his friend (who also had access to the account) now thinks he is having an affair. You would think this man would appreciate the fact that I was thinking about him and took a whole five minutes out of my day to come up with and execute a plan to demolish his personal relationships. Really, where is the love? Where is the respect? Where is the appreciation? That’s fine, I feel satisfaction every time I think of his innocent friend reading the letter, probably becoming just as aroused as Paul did, corruption is tasty. I know he’ll come crawling back as usual and this time I won’t be here for him. He admitted that he was only staying out of fear, and now he felt a huge weight lifted from him. Ha! We’ll see about that.. I’m positive Paul can’t pull himself from me, it would take the Jaws Of LIfe for that to happen.

The Ritual of the Apostles clip has been very effective thus far. You boys are so simple sometimes. . really, I go out of my way to enjoy my own sadistic mind games and in return I end up with puddles of mass obedience and loyalty. Its heavenly at times, and then there are times when I hear them screaming something about ‘hell’ and ‘hellhole’.. I don’t know, I tend to be distracted at that point by the money I acquired.

Evil witchy woman with those innocent eyes- hahahaha Oh how often I hear that. I never get tired of it..

I’ve created a topsite for those of you who are lifestyle Financial Dominas, who have financial lust running through your veins, that live and breathe power and control and long to dig your nails into the flesh of a little lost lamb..

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