Creature of Comfort Fem Domme Money Goddess

Hello my helpless love-struck fans, puppets and slave boys! Did you have a fabulous Valentines worshiping MY photos and words? Did you spend even more time (is that possible?) bowing before your collection of Poshy goods today? That’s a good boy, doing as you’re told and you have been told time and time again to make special time just for meditating on ME daily.

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Under the Influence

“I do not ever plan to spend a moment of my life in discomfort, see unlike the normal zombie workers of the world I choose to live a life that makes ME happy. Then again, is it a choice or is it just the natural order of things?”

i guess it’s the natural order of things, and You have chosen to live up to it.

Goddess, it’s terrific that You don’t have to work, and You are awesome because of Your conviction that You are entitled to not having to do so.