I’ve noticed your compulsion to satisfy my financial lust. Lately you’ve been splurging on me, more and more, and yet you never feel as though it’s enough. I can’t blame you for doubting yourself, I am insatiable. It’s enjoyable to watch you continue to try though, Paul.

Many of you are wondering about my policy on blackmail. Generally speaking if someone approaches me and asks for it I will not oblige them. I do have a blackmail contract which can be purchased, but I very rarely use it. I find that I enjoy real blackmail, yes, I am that crazy. I’ve used real info against financial slaves when I was feeling particularly sadistic. The best part being that it was what I wanted, not a fantasy they had paid me for. However, in the end they realize that it was truly sadistic enough to make their sexual arousal beyond control while tormenting their very existence. Such a combination of pleasure/pain that those who beg for blackmail couldn’t ever really experience. I suppose the point is that if you are a blackmail slut I won’t get along with you, and if you are a long term slave of mine I may push you in that direction unless it’s an absolute hard limit. I do understand and respect boundaries, but most of those who serve me are very much enthralled with my happiness and their limits kinda go away.


ob sess ing


chained banged

and forth
and forth

back and

crave me my

crave me my



my pet

how it makes you ache
each fiber of your being

arching in bliss
towards heaven

when my fingers

C R U S H delicately

through your



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