Financial Domination Sensation

Compelled by Posh

Approaching me seems so courageous to you hopelessly weak boys. You aren’t even brave enough to lift up a finger and click the ‘buy now’ button on my clips because you know you’ll spiral into submission as soon as my soft voice gently caresses your ear. You’re not even strong enough to send me an email and explain about how much you adore me, and how I truly am the most amazing Goddess you’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. In fact, you are even so fearful that your stomach does flips each and every time you type in my web address.


The way my words swoon you into submission leaves you in the precarious position of no control, and while it makes you throb, it scares the shit out of you because you’re just one of those people who never takes risks. It’s ridiculous really. I know all about you, I know you visit my site, my clips store, I know you fantasize about me and dream about the day you can drop to your knees in humble servitude for your Goddess. I know all this about you and you haven’t even approached me yet.


You are an addict that is denying his thirst. You try to quench it by looking, but we all know that an addict must feel, he must TASTE what he craves, and your time has come. No longer can you watch and observe. It is driving you insane to be so close to the sweet poison of Posh, and yet so far from feeling my true power over you. The domination I possess is your only way to salvation. Through ME you can be free from the nights of tossing and turning, as I will give you a purpose and a reason to wake up every single day.


Come forward, out of the dark. You will face your fears, you will submit to your Goddess as you are COMPELLED to do so.


I have made a lovely montage of the last 9 clips I’ve done which will help seal your fate as my devoted and addicted puppet. Do you think you can handle 4 whole minutes of Posh Power? I dare you to resist such an amazing offer..

Just One Taste & You’ll Be Hooked

Volume 3: Physical

Parts 7,8 & 9

I’ve taken control of your wallet already, and now your body belongs to me as well.

I torment you in Part 7: Choking Game, where I force you to hang and choke yourself, and you LOVE it. Holding your breath for me and watching the pleasure in my eyes as you lose consciousness is beyond thrilling.

In Part 8: Orgasm Control, I continue with the choking but I instruct you to masturbate without letting you reach orgasm. I control your COCK.

In Part 9: Starvation Diet, I convince you to give up eating, because giving me the money you saved from buying food is so much hotter!

This is a sexy & cruel clip that will 100% contribute to your destruction. Sadism and seduction rolled into one hot volume of Posh Power. Can you resist?

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