Tomorrow I will be gone all day shopping, I have plans to spend the fistfuls of cash you handed over MONEYPUPPET. Then I will be *spending* the evening at a nice luxury hotel and enjoying my relaxation and time away from the PC & you slaves. I’m tentatively planning a vacation for the end of October but haven’t made up my mind on where to yet. I know you are very eager to keep ME happy so you’ll begin sending ME cash for my vacation immediately.

Most likely I will go back to taking NF calls next week, I know how most of you are feeling withdrawal from lack of hearing my sweetly addictive voice. If only I BEHAVED sweetly. I think the site is finally a bit more stable, but you know me, I really don’t want to talk on the phone unless its at least $20 a minute, and even then you better be interesting or I’ll just hang up on you. Better yet, you can just be a good listener and hear my go on and on all about myself. I know you love that, I hear how you weep in weakness when I’m pointing out my super obvious perfections. (Is it because it reminds you of how flawed you really are or because MY perfection is so amazing that it overwhelms your emotions.. )

To keep you occupied for the weekend while I am out spending cash and pampering myself (again!) I have released two new clips, both are fantastic.

Professional Extortionist Victimizes your Wallet

Everything is not always as it seems. While I chat you up in my hypnotic tones & relaxing words I weaken your defenses.

The girl next door just wants to take you home, & like a puppet on strings you agree.

What happens after you make it back to MY place – you’ll have to watch and find out.


Tribute Talk
I know how obsessed you are with me. You buy ALL of my clips.

Every time I release a new one you’re the first to grab it up.

Lets have a little talk about all the best ways for you to extend that enthusiasm of all things POSH into monetary gain on MY behalf.

Completely adorable ramblings about things I love, my breasts & how weak you are. Perfect for every Posh admirer that just wants to get closer to me. Here is your chance to learn how.

Is this funny or is just me? I personally love cartoon porn.. Poor Marge, Homer just isn’t making enough cash, she has to support her family by almost baring it all.. I guess after putting that dumb ass Heidi on the cover Playboy had to save grace and find a REAL woman to show off.

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