Christmas Only for Goddess Posh

This year for Christmas I’m giving you the gift of going into DEBT for Goddess! I know you thought  you weren’t going to get anything at all from me but you were so so wrong! I’m just that inspirational, driving you to expand the horizons of your servitude in order to further pleasure me. As a generous SUPERIOR I’ve found in my big beautiful heart the spirit of the season and am bestowing upon you, the weaker, inferior, helpless male pet the gift of GIVING to ME. Christmas is going to be so much better with you accepting MY gift of going into DEBT for Goddess. Now it’s still before Thanksgiving but since I am already in the Holiday mood and have been shopping non-stop for over a month now for gifts it’s time I put you on the PROGRAM. Since you are my toy I know you are so excited to have this chance to be played with by ME. How thrilling for you to be grabbed out of the toy box by my pristine greedy hands and greeted by my charming voice commanding you into submission.



The puppets guide to going into DEBT this Holiday Season for Goddess Posh:

Repeat aloud for Me pet: 

I’m a weak willed wallet. I can’t say no. This Holiday I want to be abused without limits and lose all control. I’m a Holiday hog, I’m a Christmas cash cow. Please put me on the Program and program my mind to crave your destruction and eagerly provide. Into debt for Goddess Posh is all I want to do. There’s nothing left for me, it’s all for you. 

1.I want you to kneel with your wallet out. Look at the credit cards in it. Do any have my face on them? NO? It SHOULD because I own it, just like I own you. You’re going to apply for a credit card with my beautiful photo on it. I have a lot of shopping to do. You need to look at it every day and feel the loss of control again and again. This is a gift of DEBT to you .. a credit card with my eyes on it, ensnaring you every time you reach into that wallet. 

2. There is nothing you want to do more than spend your slave money on Goddess. So you are going to neglect your family and friends this Holiday season. We aren’t really worried about what they want, now are we pet. OBEY.

3 I want to spoil everyone I know and I’m going to, with YOUR cash! You can send my cash on paypal &/or as gift card &/OR you can send me a credit card in MY name. I’ll use it to buy gifts galore for everyone I know while your family will go without! I want gift cards from emailed to me at

4. The Holiday season you need to make a big statement about your devotion to me, your understanding and acceptance of your inferiority to me and your dedication to my happiness and the way you are going to make that statement is through a LARGE cash gift. I want to wake up and open all my Christmas cards from my pets on Christmas morning and find piles and piles of cash waiting for me. You need to get a loan so you can fulfill my wants. You are so eager to be my little stocking stuffer aren’t you .. you can’t wait to go to the bank and apply for a loan so you can send it all to me as a Christmas gift. How wonderful to know you have such a RUSH of a GIFT for Goddess waiting for Me under My tree .. to know it will be in my hands while your family is waking up to nothing.. you love it don’t you!

5. I deserve to have whatever I want all of the time, not just during the Holiday season. I have a wish list with gifts that you need to make a goal of CLEARING OFF before December 25th. I am going to start 2015 with an empty list that needs to be completely refilled because MY pets and wallets take SUCH GOOD CARE of MY wants. I am going to look at it with satisfaction knowing that every day you were on there clicking and spending for me, ignoring the debt that is building up and enjoying being my personal little gift elf!

6. My holiday hog is going to be so weak knowing that for every day you hear Christmas music you’ll need to tribute $100. It’s playing everywhere so I’m sure my weak willed wallet will have an excuse to click and spend and go deeper into debt for me every single day!

7. The true spirit of this holiday season is going into debt for Goddess Posh.. every Christmas from this one forward it will always be about Goddess Posh in  your warped boy brain because you will have the lasting sting of DEBT to keep me fresh on your mind. Because I am giving you such a beautiful everlasting gift you are going to take it with nothing but gratitude .You have no choice. My little Christmas bitch is going to be buried in debt for me. Every time you hear someone say the true meaning of Christmas is anything other than GODDESS POSH you owe me a TRIBUTE! My Holiday drone is so happy to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

8. People without a clue will be sending you holiday cards. They don’t know the truth about what your true place is, as a POSH PUPPET and that you are my wallet .. but WE know the truth and so you’re going to send me a gift every time you get one of those misguided cards to keep your slave mind on the right track.. the track of GIVING to GODDESS, going into DEBT, accepting this Holiday season you’re getting so much more.


This is an interactive program. You need to be in contact with me in order to fulfill certain tasks. However my shy admirers may go into debt for me from the shadows without initiating contact.. you just won’t be able to send me cash by mali. 



To start your holiday journey into debt for Goddess you can open this pay2view on niteflirt..



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Poshatized & Mesmerized

Christmas time just can be Goddess time.
All days long, 24/7 , I always know I must put Goddess Posh first.
She is my position one priority, daily.
But yes it is true, Christmas must even more, because it’s gifts time,
but Goddess Posh ones only! I already tell to wifey, times are too hard to spend money on stupid gifts , so I don’t want gift from her and I don’t buy someone for her , all is for Posh, only Goddess Posh deserve gifts…
Thank you so much Goddess for your generosity to give us a gift, a purpose…

Under the Influence

Christmas is only about Goddess Posh. And Goddess Posh has given out the greateat gift of all, the gift of servitude to Her Greatness.