It seems there is no escaping you slaves. 😉 Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around silly boys. Normally it is I that taunts you for not being able to run and hide, and how we both find delight in that. It doesn’t matter what I am doing in my life or where I go you clingy little pets won’t leave. Now, where has all of my power gone.. Seems I can’t get rid of you hopeless & pathetic little leeches no matter how hard I try. So, to use it to my advantage, that is what I must, will and AM going to do.


Oh now you wish you had been more observant and cautious. Now you suddenly feel yourself trembling as you realize my sights are set on you and its too late to hide. Should have thought about that before you ignored my last entry. Should have been more careful, but you are just a fool and now I have you in my clutches. I’m sure Paul is shaking his head at you, knowing he was once in your place and his envy is out of control. The green monster is so ugly, get over yourself Paul.


As for the rest of you, next time you will learn to pay more attention. It is not that I will take advantage of you, it is that I already am.  It’s as if I was right all along, I really am the oxygen you need to survive. Its not your fault you’re so clingy, you need me!! Oh but walking away and watching you crumble is so much fun, are you choking yet?

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