Mindfucked into Oblivion



Season of the Siren March has seen the release of the new film Erotic Fusion and you boys have become INFUSED with even MORE of my mindfuck. I love twisting up your thinking so much that you aren’t able to distinguish which were ever yours to begin with, and which are the result of my powerful and seductive programming.

Erotic Fusion because in your mind and in your body there is only one way for you to feel erotic pleasure, and that is through acting out my will, obeying my commands, and servicing my financial lust. The erotic RUSH you feel is a side effect of being able to kneel for a SUPERIOR GODDESS and give yourself up, surrender, and sacrifice for me.

THIS FILM IS TOO SENSUAL for a PROMO video! You must BUY it to experience it.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.00.56 AM
Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.57.51 PM


What weakness you feel in your slave body for my perfect Goddess figure, all woman, all curves. This isn’t some kind of plastic barbie doll show, or some sort of teensy weensy little girl allowing herself to disappear in the name of being thin and sexy. This is a WOMAN with CURVES that are made to incite lust in you, helplessness, weakness, as your body responds automatically to me. I have the essence of femininity oozing from me as I dope up your brain on MY sweet POSHY VENOM!


I love doping up your boy brain with my VENUS SWAY. Keeping you nice and HIGH for me as I keep your wallet nice and drained. This is the life of a FINANCIAL DOMINATION GODDESS and you will respect that you are here to add to my luxury, or you are not here at all. I attract you to me because you know this is where you were meant to be. Your wallet is attracted to being emptied for me, so you will stop denying this truth, and kneel in acceptance… this is the life of a MINDFUCK YOU INTO OBLIVION GODDESS, and you can be part of it with your service!

The SIREN SONGS in my new film are especially potent:

Temptation So Deep

Pleasure Me

Empty Wallet Full Life

Send a tribute to me here: http://www.iwantgoddessposh.com


Don’t forget to LOGIN my Very Indoctrinated Puppets so you may experience a sweet little snippet of what is to come!


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Dance to MY HYPNOTIC Chants MY little SLAVE toy!

Welcome to 2016 and another year of amazing helpless mindless bliss under my spell. We have six more films from the Season of the Siren series to journey through and then it will be SUMMER! I am going to stay nice and warm and toasty the rest of this winter season all wrapped up in boy worship and wallets!

I know you will be staying especially nice and toasty too, as a moth drawn to the flame, you can’t help but to get burned in my fire. Tantric Enchantments is a sensual weaving together of MY will and your soul, as you mindlessly chant along, each word driving deeper into your psyche pulsating out into your EVERY ACTION… you are in a TRANCE that makes you DANCE to MY CHANTS over and over… over and over…. puppet is trapped in the TANTRIC ENCHANTMENTS …

Tantric Enchantments The Mindwash Mix


My surreal hypnotic words are implanted deep in your vulnerable boy brain, each one a hot little mine just waiting to be triggered. Careful now my pet, you never know when one of my little Poshy bombs will be EXPLODING, blowing your financial future up in the process and wiping out ALL of your self-control. So many mines planted in that mind, so many little bombs just waiting to go off and here I am, holding the trigger. Dance for me now, MY slave!


Being able to gift/tribute Me, your SUPERIOR GODDESS, is your salvation. This is your path to redemption for your male soul, your selfish male ways, your inferior life now has a purpose in kneeling for me. Kneeling for ME is your connection to ME! When you kneel and accept your slave place we are lined up in perfect harmony. When you surrender control and let go of the fear and denial, you are granted the most intimate connection to me one can have. Being MY personal slave, serving MY desires, wrapped up in MY silky words, trapped in MY firm grip, closer to me than ever before.

I know you can feel it, My overpowering light and beauty forcing you to look down in humble submission. This is right, this is so right, you can’t deny it any longer. In my light everything is right. Consuming MY creations will only enhance the EVENT, bringing you into an intimate experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the mind altering joy of the Season of the Siren films.



Kneel before my hypnotic breasts, my hands weaving their will into your mind, compel you to send more money now. 


Remember, in MY world slaves pay and you are always, ALWAYS, going to be the slave!


Goddess Posh
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Destruction in the Key of Seduction Preview

Destruction in the Key of Seduction — Release date at end of preview! Watch it on repeat with headphones on, and know that you are being wired and invaded by ME. I do use binaural beats, hypnosis techniques and my personal brainwashing method The Venus Sway in this preview, which means even this one little minute is lethal for your subconscious mind and boy am I having fun in there setting myself up for SUCCESS!

After viewing this preview all of my subs and slaves (poshyfool, robotoine, my little wallet mueller, puppet drone…) went into a frenzy for me, each eager to be more useful to me than ever before… each triggered to spend and spend… and I know it will do the same to you. I also tested it on my puppet troupe first, and aren’t they a lucky, albeit with lighter wallets, group of guinea pigs.

When the release date of this next film arrives you will buy the mindwash mix and the full hour film. If you’re not yet a VIP you will join, so you can buy the full film too. All of the Season of the Siren films are calling to you, so strongly pulling you in… come on in puppet, come on in and fall…

As always send tribute. This is Financial Domination after all, you won’t be getting out of here without padding my purse, puppet.

Pay your Sins Away – Season of the Siren Film



Become bedazzled by my sparkling dress and blonde beauty in the next film in the Season of the Siren series. As a Financial Domination Goddess of course I am going to help you find salvation for your sinning soul through your wallet. It’s okay to fail and fall, but you will make up for those sins by paying them all away. In my glorious magnificent superior presence you are forced to face your own inferiority and weakness.  Uncover your secrets and your sins so you may be washed clean and made better for Me! My glamorous beauty and sweet satin voice are the trap you’ve been longing for.

Season of the Siren Pay your Sins Away

with 3 original songs:

Bedazzling Beauty

Tones of Atonement

Redemption through Riches


The tones of atonement are so sweet to my ear, you begging and crying and pleading to confess all of your sins and pay them away for me mmmmm … this is the primal reaction to the SIREN songs which keep you mesmerized and in a weak trance for me.

Buy the Mindwash Mix now on Niteflirt or Clips4sale

Your journey with the Siren is deep underway and now its time for you to confess all of your bad boy sins so you may ATONE for them. I will make you pay those sins away, one after the other…

This is the MINDWASH MIX, VIP have access to a full hour film as well.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.26.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.05.37 PM


I know you’re nervous and scared about how deep you will be taken by me, but that is only going to stop you for so long. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for my gifts, cash etc to arrive, but when it comes to your downfall. Oh I’ll wait an eternity. I love setting the traps, and knowing that eventually you won’t be able to take it and you’ll stumble and crumble right on down to your knees before me.


You’ll break for me, and once you break for me you’ll break for me AGAIN, and again! I already know it, so yes I am patient. While you sit in fear I am enjoying being worshiped and served lavishly by my puppets, pets and slaves.


Read this CONFESSIONS entry to see if you have committed any of the listed sins, and then I want you to write me an email with your confessions, AFTER you watch the film!



Login my very indoctrinated puppets so you may buy the film Pay your Sins Away and begin your redemption.
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Dazzling Blonde Beauty Makes Weak Boy Brains Sleepy & Spendy

Pay for MORE of MY Dior!

I don’t always wear makeup but when I do it’s DIOR and slave paid for.

Most likely you understand that it’s a parody of the Dos Equis guy commercials, but in this case the parody serves a purpose other than just humor (though of course you may lay your praise at my feet for my humor and wit).  But the main point is to remind you, my pet, that you need to open your wallet and pay for MORE of MY Dior. Pay for MORE of my everything!
Not only do you need to open your wallet and pay for MY makeup, you will pay for anything I want. And why is this, you might wonder…

Because, you’re without control. I have the control. You’re on a leash, a little weakling being yanked this way and that way by my strong hands, and you’re going to do exactly as I say. Pay for MORE of MY Dior, and pay for MORE of EVERYTHING I want! I have an entire list of items hand chosen by ME that I know you just can’t wait to shop from. Click on my amazon wishlist and then mindlessly click ‘add to cart’ next to every item, and then go check out and send all of those gifts to me and make me DELIGHTED and FILLED WITH GLEE. See it’s really so easy, why make more than one trip… might as well get me everything I want in one go and oh don’t worry, I’ll be wanting plenty more again tomorrow so you’ll still have more opportunity to be of service to me.


My dazzling BLONDE beauty makes your boy brain feel so mushy and sleepy, and sleepy boy feels oh so spendy mmmmm … you stare and stare, and suddenly, hours have gone by and your wallet feels oh so much lighter! #FINANCIALDOMINATION This is the fate of a Posh puppet.

Login my VIP so you may stare and stare at even MORE of my dizzyingly beautiful photos.


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Pleasure Drones Pleasure Poshy for Life


Mmmmm this little habit of mine, you know the one where I liquify male brains and then make their wallets drain to empty on me, gives me such a rush. Of course I’m not going to stop, or take it easy, on you or your wallet. I’m trying to enjoy myself, get off at your expense, and benefit from your suffering, so you can believe I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I’ve created the most sticky of webs for you little wallets to wander onto… you’ve been spiraling into a deep obsession over me for some time now and it won’t stop. The web won’t stop spinning, spinning and spinning, and you keep fumbling, tumbling and crumbling into helpless, weak, submission for me. This is my world of Financial Domination where you exist to be devoured.

Oh how I love when you roll over and expose your neck for me, eager to accept your own defeat. You’ve been caught in my special Venus Sway, and there’s no getting away. Now you’re here to stay, and I will play play play with your weak boy brain …. all day, every day, any day… it’s MINE to do as I please, at MY leisure. As my slaves know, you’re given a place in my toy box and when I pull you out that is your lucky day. That’s how it works. Toys that are broken get tossed out. Some are picked up by lesser experienced women who play with them, but they soon learn those toys are worthless and move on too! All women are above all men, in my opinion and since I am the Goddess and you are the willing victim nod your little bitch head up and down and say, yes Goddess, you are always right.

I am always right. Which means when I say it’s time to tribute more cash, you don’t even have to think or argue about it. You just have to say, yes Goddess you’re always right, and go obey. It’s simple for you to maintain your place in my toy box as long as you play how I want when I want.

The toys I keep are mindless male drones, designed with only my pleasure in mind. Mmmmmhmm oh yessss I love having an army of drones that can’t say no! That can’t stop me from doing with them as I want, as I please. These drones just submit to my commands, my desires, and my demands, with no resistance at all. Oh how I love playing with my drones. Pulling one out of that toy box, putting in some special new programming, and pushing those trigger buttons… and then watching as it acts out my will. I program in, ‘send more’, and my weak drone marches off to SEND MORE!

Pleasure drones pleasure Poshy for life!!! 

And as you read my words and watch my videos you are deepening your programming, and enhancing my power and control over you. You can’t stop because after being lured into my hypnotic domain you were taken over and programmed to be SO addicted to ALL THINGS POSHY! I am your sweet intoxication, and you can never get enough. So you’ll keep reading, watching, and obsessing, and you’ll continue to spiral out of control for me. Just as I wanted, just as I had planned for you all along. There was never another life in mind for you, this is what you were destined for.


View the preview for Helplessly Ensnared, and if you haven’t purchased the new mindwash material yet you can go get it right now on niteflirt!


NOTICE: Provider9999 I see you have been locked out of VIP. It’s because you used the wrong password too many times. I’ve unlocked you. Use the correct password to login!
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Boy Brains FRIED by Goddess Posh

Oh how the lovely little wallets just keep piling up for me, one after the other crumpled on the floor emptied! Emptied but with great satisfaction, as being emptied for my financial lust is a privilege and a gift. This is the purpose of the wallet, to be emptied of the cash it carries.

And my mindfuck financial domination files are doing just that to all of you weak little toys of mine.

Even those of you who feel you have such strong resolve… you do not. Your will is weak. I’ve broken you already, you’re here again for a reason. Because you can’t stop me from consuming your will from the inside out, as I’ve already implanted myself deep in that boy brain of yours. You live with my triggers implanted and just waiting to be pushed.


Get down & worship ME now. I am not going to settle for your secrete admirer stares, or your long distance longings. I deserve to be SERVED & WORSHIPED. Submit, you inferior, weak, broken, bitch. 


Now maybe you haven’t been able to become a very indoctrinated puppet yet but you’ve really been thinking about it. This is the time you need to indulge in my newest video, Brainwashed into a Very Indoctrinated Puppet, which is available on niteflirt.

I’ve so generously created a little preview that is going to make you NEED the full file!

Click here to Buy Brainwashed into a VIP:

After you watch the video you can join VIP here:

Once you are a VIP of mine you’ll be able to buy other mindfuck videos such as the brand new videos Sweet Soft Addiction & Pretty things for Poshy, which you can preview right now.

My VIP you will login so you can be overwhelmed with all the new Poshy material I have waiting for your impressionable weak boy brain.
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Know your Role, Drone

Captive Soul from Lullaby in Lust set to photos & facts from the Season of the Siren series. Remember to thumbs up & leave devoted musings of love and adoration.

You boys have gotten VERY lucky! Because poshtopiapet approached me for a custom and the custom he wanted was already a clip idea on my list. He paid $50 to have it moved to the top of my list, and now he will pay the $50 to buy it as it is already published and ready in my niteflirt goodybags. Remember, I DO NOT take requests. This was a coincidence he had a desire for a clip that matched what I was already planning to do in the future. How lucky lucky lucky for you all as this puts quite a few new pieces of POSHY mindfuck material into your hands. What a bunch of greedy addicts you are too, as you have all gobbled up every drop like it is heaven for you. And of course, serving me CAN BE HEAVEN as long as you’re a good boy! If you find you’re in hell you might want to blame yourself for that one ha.


Know your Role, Drone


There is also a new audio file available called It’s a No-brainer No Brain Boy!

Login to read more, my VIP boys.
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Dehumanized & Poshatized Financial Domination Hypnosis Clip

you Will Serve

Dehumanized & Poshatized

That’s the title of my latest MIND RAPE clip. As it was so affectionately referred to by my newest conquest Leo.

This clip is all about making you better.. better for ME. It’s time to get better, it’s time to release you from the icky impure HUMAN state and Poshatize you! It’s so much better when you get rid of the nasty elements and fill up on Goddess! My newest brainwash hypnosis mind-control clip is all that you need to free your mind from the constraints of being simply human, and become more.. better.. become POSHATIZED. As a dehumanized & Poshatized money drone there is only one thing which matters to you, and that is the need to completely surrender and sacrifice yourself for MY happiness.

I know you absolutely can’t wait to become Poshatized for me. You and I both know this is for the best. This file is VERY effective! It can not be sold on clips4sale or clipvia because it’s just TOO potent! I am only allowing those who I have direct access to, those who I can monitor myself, to be exposed to THIS file! This clip is designed to erase, then replace, the human in you. Now you will no longer feel or need selfishly, the way a lowly impure human does, NOW you’ll be BETTER by being filled up with the will of Goddess and becoming completely POSHATIZED!

To make this 16 minute hypnosis brainwash clip yours all you need to do is send $100 and contact me via yahoo.. or email.. or Skype, I’ll accept it as an amazon.com giftcard to posh@poshmessiah.com or cash with paypal if you have that address.

To celebrate the birthday of your Goddess, July 13th, you need to start shopping now! Hello, I am not a nagging spouse, a boring relative, an obnoxious child.. I am your LIFE. I am your EVERYTHING. Which means you better make sure I get every single thing I want for my birthday, oh and for the rest of my life. It also means that you need to put extra effort, and extra care, into providing to me for MY birthday! I am more important, more significant, and more valuable than anything in your life! I just can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you boys are going to be getting for me, of course it won’t be coming out of MY tributes will it. Then that would be me buying my own birthday gifts and that would be SILLY. I also want EXTRA tributes this month. I want more more more more more!

It’s exciting to be able to celebrate the birth of your superior and amazingly powerful Goddess, it’s SO exciting! It’s almost sickening to imagine your life without me in it, isn’t it pet.. you’re so hooked, so addicted, and you will glorify me and show me the praise I deserve with your wallet. You are my disciple, my worshiper, my helpless puppet, and you will give your financial Goddess all that I desire. It is the very nature of our financial domination relationship that you suffer and provide so that I may have more luxury and more pleasure, so that I may benefit from your pain!

I don’t care if I am greedy or not, nor do I care what anyone who happens to stumble across my website/financial domination thinks. I deserve to have it all and the men who serve me are frankly the luckiest men on the Earth, wouldn’t you agree.. only a moron would pass up the chance to bring pleasure and luxury to ME. As said many times before, it is indeed a gift to be able to gift your Goddess.. MOI!

I will also accept tributes on niteflirt where I take financial domination phone calls.. you know you call me up, worship me, and I drain it all from you mmm .. it’s good like that, better to get it all at once right.. just like ripping off a band aid.

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The Pay Piggy Code Financial Domination MP3

Ooooh pay piggy, it’s time you learned the code and followed it diligently. Believe me, this will be the best thing to happen in your sad little life. All you have to do is send a nice big tribute to your deserving Financial Domme (ME) as you listen to and memorize every word of The Code

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Exclusive Posh Clip Available HERE Only!

Since you’re such a frequent visitor to my financial domination website, perhaps even an addict, I decided to reward YOU with a special clip. I know you’re going to respond so well and do exactly as I say, because you are a good boy aren’t you? Read more“Exclusive Posh Clip Available HERE Only!”

The Devil’s Angel Series of Sin

We all know financial domination is my first love and passion. Followed up closely by manipulation and brainwashing, and when I combine the two together it’s pure heaven for Me. I’ve gone in the direction of manipulation, corruption and sin for this series of clips and it’s going to completely warp you. See you might think I can’t corrupt you, I’m too innocent, too sweet to be able to do that to you.. right?

Read more“The Devil’s Angel Series of Sin”

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