hes just an experiment now

Being the curious person I am I wondered what are the effects on a POSH junkie that is forced to go without. To unravel the answer to this question I had simply to do one thing, take one of my boys and bring him to the height of his addiction, and then DROP him into an abyss of NO POSH and watch as his suffering unfolds. I had the perfect boy for this already, broken soul.

Broken soul being BROKE of cash is of no use to me, but his emotional and mental torment feeds my sadistic side. After I took the last of his cash I had him leave his girlfriend of 8 years. They still aren’t back together and it’s been … what… 2 years now broken soul? Maybe I should write Kathy and ask her how she is doing. But anyway, back to what I did to this lowly weakling… after I destroyed his last hope of escape by ending his relationship, I then left him. Just like that. I stopped responding to his messages, ignoring every single action he took to get my attention!

I watched as he withered in torment just trying to get my attention, sending me DM’s on twitter, IM’s on yahoo messenger, emails, all begging for my attention with statements condemning me for sending him into such a pit of despair and yet he still couldn’t stop loving me, wanting me, needing me, craving me, and doing everything in his power to get close to me. Through his raging fits he would always fall back down to his knees crying out for me.

Sometimes I’d send him a message or two just to fuck with him. It would calm him down immediately when I would respond, and I would be laughing inside knowing his peace would be only for a moment as I would leave him hanging and needy every time.

His spiral downward began with insomnia, anxiety and obsessive thoughts about ME. He soon progressed into contacting me more and more, his attempts growing in desperation. He began to become aggressive and angry, accusing me of destroying his life for no reason. At times I would remind him that he was the one that choose to leave Kathy, even though it was under MY command (just to get him more worked up). Then I’d go back to ignoring him and watch as he would cry out in agony all for ME.

After his most recent attempt to get my attention he finally conceded to the fact that he could not win, and he said ‘I am without you and I am okay.” … oh really … I bet you’re not okay now. I bet you’re on your little bitch knees crying out realizing how true it is… that I did this to you out of experimentation and all you’ve been is a little lab rat for me! I bet you’re not OKAY now, are you … no no he’s not okay at all, he’s just an experiment now.

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Triggering you into SPENDING

If you’re following me on twitter you already know the name of the next Season of the Siren film, which is Honey Sweet Codeine Beats and its going to be oh so tasty and make you oh so sleepy!

More updates on that later.

Right now I’m planning on doing only one thing and that is to completely destroy the will of all of my boys. Its fun when you lose control! mmmmm


Tugging on all of those puppet strings at once, just like that… making your silly little boy brain weak and mushy… seductively pushing your buttons with my perfectly manicured fingers…

Submit to my beauty, with my pale creamy flesh, sweet angel face and golden blonde tresses I am the epitome of your destruction. Silence any distracting thoughts, they are pointless. Focus your mind only on staring into my gorgeous eyes and swimming away from everything else, deep into a world of POSH POSH POSH…. mmmmm alllllllll POSHY alllllllll the time! Drown out everything else with my glowing beauty and just repeat OUT LOUD after me like a good MINDLESS drone…


Repeat after Goddess now:


I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control
mmm good boy … keep going … more more more:


a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants


mmmm hmmm that’s right and all you’re is a puppet… so you’re going to keep repeating after ME:


i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

What do YOU want Goddess?


Oooooh I want a TRIBUTE! Now nod your head up and down and say out loud:


yes Goddess

yes Goddess

yes Goddess


Mmmmmm good boy… no will of your own, just a weakened wallet, open and emptying itself all over for me! You’re just another money slave for me, incapable of saying no. I have you set to automatic, no control, just spewing cash for me… more more more… losing it all to me. I have you under my financial domination control, and I’ve just TRIGGERED your clicking finger, making you need to spend spend spend everything you have on ME.


Login VIP to find out why POSHYFOOL is such a TOOL for me!


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Financial Domination in Action My Addicts

See this image of me in front of a greenscreen… that’s a sneak peek from an upcoming HYPNOSIS video! But this isn’t just your standard hypnosis video…


This video will feature myself and another Domme! She is alluring, hypnotic and oh so dangerous, and she and I are the perfect balance of light and dark evil! Who is she? You’ll have to be a very indoctrinated puppet to find out…

Just know the only thing eternal about you is your soul, and we plan to trap that. Mmmm hmmm that’s right, your very soul is destined to be caged for us.


I’ve received so many Desigual dresses this weak, but do you think it’s enough? Of course not! I’ll be adding more to my wishlist, as well as more jewelry. Robotoine sent me a huge jewelry box and I put all of my extras in there and still have plenty of room so that means more shopping for all of you…. make sure to keep your eye on my amazon list as I may tag you next! You never know when you will be called into action for your Goddess. To see all of the photos, 34 in total, you’ll need to buy them from me like a good payboy. Click the paymail and pay pay pay for MORE of ME! Even if you didn’t have the honor of gifting me a dress you’ll still be buying these photos so you can obsess over my beauty, empty your mind of everything else and just zone in on my gorgeous eyes. You’re so hooked…


Buy My photos and let your weakness fund MY shopping! This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION in action, my weaklings.

This isn’t some little girl playing dress up, or taking off her clothes, for money and slapping on the title of Financial Domme. I am a real true Financial Domme in action. I live and breathe financial domination. This is more to me than some game. This is what I was born to be, and you were born to be under me… pleading with me to victimize your wallet… give you some use… make you some way important to me, close to me… take control and dominate you into helpless compliance… this is more than some role play or fantasy game. This is a passionate exchange of power between two people.


My very indoctrinated puppets need to login now for more sneak peek photos & information!

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Pay your Sins Away – Season of the Siren Film



Become bedazzled by my sparkling dress and blonde beauty in the next film in the Season of the Siren series. As a Financial Domination Goddess of course I am going to help you find salvation for your sinning soul through your wallet. It’s okay to fail and fall, but you will make up for those sins by paying them all away. In my glorious magnificent superior presence you are forced to face your own inferiority and weakness.  Uncover your secrets and your sins so you may be washed clean and made better for Me! My glamorous beauty and sweet satin voice are the trap you’ve been longing for.

Season of the Siren Pay your Sins Away

with 3 original songs:

Bedazzling Beauty

Tones of Atonement

Redemption through Riches


The tones of atonement are so sweet to my ear, you begging and crying and pleading to confess all of your sins and pay them away for me mmmmm … this is the primal reaction to the SIREN songs which keep you mesmerized and in a weak trance for me.

Buy the Mindwash Mix now on Niteflirt or Clips4sale

Your journey with the Siren is deep underway and now its time for you to confess all of your bad boy sins so you may ATONE for them. I will make you pay those sins away, one after the other…

This is the MINDWASH MIX, VIP have access to a full hour film as well.
Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.26.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.05.37 PM


I know you’re nervous and scared about how deep you will be taken by me, but that is only going to stop you for so long. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for my gifts, cash etc to arrive, but when it comes to your downfall. Oh I’ll wait an eternity. I love setting the traps, and knowing that eventually you won’t be able to take it and you’ll stumble and crumble right on down to your knees before me.


You’ll break for me, and once you break for me you’ll break for me AGAIN, and again! I already know it, so yes I am patient. While you sit in fear I am enjoying being worshiped and served lavishly by my puppets, pets and slaves.


Read this CONFESSIONS entry to see if you have committed any of the listed sins, and then I want you to write me an email with your confessions, AFTER you watch the film!



Login my very indoctrinated puppets so you may buy the film Pay your Sins Away and begin your redemption.
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Dazzling Blonde Beauty Makes Weak Boy Brains Sleepy & Spendy

Pay for MORE of MY Dior!

I don’t always wear makeup but when I do it’s DIOR and slave paid for.

Most likely you understand that it’s a parody of the Dos Equis guy commercials, but in this case the parody serves a purpose other than just humor (though of course you may lay your praise at my feet for my humor and wit).  But the main point is to remind you, my pet, that you need to open your wallet and pay for MORE of MY Dior. Pay for MORE of my everything!
Not only do you need to open your wallet and pay for MY makeup, you will pay for anything I want. And why is this, you might wonder…

Because, you’re without control. I have the control. You’re on a leash, a little weakling being yanked this way and that way by my strong hands, and you’re going to do exactly as I say. Pay for MORE of MY Dior, and pay for MORE of EVERYTHING I want! I have an entire list of items hand chosen by ME that I know you just can’t wait to shop from. Click on my amazon wishlist and then mindlessly click ‘add to cart’ next to every item, and then go check out and send all of those gifts to me and make me DELIGHTED and FILLED WITH GLEE. See it’s really so easy, why make more than one trip… might as well get me everything I want in one go and oh don’t worry, I’ll be wanting plenty more again tomorrow so you’ll still have more opportunity to be of service to me.


My dazzling BLONDE beauty makes your boy brain feel so mushy and sleepy, and sleepy boy feels oh so spendy mmmmm … you stare and stare, and suddenly, hours have gone by and your wallet feels oh so much lighter! #FINANCIALDOMINATION This is the fate of a Posh puppet.

Login my VIP so you may stare and stare at even MORE of my dizzyingly beautiful photos.


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Boy Brains FRIED by Goddess Posh

Oh how the lovely little wallets just keep piling up for me, one after the other crumpled on the floor emptied! Emptied but with great satisfaction, as being emptied for my financial lust is a privilege and a gift. This is the purpose of the wallet, to be emptied of the cash it carries.

And my mindfuck financial domination files are doing just that to all of you weak little toys of mine.

Even those of you who feel you have such strong resolve… you do not. Your will is weak. I’ve broken you already, you’re here again for a reason. Because you can’t stop me from consuming your will from the inside out, as I’ve already implanted myself deep in that boy brain of yours. You live with my triggers implanted and just waiting to be pushed.


Get down & worship ME now. I am not going to settle for your secrete admirer stares, or your long distance longings. I deserve to be SERVED & WORSHIPED. Submit, you inferior, weak, broken, bitch. 


Now maybe you haven’t been able to become a very indoctrinated puppet yet but you’ve really been thinking about it. This is the time you need to indulge in my newest video, Brainwashed into a Very Indoctrinated Puppet, which is available on niteflirt.

I’ve so generously created a little preview that is going to make you NEED the full file!

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Once you are a VIP of mine you’ll be able to buy other mindfuck videos such as the brand new videos Sweet Soft Addiction & Pretty things for Poshy, which you can preview right now.

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Just a Taste of My Power

I’ve noticed a huge influx lately of girls trying to be JUST LIKE ME. It’s incredible. I know when to brush something off as coincidence, but when someone has your exact style, phrases and personality as their ‘thing’ it becomes pretty clear where their inspiration comes from! I understand I am inspiring to other women who find this world for the first time. Just as others inspired me when I was new, but I also had my own path to forge and I did. I didn’t try to be like any other financial domme out there. Now many new girls try to be like myself, and other well known Financial Dommes without even actually trying to understand Financial Domination. They just mimic our style, our words, and throw out their photos. Hey here’s a little clue for all of you girls who mimic myself & the other top Financial Dommes, all you are is a replica and replica’s are cheap.

I am the FIRST EDITION of all those little Posh replica’s and believe me, I am not cheap. But you already know that, it’s why you’re here. You’re already well aware of all of this. You see the little copycat wannabe’s and all they do is remind you of the real deal, where you’ve experienced the most intense mindfuck you’ve ever had… and that’s with ME, isn’t it. I’ve given you the most mind blowing brain rape’s of all, and left you completely broken and empty and you still come crawling back aching for more. I’ve sliced open your layers and exposed all of your hidden truths, and made you my love-struck puppet JUST LIKE THAT… and you’ve begged me not to cut those strings. You’ve begged me to keep you chained for me.

That’s just a taste of the power I have.

And here is a taste from Mindfuck Melodies, the full hour film, available only to VIP.



The 3 original songs on Mindfuck Melodies:

Get Down & Worship Me

En$laved for Life

Mindfuck Addiction


Here are two screenshots from the Mindwash Mix version of this film!



Login My Very Indoctrinated Puppets so you can buy Mindfuck Melodies today at a special price.
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You Can’t Resist The Curve Appeal

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 7.07.15 PM


You can’t resist the curve appeal.


Just take a look at the preview for Mindfuck Melodies, the next film in the Season of the Siren series and you will see exactly what I mean by curve appeal. My naturally voluptuous figure is designed to make men WEAK and HELPLESS! You were made to be mindfucked into mindless obedience by my feminine form.

And behind my curves there is a brilliant mind, determined to take you down, and I will succeed. Every person who approaches me and says they are not into Financial Domination always ends up sending and spending the most cash on me. Live in denial all you want, the boys that deny it the hardest are the ones that fall the furthest into OBSESSION, ADDICTION, and WEAK MINDLESS SPENDING on ME!

Yes I intend to victimize your wallet, again and again. Yes I will make you feel compelled to empty all of your savings and all of your paychecks on me, and why shouldn’t I have it all?! I can’t think of a single reason, and neither can you.
Mindfuck Melodies Preview from Season of the Siren

This little snippet has already gotten into your head, & already is replaying through your mind on repeat… who knows which parts of your pliable little man brain may already be changing, for me! My brainwashing is VERY powerful, the exposure you just had is enough to get in… get in, and do what? You’re hungry for more, aren’t you…

Now that you know you have to wait until Friday you’re going to spend every day until then groveling for me, at my feet, begging for the next step in this journey.  I don’t have to release it to you, I can just dangle it over your hungry little head and make you wait and wait and wait… so you’re going to SERVE and SERVE and SERVE to MY hearts content in order to ensure you have earned this next fix!

Addicts can never resist getting that next hit, now can you? And I’ll fully exploit that ache of yours to get everything I want from you. mmmmm DELISH!


Very Indoctrinated Puppets, login and leave me a LOVE NOTE! Love NOTES should also be accompanied by CASH NOTES!
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Financial Domination: This is OUR Love

Yes I expect cash & gifts from men. No, I don’t have an ‘excuse’ why. There are constantly reasons being given WHY on places like twitter, even hashtags designed around it (#giveyourmoneytowomen etc), you should tribute like ‘women hold the power over men in their pussy’, and ‘men are always wanting women’s time and energy and women should know their worth’ .. etc. You know this can all be true, even I give you tons of reasons WHY you need to serve me cash/gifts. But the fact is I don’t need a reason. I am here and I call myself a Financial Domme, I live it myself and I use my blog and videos to program the lifestyle of financial domination into men. That means if you’re in my atmosphere you come in knowing you are going to be a wallet, knowing that there will be a power exchange, and knowing that I expect gifts/cash… which means I don’t need to give you a damn reason to CLICK AND SPEND.  Because,



This is OUR love, OUR fetish, OUR home. This is what we do, and who we are. So what excuse do you need? I don’t need to drill it into your brain, do I… when we look at it in the most simple of ways, it is the most simple answer. The reason why you will serve cash/gifts is because of YOU AND I. This is US.


My financial lust will be quenched by your submissive demon.


Now is the time for you to respond to me the way I want you to, and the way you crave to, with a tribute.


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Know your Role, Drone

Captive Soul from Lullaby in Lust set to photos & facts from the Season of the Siren series. Remember to thumbs up & leave devoted musings of love and adoration.

You boys have gotten VERY lucky! Because poshtopiapet approached me for a custom and the custom he wanted was already a clip idea on my list. He paid $50 to have it moved to the top of my list, and now he will pay the $50 to buy it as it is already published and ready in my niteflirt goodybags. Remember, I DO NOT take requests. This was a coincidence he had a desire for a clip that matched what I was already planning to do in the future. How lucky lucky lucky for you all as this puts quite a few new pieces of POSHY mindfuck material into your hands. What a bunch of greedy addicts you are too, as you have all gobbled up every drop like it is heaven for you. And of course, serving me CAN BE HEAVEN as long as you’re a good boy! If you find you’re in hell you might want to blame yourself for that one ha.


Know your Role, Drone


There is also a new audio file available called It’s a No-brainer No Brain Boy!

Login to read more, my VIP boys.
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Be a Good Wallet Now & Obey!

Feel that tick tick tock in the back of your head. That’s a little time bomb implanted in your helpless boy brain the first time you ever laid your eyes on ME. Ohhhh yes you have become INFECTED with an OBSESSION for all things POSH and that time bomb is about to go off! You’re no longer allowed to EXIST if you aren’t existing for ME. I’ve seen you here drooling over my perfect persuasion, wanting to crumble under my influence, and craving to bend to my every wish and desire. And every time you set foot here you’re just making that bomb tick tick tick harder, louder and faster and it WILL explode. Just like your wallet is about to explode CASH all for ME! Speaking of exploding cash for me, I know that’s what my slave mueller is going to be doing with his money slave lever when he gets back from visiting family! Ugh, family obligations, but I always look for a way to use it to my advantage like requiring him to remain chaste the entire time he is gone. Gone but with ME in his mind, controlling him. mmmmm… and his wife has no idea what a robot ATM her husband really is, and all for ME. So when you get back mueller expect to have that slave lever tugged on until you explode load after load of HOT CASH for me!!!!!

Season of the Siren has drawn many boys into my all consuming lair of financial domination and addiction, and we’re only two months into the journey! Lullaby in Lust hasn’t even premiered yet, but that will be Friday. And by then many of my boys are going to have their already weak brains good & PRIMED for the full even, & all because they couldn’t resist snatching up their pre-programming, the Lullaby in Lust Mindwash Mix. The mindwash mix alone has my slaves in a deeply relaxed state willing to do whatever I want… it’s too much fun making boys into mindless drones.

There is a certain somebody from St.Paul/Minneapolis that has been going NUTS searching my site for all things related to Season of the Siren. In fact he even revealed a security issue where non-vip could find and buy the FULL HOUR FILMS, but that has been resolved now. Awwww too bad for you, St.Paul/Minneapolis… I believe I know who you are too and I know you want to spiral deep down out of control for me AGAIN! Yes I remember raping your wallet deep and hard and I know you long to feel my greedy hands penetrating your life, violating your self-control, over and over again! He also managed to find a URL of mine that I haven’t announced yet but I will now, it’s http://www.poshfinancialdomination.com & I may create something more with it later.

Lullaby in Lust the Mindwash Mix


My very indoctrinated puppets, you must login and receive your programming update. Every Word I Say you Crave to Obey … a short clip is waiting to INUNDATE you with MY WILL and TAKE OVER!

I also have new photos for worship and obsession, remember, as you LUST you MUST pay pay pay! Obsessing over MY beauty without sending tribute is just wrong and I hate boys who do that. Sign up to be a VIP now so you can be one of my brainwashed good boys and you too can obsess over my strikingly beautiful photos… so easy to get lost looking at me, isn’t it poshyfool…

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