Goddess Posh Doesn't Wait

Obviously you realize that it is St Patrick’s day, or you’ve been living in the world of worship for so long that any and all holidays have ceased to exist in the presence of me. I know it will be hard for you to handle this, but tonight and tomorrow night I will away from the computer. I have high hopes that you will survive, but just barely. I’m not much of a drinker, don’t like the bar scene and find abandoned recklessness to be dull and immature, however I am joining a few friends for a drink tonight.

I never like to be kept waiting, and I know since you are a very good boy that you wouldn’t dare to keep Goddess waiting for what is rightfully mine! Here is a clip to inspire those frantic “must give Goddess whatever she wants” feelings..

This is only a preview, the full clip can be purchased here: http://clips4sale.com/store/22347

Goddess Posh Doesn’t Wait
Goddess Posh speaks to you with her hypnotic honey voice, pulling you deep into her web as her fingers and feet pound out the beat of your heart- the beat of your heart as you submit to her every whim. You wouldn’t make Goddess Posh wait, or you would be crushed beneath her tapping pink finger nails, and her sharp high heels. It is your place to worship Goddess from beneath her arched perfect feet.

Preview of Goddess Posh Doesn’t Wait HERE

Just to save any confusion, as I know most of the blood is not being supplied to your brain, I write my description myself in third person as it is easier for me to do so.

Submit to me now while you have the chance, I will be available for a little while and you will commit yourself to keeping me happy.

Goddess Posh


You came to me in the middle of the night, begging to understand how you could be so much in love with the one which destroyed your existence as you knew it and forced you to see reality-

and what a lonely wretched creature you have allowed yourself to become under the facade I ripped away, the smile that was plastered onto your pathetic weak attempt at being normal was wiped away by me in one foul swoop.

The reality I have chosen for you is a privilege many spend every day of their lives wishing they could have- every breath you take will be in my name. I am there now, in your deepest thoughts, a voyeur into your soul exposing each secret you’ve buried long ago. Your life is in my hands and you can not escape, and deep down inside you know you don’t want to. There has never been an acquisition of another persons being as successful as my acquisition of you.

Those of you who long to become a part of my life, I can complete you. I will complete you, the same way I complete him and so many others. I will surround your life with my essence, controlling every move you take, allowing you to serve me with every ounce of your being. It takes time to learn the inner workings of your mind, and the journey to complete surrender is as thrilling as the destination.

The journey starts here.




FAQ's|Mini-Vacay|Sad Dommes

This weekend is looking more and more enjoyable from here. After a brief bought of cold today and tomorrow, I will be seeing sunny skies again on Saturday. I’m going to take a nice little mini-vacation and head up north to Petoskey, where a beautiful hotel room has a jacuzzi just waiting for me to relax in. Of course, I will be taking your cash to pay for it, and your cash to pay for the casino as well where I will win big money because I always do.

Today I’m in a great mood. I’ll be around online for a while tonight, but tomorrow I am gone. Hopefully those of you who are too timid to approach me will get smart and find yourself in service of me tonight.

To add a bit of a negative spin I have to say this. I don’t claim to be the all knowing expert on Financial Domination. It’s a very personal experience for those who are involved and shouldn’t be constricted to one persons way of thinking. However, I’ve been approached by a few submissive males who have asked me how to politely get rid of a specific Domme which keeps emailing/commenting/IM them for money. I’m not going to start naming names, but I think it’s very sad that a Domme feels the need to be so aggressive that she badgers and begs every sub which is unowned for tributes. It makes us all look bad,including the Domme in question. I wouldn’t have said anything but it’s becoming apparent that subs are leaving this site because of that very reason. If you want subs to stick around scaring them away by demanding tributes repeatedly, and throwing tantrums when you don’t get them, is not the way to go about it. Firstly, not every sub is a financial slave, secondly, there is more to financial domination than just demanding tributes. Also, this site is not made to cater to Financial Domination. There are more than just financial subs and Dommes here. Do not expect every male member that joins to instantly start dishing out cash to you because you beg for it. Okay, I’ve said my piece.

Questions I hear often:

1.Goddess why can’t I have all of your attention?

I have many slaves and subs I speak with, as well as Dommes. Not only do I have online relationships, but I have two real time slaves which I see almost daily. In other words, I have a life outside of you. I know it’s hard to understand, and since I’m amazing I can juggle it all fairly well, but you’re going to have to be patient when you try to speak to me on IM.

2.Why can’t I see you on cam all of the time Goddess?

I don’t have a cam set up for your amusement. I go on when I feel like it because I enjoy being adored and worshiped. Nothing more than that. No foot shows. No tease and denial. No spitting, finger tapping, giantess foot stomping point of view. Oh does that disappoint you that I won’t cater to your individual needs? Too bad. I’m a Goddess and I do things how I see fit. If I choose to do any sort of fetish cam it’s on MY terms. Get used to it.

3.Oh my Goddess I want to see proof of your exploits, why don’t you show me?

Once upon a time I’d post photos of the gifts/tributes I received but it became annoying to do so. I don’t allow myself to get annoyed. I have plenty of gifts and cash and the only person I need to prove myself to is ME so I have no reason at all to post photos and screenshots etc. Those who serve me know I appreciate them and only if I feel that it will exploit a particular weakness of a slave do I need to show his sacrifices publicly.

Have a great night,


The Seduction of Begging

There are few things which turn me on as much as having a grown man on his knees begging me. He could be begging me for any thing, and the sight, sound and symbolism he portrays is what truly arouses my dark side. Of course, his weakness is another added stimulant.

Begging for me to show mercy, begging for me to show attention, begging for me to take money, begging for me to allow cumming, it all sounds like music to my ears. One would think that the begging would soften me up, but it simply doesn’t. It only makes me more eager, pumping adrenaline through my veins, making me want to force you to beg for longer and longer. I know at any point I can get whatever I want from a slave when he is in this state, but I choose to hold out until I can’t take it any longer. It’s so much fun to have him in torment, my sadistic side reaches out and strokes his face coaxing him into a calm comfort before I dig my claws into his mind and scoop out any thoughts of hope he may have been holding on to. The roller coaster of emotions I can bring him to are also felt by me. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t get pleasure from it. I’m quite self-indulgent.

Don’t think you can use begging as a way to get what you want from me, a way to control my mood, since you know how much I love it. There have been foolish boys trying this in the past, and all it got them was ignored. I am too clever, too intelligent and too experienced for you to play mind games on Me. However, I will gladly twist your brain up into nothing more than a crying, begging mess.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

mmm now that I have that out of the way, I wanted to inform you that I have updated my website some. I’ve changed it from all one image into text, so I can pick up more hits on google searches. I’m still offering banner swaps to other Dommes.

I supplied access to all my youtube clips in one place.


As you know it’s titled quite appropriately as I truly will be or already am your demise.

Goddess Posh

poor ronny

I met a slave yesterday. He’s quite fragile, a real heart attack waiting to happen. Unfortunately he didn’t use all of his brain cells, or he was too busy wanking it to pay attention, because he put his real name as his yahoo ID.

I did my mandatory search on google, just to verify he wasn’t known for being a real asshole. As it turns out there it is, a whole bunch of personal info about him. I’m kinda tempted to post the info right here on this blog, along with his contact information, because hey if anyone does a search on him that he knows personally this blog would show up. I wouldn’t mind humiliating him like that after the way he behaved. I’m worried I’ll send him into shock and he’ll experience cardiac arrest. I don’t think his old ticker could take it.

He was fine at first, very sweet and compliant, though his tributes were pathetic. I did manage to get my minimum from him, but he seemed quite offended by that. Don’t know what he was thinking playing around with the big girls like me, he must have been expecting I was some cheap whore. Aside from that though he was fine, that is until he thought I was going to blackmail him. Well, I wasn’t sure if I should or not, I mean after all he didn’t really give me “permission” to, so I just played it off as if I would, and I showed him that I could. The power is the important thing here. However, he freaked out like a big baby and said he wanted to stop. I could have emptied his bank account, but that wasn’t what I was going for. I just wanted to feel the adrenaline from having so much power over him.

He was referring to me as God of course. He realized he was just a lowly servant put on earth to sacrifice and submit for me. I love being a Goddess and having my way. I knew he was weak, that I could mindfuck the hell out of him and have everything I wanted. I made him stay home instead of pick up his wife from the airport. That was fun. They live in Long Beach, so I know it’s not as if he can’t afford the pathetic $100.00 I took from him. His selfish attitude has really started to bother me, and the fact that I told him he only had to write me two simple things and he’d be released from my hold and he refused to do so. I’m starting to think he really wants me to blackmail him. If he doesn’t then he’s behaving quite stupidly about it.

After I called him at his house this morning and found him watching TV instead of doing God’s work I was a bit peeved. After all, if he has time to sit on his ass and watch the television he should be writing for me. I do have a poem he wrote. I think it’s great. I’ll share it with you!

He wrote me my own poem so that I could keep his private one from being exposed to the world and possibly exposing him to his family.

Perfect Posh

Pleasing Posh is my only purpose
Everything I own is hers to take
Resisting Posh is a useless exercise
From which submission is the sole escape
Everything I know amounts to nothing
Controlling me, she tells me what is true
That truth is all I want to know.
Praying from my heart for mercy
opens her benevolent ear
Some small tenderness within her
Hears me and takes away my fears.

He wasn’t very happy that I had this poem of his. Poor Ronny, he’s going to be so lonely when his wife finds out about everything he’s been doing. I tried to give him a chance to make it up to me and to write the prayer and letter, but he just won’t do it. I guess that means he’s aching to be punished.

I know he’s nothing more than a weak, helpless lost soul who needs guidance and discipline. He needs Me to use him, he needs to serve Me, he needs to make Me happy always. I’m going to make sure he’s doing just that.

As a Domme I find myself wanting to encourage the other Dommes around me. I believe in females being in charge of their own lives, and that means that whatever choices a woman wants to make are her own and I have no right in judging her. Sure, I get irritated by things that I wouldn’t do, or things I find to be embarrassing behavior, but it’s still not my decision if she should be able to do that.

I’ve found it ridiculous that just because I wasn’t born in 1950 that I should be judged for my lack of experience. I would like to point out that I do have a lot of experience as both a Dominant woman to men, and a submissive woman to other women. This means that I know what it takes to truly Dominant a man and get into his head. Would I know how to make a cheeseburger taste good if I had never tried one? I think the simple answer to that is, NO!

Here are some FAQ’s:

1. What type of women have you submitted to?

I don’t submit to every woman, and it’s not something that happens often. When I submit to a woman it is because she naturally makes me feel that way. It’s very subtle on her end. She doesn’t go around professing to be a Domme. She just is dominant and her dominance puts me into a submissive head frame. The kind of submission I’ve experienced has been nothing more than me being used sexually by a woman.

2.Does that mean you can’t be a Domme to men?

No, it does not mean that. In fact it only makes me even more dominant as I know exactly what it feels like to have your buttons pushed, and I can play off of that very well when training a man.

3.Would you consider letting me watch you submit to my Domme?

4.Would you submit to any online Dommes?
No, and the reason is that it is a physical reaction I feel when I am in the presense of a woman. She doesn’t have to be stunning, or a self-proclaimed Domme. It is completely a chemical reaction.

5.Do you submit to men?
No, I do not. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy sex with men, but it just means that I don’t at all view men as having any sort of dominance over me.

6.Does that mean you are a switch?
I don’t know. I don’t get into the semantics. Submitting to a woman very rarely because of a natural reaction is hardly cause to say I am not truly dominant.

7.Does it bother you a lot of submissive men lose respect for you as a Dominant woman because of that?
No, that is their own personal feelings. Obviously, we don’t mesh. I wouldn’t be conforming and lying for the sake of forming a relationship, that would be rather fake, wouldn’t it?
However, they are the ones losing out as I am truly an amazing Domme with the ability to turn a person into nothing more than a puddle at my feet. Too bad for them.

8.Why have you flirted with online Dommes if you didn’t want to submit to them?
I found their pictures or attitude sexy and didn’t mind saying so. It’s not because I wanted to submit.

9.Did you start out as a Domme or a sub?
When I was younger a lot of men TRIED (keyword:tried) to take advantage of me, and instead I would turn the tables. This was because I realized the power I had over them. I learned from this and started reading stories and fantasizing as most teenagers do. I then started to practice domination on my boyfriends. I didn’t recognize my submissive feeling towards a woman until I was around 21 and it naturally happened with a friend of mine. I had always felt a strange feeling around her, but never knew what it was.

10. Aren’t you worried about another Domme using this information against you in an attempt to exploit you and steal your subs?
No, all of my slaves already know who I am. They are not fools. I don’t take on fools! As for a Domme trying to manipulate, control or demand things from me just because she thinks I am submissive to women, well she wouldn’t be a very good Domme then. I am not easily exploited. I have a lot of control over myself and over the people around me. I do not view submitting to a woman as a weakness, but more of as a pleasure and a gift!!

The reason I posted this blog is because I was confronted about My style of domination by another Domme. She felt I wasn’t truly a Domme because of a few reasons, but this was one of them. I hope you’ve learned something from this. We can’t all be stuffed into a box and labeled. Some of us have layers.

As for My style of FD. Well, maybe I’ll give you an FAQ on that shortly as well.

Goddess Posh

I dare you to resist.

I’m curious, when did Domme become a synonym with bitch? Get off it, you don’t need to assume every Domme has a bitchy personality. Some of us don’t, some of us do. I happen to be one which doesn’t. Oh boo hoo, you wanted to be called pindick, pencilcock, needlenoodle, shrimp dick.. etc. Wow, I don’t care about the size of your cock. I care about the size of your WALLET. I also care about the size of your brain. If it’s too small, I won’t like you then either. Sure, you’d be easy to control, and I could probably get whatever I wanted from you simply by snapping my fingers, but I’d enjoy more of a challenge than that. My boys appreciate giving me what I want because I make them feel special and at the same time I’m able to humiliate, deteriorate, manipulate and control them.  I appreciate them in return because they aren’t boring, or stupid.

I know you’re either very intimidated by the power my eyes show, or foolishly feel I am not a Domme because of my innocent look. Again, get off it. How do you expect to please ME if you can’t take the first step? Honestly, do you think that adoring me from afar is really going to make your life better? You’ll only remain miserable, wallowing in fantasies, wishing you had what it takes to serve Me. You’d never feel the fulfillment a slave gets when he takes the first step to make his life about Me, to make Me smile. I know not everyone is rich, but you don’t have to be rich (well, you  need SOME money!) to serve Me. Show Me how much I mean to you, give Me what you can to make Me smile. That’s what matters.

You know what else matters? No, you’re too busy clicking all my tribute buttons to think, all the bloods left your brain and entered your nasty nether region.. Well of course, that’s fine but listen to this.

What else matters is that I LOVE money! I do. And you can think that makes me fake, or tacky, or only concerned with cash- but that’s just not the case. I just happen to get really really excited when I’m treated as the Goddess I am, receiving cash and gifts. I love Money Slavery. The whole act of twisting a man, turning him inside out displaying his flaws and finding each and every weakness, drawing him deeper into the shadows of my light, prying what little strength he has from his body, draining his soul of all hope until he’s crawling to me begging to give Me whatever I want, whatever it takes to become whole again.. mmmm!

oooh had to stop myself, I was getting carried away..

Goddess Posh

Being Fabulous

Isn’t my life fabulous? I can come and go as I please, no boss, no demands. I have been online a lot lately, but it’s starting to get to that time again. You know, when I start leaving the online world to ignore you and play with real time people. It’s just how I am. I need a change of scenery at times, and you know this. Don’t cry to me that I spoiled you with my presence only to take it away again. That’s really not my problem.

So. You want clips of me humiliating you, making you grovel, forcing you to submit to me, your head on the dirt beneath my precious feet- you want ALL that and you want it on youtube. Guess what, you won’t be getting that. This isn’t the “Lets see how many slaves I can please today” show. This is the “Worship Goddess Posh” show- rather simple isn’t it. Stop expecting for me to cater to you. I know how to manipulate and maneuver my way into a mans head and I don’t need to spoil you on youtube in order to do it.

I am cam verified on http://www.dommesandsubs.com
If you really need more “proof” sign up to the site and see the cam verification status next to my picture on my profile.

I don’t mind a quick 5 second peek. This is not something either of us should take lightly but if you’re really looking to serve Me that is the fastest and best way to verify I am who I say I am.

Goddess Posh

I’ve pushed you over the edge again. You’re hanging from a small branch, which is creaking and threatening to break. You could drop to your demise, never to be thought of again by anyone or you could accept my hand and realize I am your savior. I can rescue you from your life! Grab my hand and free yourself from whatever burdens you have. Now you are indebted to Me, and will spend the rest of your days worshipping at my feet, and obeying my commands.


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