Tributes for your Financial Domination Goddess



Mmmmmmmm so satisfying to log in and see just how weak you boys have been for me like my little wallet mueller that has been visiting one page after the other on my hypnotic addicting website! I can see just how helplessly hooked he is because he leaves a lovely little trail along the way, dotted with CASH TRIBUTES for ME! As MY trained money pet he understands the full reality that TRIBUTES are meant as a thank you to ME for MY existence. As a way to show submission, adoration and appreciation towards me, and as a way to live out your purpose.

With MY financial lust to satisfy you are never out of a reason to keep CLICKING! Whats in a TRIBUTE… your road to redemption is, you pitiful pathetic bitch! That’s what men are, pathetic little bitches. When your egos are challenged you instantly become a mess of a man. But when you give in to the powerful call of your Goddess and accept MY will as truth, you find yourself experiencing life in a way you never have before. Being a true money slave of mine you find fulfillment just by pleasuring me and expecting nothing in return. To be able to give of yourself to me is to be able to grow closer to ME. I can’t become close with an ego driven bad boy, because I am just too high above such nonsense. Instead I leave space in MY life for those that humble themselves and seek out MY pleasure as their guide.

When a boy becomes entitled to MY time or energy or attention in return for his financial sacrifice, that boy has just pushed himself further away from me instead of closer to me. The more you focus on what makes ME happy, the closer to ME you become! When you focus on MY pleasure you will automatically become more intimate with me, because pleasure is a VERY personal thing! Being close and intimate with ME is not something you are entitled to, in fact in MY mind you are entitled to nothing in this life but LIFE itself. What you do with it is up to you but to be in MY world you must do with your life what I DESIRE! That’s right, your life becomes not one of your own but one for me to toy with, play with, direct and guide. Living your life FOR ME gives you a whole new level of intimacy with me. How close can we be if I am not in your day to day life guiding you down the path of financial submission?


Of course I will play with drive by wallets, money sluts, and other types of boys than those who seek an intimate relationship because I enjoy demolishing and devastating MEN. I enjoy making MEN pay and surrender, even if it is just for a one time thing. You slut slaves are some of my favorites because I allow myself the freedom to have no mercy at all, and totally victimize your wallets! Then there are some boys that are completely madly in LOVE with ME, & they CRAVE more than just clicking once in a while or a deep hard wallet draining. They crave to have MEANING to ME.

How you can have meaning to ME is by ridding yourself of that crippling ego and entitlement, and putting MY pleasure at the forefront of your mind. Using MY pleasure as a guide to true submission and sacrifice. Don’t make it about how much of my time, energy or attention you receive because that won’t get you very far.

Remember ANY man can jerk his cock off but only some boys can be a true POSH PUPPET!


Goddess Posh

My Amazing Mind Control Powers

I was marveling at the world around me, that I have created for MYSELF. See, MY mind is superior to yours because I believe I control my world and at the same time I believe the universe is vast and has a great energy to be drawn from which I can further manipulate and control YOUR world with as well as my own. Where you have more of a victim mentality, like assuming things are done TO YOU, that the world and the people in it do things TO YOU that make you sooooooooo helpless and soooooo out of control. Isn’t that right… I do things to you because you have a weak little boy brain and I have a SUPERIOR DOMINANT mind filled with POWERS of persuasion and dripping with an energy so vast that it even drowns out your ability to THINK CLEARLY, that is what I do to you! 

I was marveling at how I can simply snap my fingers and any one of the number of minions that are programmed by me will respond with obedience. This is the true power of The Venus Sway. I get into your brain and I warp it with my words and my will. You’re overcome every time you see me, by my sensual and sexual nature. The world has become completely Poshatized and you are happy with this change. Before you were just a mindless sheep, now you are a mindless sheep with a Shepherd to follow. The one TRUE SHEPHERD of lost boys. The one TRUE SHEPHERD to the submissive demons that need to be chained, taken control of and led down the path to fulfillment in serving! 

You have become, and you will always remain, forever MY slave. This is where you were meant to be, puppet. In a world that was designed by ME, by a GODDESS. This is a world where  the rules are made up all by me, where I am the QUEEN and you get to sink to your knees and worship ME with all of you completely. What kind of good boy wouldn’t give up MORE and MORE, even while you lay there bleeding you should be trying to pump out more more more for ME. Even while you suffer you should be thinking about ME. This is the life of a Poshatized money slave and that is what you are for me. You know its true. That’s why you need to buy the clip FOREVER MY SLAVE on my IWC store! 










When you buy my clips you are further ensuring that you will become a VENUS SWAY brain and a POSHATIZED pay slave!! My clips in your collection makes perfect sense, because you like to have high end luxury things to indulge in and that is what I am. I am HIGH END LUXURY!! Just like you do not expect to walk into Tiffany and walk out without spending a pretty penny, you can expect the same with The Venus Sway. You know where good boys go to PAY, its here, to ME. I have always priced my mindfuck financial domination creations for those with a more expensive taste. 

And yes, I do mindfuck you into oblivion and make you thank me and love me for the financial pain I put you through. This is what I do to you and I have no regrets about that. 

I will be at AVN this year for the IWC BOOTHS signing between 4-8pm and I expect CASH TRIBUTES when you make your mushy minded way over to meet me! I will also be available for cash point meets. I know how exciting it must be, the thought of finally being able to meet me and serve me IN PERSON!! Contact me online first, with tribute ready, and we can arrange for you to serve ME in the flesh. CASH SERVICE ONLY!! I am not interested in doing any type of sessions!

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets so you can see my poshydrone jerking his slave lever with sandpaper! His punishment for trying to hoard MY money!!! 

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Puppet doesn’t it feel amazing to know that as much as you love me, obsess over me, adore me, worship me, need ME, and accept me as a SUPERIOR BEING… that I am REAL. I am the REAL DEAL GODDESS. I am a TRUE Financial Domination QUEEN!!!

Every time you buy MY clips and MY content you will know this: IT IS 100% MINE created 100% by ME …  I invented every single bit of this. THE VENUS SWAY is MINE. EVERYTHING on this SITE IS MINE!!!!!!!!! 

Every time you purchase my content you are literally receiving something created by ME, by an authentic Goddess. You are receiving a clip that I invested myself 100% into and that is MY magic. That I can invest myself so wholly into everything I create and everything I do, and in return my energy and essence are too powerfully embedded for you to resist their effects over you.


From the concept, to the setup, to the filming, to the editing, to the marketing, to the promotion, to the graphics, to the effects… it is all DESIGNED by ME. 

Like this clip… ALL ME ALL MINE:

Inferior boy brains will bend to the power of my  Siren voice. You will sink in helpless need for me, becoming more and more hungry for my mindfuck, as my hypnotic alluring beauty traps you. …

Posh junkies, helpless drones & mindfuck addicts, you will love this brainwash masterpiece followup to My clip ‘so much better that way jello brain’ … which is my top selling clip for two years running!!! …

Price $69

One day The Venus Sway will be so huge you will see a team of people under ME, as I will have no choice but to keep a core group of people near me to act out my will.

As my puppet you can relax knowing that everything they do is guided by, controlled by, and created by ME. 


As my slave your job is to provide to me everything I desire, including the funds to finance whatever it is I have my HEART set on! 


But more about that later, for now you will marvel at the fact that I am such an amazing creator while you’re nothing more than a taker. See you think that you’re a giver because your finances are always dripping into MY account, but the fact is that I am the giver. I have given to you all of this. I have given to you the freedom to be your true self, the ability to serve and worship a superior woman, and access to my beautiful mind and my creations. I have created endless streams of hypnotic treats for you to indulge in, I have created a multitude of ways for you to empty your brain and relax at my feet in utter submission. You have taken this ALL IN. You have TAKEN IT IN HUNGRILY GREEDILY … you have never stopped wanting MORE of ME and what I create. IN fact your hunger only grows and you love it. You love being so hungry for ME. SO you keep taking it all in, my programming which makes you so much better. 

SO you are the taker, and I am the giver. For this you will open your wallet and you will bleed it out for me, knowing that as full as it is now it could never make you feel anything as intensely as being MY puppet does. That is where the true fulfillment comes in. The wallet will be emptied and you will thank me for being such a giving creator and allowing you to participate in MY world. 

And those of you wondering if you’re worthy enough to participate in my holiday season this year… you will need to dig deep into your slave bank and withdraw as much cash as you can, because I will have EVERY SINGLE THING I desire!



Thankful to Serve a Goddess

How amazing it is to have been born in this time. This time, and this place. The freedoms we have in America are taken for granted by all of us, because we’ve never known anything but it. Yet, when I see something about a person from North Korea being shot in the back, risking their life, just for freedom I am reminded how incredible it is to be where I am. 

No matter what is going on in America, it is still a great country and always will be. There are disgusting things that happen here, and there are injustices, there are disturbing things which shouldn’t be happening going on every day … but, we are able to stand as a people and say NO… ENOUGH… I DONT LIKE IT… I WILL CHANGE IT… 

and that is a GIFT that is a PRIVILEGE 

because you could have been born in a time or a place where that just wouldn’t be feasible. Where you would have been murdered simply for saying NO, for standing up for what you want in life. 


So yes, there are things I don’t like, but I am not thinking about that. I am thinking about that I have the power to stand up and speak and that I can do so without fear of my own country turning on me with bullets.

And while thanksgiving is tomorrow, it isn’t of interest to me. I don’t like it. Mass slaughter of turkeys. Overconsumption and spending, celebrating stupid ass football, and the fact our country was founded by men that did some pretty vile things like stealing the land!!!! But, I do like tradition and I do like to be thankful so I will list what I am thankful for: 


  1. I am thankful that I am intelligent. I am much smarter than all the boys that serve me, and in fact, smarter than all men worldwide. YES EVEN AND ESPECIALLY YOU. 
  2. I am thankful I have used all of my brilliant talents, skills and beauty to make men fall into line as the inferior beings they are. Drone army for POSHY!!! 
  3. I am thankful that I can look around every single day and LOVE what I see. I love what I feel. I love how I live. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE everything in MY life. The outside world has some terrible things happening and I am thankful I can contribute to the solutions instead of being a problem because I have given myself a life to LOVE. 
  4. I am thankful for the power of my mind, which has manifested and attracted to me all those things which I desire. 
  5. I am thankful for LIFE



Now you boys should be thankful you are born in a time where you can choose your Goddess. No longer are you force fed religious ideologies without a chance to think for yourself. Now your soul, mind and body can seek out the Goddess which is for you. That GODDESS is ME. I am the Goddess that guides you into becoming the best puppet you can be. I am the GODDESS which melts away everything else, and allows you to reach your full potential. I bring you to deeper levels of submission than you even knew was possible. This is why you will be thankful every day for me. 

And now, onto a little warning for you VIP to read. What happens when you make the QUEEN ANGRY …. 

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Mindless Boys Make Lovely Toys



Be a good little mindless boy, and pay to follow me on OnlyFans. Because I said so. Because you don’t have a choice. Because you’re eager for every single PIECE of me that I allow you to have. Because you LOVE me.



CUTE & CURVY Goddess PHOTOS for you to WORSHIP!


Are you one of the boys with a special worship book designed to help deepen your addiction, obsession, and submission to me… you will LOVE having these new photos to add to your collection. The more of my beauty you are able to hold in  your hands, the deeper and stronger your love for me grows. You are so weakened by me, for me, and so helpless to resist me. You want to show me what a good and addicted drone you are, so you are going to buy all of my worship photos and add them to your beautiful book of POSHY WORSHIP …

The worship book is the perfect addition to the shrine! you must have a shrine dedicated to ME, where you will kneel and pray, study my words, meditate on my desires, and worship all that I am.


Did you notice a musical word is included in each title of the Season of the Siren film series? The only one that is really ‘questionable’ is Tantric EnCHANTments … CHANT



I’ve been having fun playing trivia with poshyfool. I must have raked in well over $500 by now in gifts and cash. MY winnings! 

I let him know that when I win the next game he has to apply for a credit card to LOWES and I will then log onto his computer with teamviewer and go shopping with it. I know he is eager to keep ME happy, I know he is eager to OBEY. He is nervous about things like more debt, or wifey finding out, but you know with just the right amount of sweet POSHY venom all of that nervousness goes away, and he turns into a DRONE on a mission … I WILL get my LOWES CREDIT CARD and I will use it to give myself a gorgeous patio and garden area this summer! POSHYFOOL you are a tool made just for MY pleasure 


Speaking of teamviewer, yes I am still allowing you boys to enjoy being CONTROLLED and Financially Dominated by me with this method. Nobody has ruined it for you all yet, so yay! All of the blackmail teamviewer sluts have managed to take me seriously, knowing that even if they tried to play any games with me I wouldn’t pander to it. Hello… I am too smart for your stupid wank games, and glad to see that all losers understand this and avoid me! Wanks don’t like experienced and intelligent women, because we see through their crap.



mindless boys

make lovely toys

the kind I love to drain

their cash and wallets


empty for me

that’s the only way

I’ll take you

I’ll make you

MY financial slave


helpless boys

make awesome toys

the best ones made of clay

their mind and body

molded for me

that’s the only way

I’ll take you

I’ll make you

MY financial slave



I’ll be the Money Domme, you’ll be the paypig


Financial Domination with me means you’re compelled to PLEASE!


Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets, I have a special VOICE MESSAGE for you all about the hot erotic rush I receive whenever I take control, pull your little bitch strings, and make you OBEY me, fulfill my every command, and supply my every wish, want and desire!


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Teamviewer Shopping Sessions Now!

Oh boyssssss I’m offering the rare treat for you to take me VIRTUAL SHOPPING! It’s time for you to buy ME more SPRING/SUMMER clothes, lingerie, and whatever else I feel like nabbing. This means you’ll be able to experience a TEAMVIEWER session with me! I haven’t offered teamviewer in years, but when I did it before I loved it. I only stopped because it became WORK thanks to all the WANKS that try to take over in the teamviewer world. Its work just to keep them from harassing you, once they hear the word teamviewer they come running like zombies…

like ew, I need a flyswatter!

You can ONLY EXPERIENCE a teamviewer session with me AFTER you tribute $100 and I know you are going to be bringing a nice big fat wallet for me to drain. I’ll be taking myself shopping at your expense, so it’ll be almost like you’re taking me shopping in person! Carrying my bags, swiping that credit card at every shop… such a good bitch boy. This is all about MY getting MY way with you, as you helplessly watch. At first you are watching as I pleasure myself at your financial expense, but soon it become ABUSE as I push and push your limits. I force you to watch as I drain more and more, taking whatever I want, as you comply. Because earlier, before all of the shopping, I found some dirt on you on your computer, and I have the evidence in MY possession now… so now… now you are really trapped for ME!


I do whatever I want on your PC, so don’t come to me if you’re looking just to wank off over blackmail fantasies! I don’t have time or patience to play dumb games, and that is all you blackmail rejects ever want to do.


Now it would be fun to get on your computer and install a keygen so I can watch your every stroke of the keys, every click of the mouse, and trap you with all the juicy info I dig up!

I’m going to victimize that wallet time and time again, and you’re going to thank me for it!

LOGIN VIP for the private link to the full hour Season of The Siren film Erotic Fusion.Read more“Teamviewer Shopping Sessions Now!”

Financial Domination in Action My Addicts

See this image of me in front of a greenscreen… that’s a sneak peek from an upcoming HYPNOSIS video! But this isn’t just your standard hypnosis video…


This video will feature myself and another Domme! She is alluring, hypnotic and oh so dangerous, and she and I are the perfect balance of light and dark evil! Who is she? You’ll have to be a very indoctrinated puppet to find out…

Just know the only thing eternal about you is your soul, and we plan to trap that. Mmmm hmmm that’s right, your very soul is destined to be caged for us.


I’ve received so many Desigual dresses this weak, but do you think it’s enough? Of course not! I’ll be adding more to my wishlist, as well as more jewelry. Robotoine sent me a huge jewelry box and I put all of my extras in there and still have plenty of room so that means more shopping for all of you…. make sure to keep your eye on my amazon list as I may tag you next! You never know when you will be called into action for your Goddess. To see all of the photos, 34 in total, you’ll need to buy them from me like a good payboy. Click the paymail and pay pay pay for MORE of ME! Even if you didn’t have the honor of gifting me a dress you’ll still be buying these photos so you can obsess over my beauty, empty your mind of everything else and just zone in on my gorgeous eyes. You’re so hooked…


Buy My photos and let your weakness fund MY shopping! This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION in action, my weaklings.

This isn’t some little girl playing dress up, or taking off her clothes, for money and slapping on the title of Financial Domme. I am a real true Financial Domme in action. I live and breathe financial domination. This is more to me than some game. This is what I was born to be, and you were born to be under me… pleading with me to victimize your wallet… give you some use… make you some way important to me, close to me… take control and dominate you into helpless compliance… this is more than some role play or fantasy game. This is a passionate exchange of power between two people.


My very indoctrinated puppets need to login now for more sneak peek photos & information!

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A Beautiful Burn

Have you noticed the new header on my site and the new easier to read font.. I want you to kneel and stare into the image up there.. look at my beautiful eyes, see the glow of light, feel my superior power overwhelm you.. focus on me, focus on the cash in my hands.. I deserve to have it.. focus on the thought of providing me more cash…your mind loves to focus on me and visualize the act of sacrificing  yourself for me.. you want to live it, you want to experience it, you want to BE MY WALLET!

After staring at my face and drowning in my vision for so long I want you to visit the BE MY WALLET page and drink in all of those deliciously dangerous words I’ve shared with you. Expose your mind to the financial domination doctrine I teach, and discover just how weak you really are. Can you measure up to the expectations and requirements I have for my slaves? You will need to work hard to earn a place at my feet in worship, but you already knew that. Why would you serve anyone who didn’t require the best out of you? Someone that didn’t make you earn your place? Someone that didn’t know her own worth? You wouldn’t do that.. you know better right.. it’s better to serve ME, I will never waiver in my authority or position over you, I will always keep you down in your place and make sure you truly understand MY value.


It’s like you were made to be drawn to me.. destined to crawl to my feet.. on this path of financial slavery.. obsession.. addiction.. .like a moth to a flame you’re drawn to my beauty and you’re going to get burned.

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Wallet Raped Chris Hard but I Want More

Oh don’t act surprised, you shouldn’t be shocked that I want MORE! It’s not like I keep it a secret about how much I love raping your wallets and draining that cash. It’s pretty much common knowledge that when you crawl to me in submission you will experience total loss of control and mindlessly click away for me until either you have nothing left or I’ve grown tired of you.

Like the recurring event he is chris crawled to me on his knees wallet in his teeth begging to be raped. You need to be a VIP to read all the details.. to see exactly how deep I’ve taken him already and how much deeper he is going to go down for me. I love when you boys get so fucked for me.. he just can’t stop clicking, can you chris..

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Poshtopia of Financial Domination

An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect. The word was first used in the book Utopia (1516) by Sir Thomas More.

A real place or state of things in which everything is perfect through serving Goddess Posh. The word was first used in 2013 in a YouTube video by Goddess Posh.

Poshtopia draws you into an addicting maze of all things Goddess Posh! Through serving MY desires you’re consumed in My world, where all that matters is being an available and eager puppet who wants nothing more than to please this IMMACULATE Financial Goddess. You never have to think. You never have to worry. In Poshtopia you only need to relax your silly inferior mind, and allow the superior will and power of your dominant, beautiful and deserving Goddess to take over!

Everything about me is intoxicating and revitalizing. I lift your spirit and renew your sense of purpose, giving you such a clear and precise path to follow. All you have to do is take one step after the other into the wonderful world of Poshtopia. See, it’s so lovely in here where my voice swirls all around you lulling you into submission, and my power penetrates your flesh and scathes your soul and you love it! You just can’t get enough. It’s so much fun, and so exciting, to be lost in the world of Poshtopia with your Goddess.. isn’t it.

You want to lay jewels, cash, and gifts at my feet. In honor of my beauty, in honor of my superiority, in honor of my complete essence. I fuck with your head and make it feel so divine. The needs you feel are only the need to obey your Goddess and work as hard as you can and as long as you can to bring ME happiness!

You can earn a place in Poshtopia.. all you need to do is follow my orders. To start you need to be stocked up on all of my brainwash financial domination fetish clips if you’re not already! They are so important because I use my brainwash technique The Venus Sway to really fuck with your helpless boy brain. It helps to ease your anxieties and increase the dopamine release into your body! As you’re more exposed to my venom you become even more hooked and want to drink in even more. But it’s so good, and leaves you feeling so helpless under MY perfect control, you never want to stop.

Then you need to make sure you show me how much you truly adore me by sending me a gift from my wishlist or by sending me a cash tribute to my niteflirt, or even as a giftcard from amazon to but you must make sure you send me some form of tribute otherwise you’re just a silly failure who can’t get into Poshtopia. The boys who really want in know how to get in the right way, don’t you my addicts..

I’ll guide you down the path, deep into the maze of financial domination and mind-control, but you have to come to my door and present a gift to get into this world. I love being a financial domme and having such fantastic pets already living in Poshtopia. All of them have a special place and when I’m ready I take my puppets out one by one and play with them however I want. My puppets can never get enough of me, and being allowed playtime with Goddess is so much fun and such a real treat! You can be a special puppet too.. you only need to OBEY.

There is so much to get caught up in, it’s so exciting and even if overwhelming that makes you feel even better. This is the REAL Goddess, the REAL trap, the REAL maze that lets you into a world of sensual and soft dominance that makes you so soft, so mushy, you can never say no. Being MY personal little wallet is divine.

I want and deserve droves and droves of mindless money slaves, all lost in the world of Poshtopia, all lost to The Venus Sway, all caught in the addicting spell of Goddess Posh .. clicking and spending, sacrificing it all, to ME.

Watch the video

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Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination

Did you notice the header? My hair is black in it now. The Domme who originally created it for me just changed my hair color on the photo to make it match what I am now.. a raven haired beauty (of course).. what do you boys think? I think it makes me look mysterious…

Each month I release more of my venom onto the interwebs, and each month you get more and more entangled in it. Isn’t it just SO lovely?! The vast  amount of brainwash you, mindfuck you, and wallet rape you material I have created is so generous of me. How kind I am so allow you little minions to have a real reason to live… for ME, for MY pleasure. Never forget that, you are here to provide to my happiness with your wallet, and if you fail to do so you simply won’t be allowed HERE anymore. That means no more Goddess, and we all know how much you need your sweet toxic candy now don’t we..

I have released more new clips for you to mindlessly consume, yes I want your mind to drink in what I release without even thinking about it, just drink it in.. soak it up… feel it injected straight into your brain.. and go totally weak and helpless for me. Leave me an email and tell me how weak I make you! Email me to and confess all of your dirty money slave thoughts to me. I want to hear from you..

Mindfucked in a Minute was a great success and of course I know the second in the series will be just as successful, if not even more so! Anyone can afford to buy a $5 mindfuck clip, and if you can’t afford five dollars for a fetish femdom financial domination HOT mindfuck clip you shouldn’t be on the internet! The internet wasn’t made for poor people to wank off to you know!

First up is the new clip Crawl & Beg My Bitch .. yes YOU are MY bitch and you are going to crawl to your superior Goddess and BEG to serve. I even made a preview, classic like on the good ole youtube days before a bunch of jealous nobodies reported my perfectly innocent (and perfectly POTENT) clips and had my whole youtube shut down. Well it’s back up bitches! Lets see how long it lasts. I’m thinking that youtube is no longer the mecca of financial dommes so I’ll have the whole thing to myself.. I’m not moving onto vimeo or any other video place.. there are just too many of them and all over the place.. I have clips on so many sites I don’t remember half of them. You know, the preview clips. If you are nostalgic for my old youtube clips you can always buy them on clips4sale..


Anyway I’m back on.. and here is the preview :

Link to the clip: 

Link to Mindfucked in a Minute II:

My wishlist is at 737 gifts.. that’s only 13 away from 750. You know what to do. GO SHOP on my list NOW! There are no excuses to neglect giving Me whatever I want! I posted I want the More than Human book on my twitter today and someone bought it for me, now who was it.. which one of my little admirers is paying attention and behaving the way they should be.. OBEYING Me. Giving me what I want.. mmm such a good boy.

had 25 gifts purchased for me between the 20th of April and 15th of May. Do you think that is enough for an insatiable and deserving and entitled Goddess like myself? Of course you do not, because you know better than to try to think. Your brain is silly and inferior, mine is deep and enlightened and superior. This is why I know that 25 gifts isn’t enough and that you full heartedly agree with me.. nod along little puppet.. and get out my wallet.. and go buy me more.. mmm yes that’s it… that’s what Goddess likes.


I thought it would be fun to put together an entry with excerpts from different conversations I have with my money slaves.


Money pig Mueller came online and listened to the live radio show that played Thursday on the loop, and while my voice was bending his will my words tugged the lever and quickly I took $200 from him. It’s just so easy for me to snap my fingers and get my way, and that’s how it ought to be. Life for Me should be easy… this is something which should never leave your mind. How can you make the world even MORE beautiful for Goddess, but through your own sacrifice and suffering mmm.


Who thinks I should make muellers grocery account go red for the fourth month in a row? Every time his wifey goes to use it at the end of the month she ends up bringing the account into the red, due to MY tributes from mr. pig .. well mr. pig said the bank sent a letter stating that if the account went into the red for another month it would be frozen! It’s only his grocery account, it’s not like I care if him and wifey have to go without so I can have MORE. More cash for me, and LESS for them! He has plenty more accounts for me to play with .. credit cards to max, and savings to drain mmmmm.


$150 from this little addict who just can’t get enough. He’s always going to be back, begging for more. Begging for yet another fist fuck to his wallet. Ya that’s what I do to him, I fist his wallet like there is no tomorrow and I make zero apologies for any of the suffering he may go through because of it.. such as losing his family, having to sleep in his car (true story) and probably will end up eventually living in a box with nothing left but time to devote to worshiping his IDOL!

There are LOTS more private conversations with my slaves INSIDE. You need to be a VIP puppet, which is so easy. All you have to do is send $200 to me and an email saying you sent my money and would like to be VIP. Register on here (click on ‘read more’ then register) and once I have the cash in my account I activate your membership. See, it’s so easy to become a VIP puppet. VIP puppets are in for life, and I update continuously inside.. it’s a place where I am more personal with my pets, and provide a more open atmosphere to those who worship and adore me! To listen to the radio show’s and have access to my 24/7 financial domination brainwash radio you need to be VIP Premium! Email to and get the info from me if you’re that confused. It’s so easy but I know how you boys and your silly little brains get so mushy and confused with Goddess ..

Read more“Get a Lethal Dose of Financial Domination”

Posh Messiah’s Little Money Slave Trap

I am so excited about the sweet little money trap I’ve built for you slave toys. Yes, I have outdone myself once again to create yet another portal for your mind to get totally lost in! A clicking and spending haven, where you have excess of 15k in tributes to click and spend on! OMG all those shiny buttons, they are so hypnotic, so addictive. I know you can’t wait to get lost for me, clicking over and over, in my little financial domination world where I am Queen and you will always bow and pay your respects.

How exciting! Yet another place for you to be completely awash with the will of Posh. My will, My desires, MY pleasure.. that is your purpose. I know you want to be a good little drone and click now!

If you’re been a long time admirer this is the perfect place for you to start.. with pay2view financial domination buttons that are so shiny and make you want to compulsively click for me.. it will be the best most amazing release of your life to give in and do what you know you were made to do .. serve ME.

Boys I expect to see a LOT of traffic, a lot of clicking and a LOT of spending.

To be honest I’m not a total girly girl over Valentines Day. It’s just another day but what I am gaga over is shopping, being adored, being spoiled etc etc.. only I get that all year round as it is! So, Valentines Day is just another opportunity for you to express your true love and appreciate for all things Posh. I have an empire here that you will kneel for and show respect to. You are inferior, weak,. .. insignificant.. I expect you will be working very hard at giving me everything I want.. all year round.. but this Valentines Day show me just how much you LOVE me! Show me how much you LOVE being my drone.. click and spend like a good little addict. A few of my pets have sent gifts already .. I do love receiving gifts but as always cash  from you weak little puppets is my favorite way to receive tribute.

What better place to start than my wishlist, or perhaps on my clever, creative, evil little money slave addiction page (where clicking is just so easy).. mmmmmm financial domination addiction is hot right. I deserve nice things and you deserve to be the one who gives them to me. I know there is nothing more suited for me than being a financial domination Goddess.

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been number one on niteflirt for the past couple of days. You should call and find out why ..  <– adorable, dangerous for your wallet, melts your mind .. you’re MY bitch now.

Now, off to click and spend like the good money slave dronebot that you are. DRONES WILL SPEND ON GODDESS.

Goddess Posh

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