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Puppet Brains Poshy Glazed

Hello MY little puppets!!! Its been too long since I've graced and glazed over your brain with MY Venus Sway programming. We all know just a few choice words from My Goddess mind will send you spinning into submission for me. Already the anticipation of a new blog alone has you ...

Addicted to Goddess Posh & Financial Domination

From the onset you have been taken down a path of addiction and self-sacrifice. Once you first laid eyes on me and felt the surge of desire rush through your body, once you first heard my voice and felt yourself crumble under my sweet intoxicating control, once you first gave ...

I Am .YOUR. Money Domme

Hello my loyal readers. You just can't get enough of your MONEY DOMME can you. After writing my awesome financial domination weekend draining entry yesterday so many of you came RUNNING to me with your wallets out, ready to serve. Just like Danno said, I have MAGIC over you boys. ...

Financial Goddess INSPIRES women & MINDFUCKS you..

Don't believe in the power of brainwashing? I am SO good at brainwashing people (not just men) that the women on clips4sale are beginning to spread the word of POSH. By trying to mimic me on their clips they are making it fairly obvious that they agree- the POSH ...

Be A Good Puppet- Give In To Your Calling As My Financial Slave

I've noticed a LOT of you readers are clicking on the 'financial domination' support group link. Do you really think St. Johns Wort is going to cure you of your GODDESS POSH FINANCIAL DOMINATION ADDICTION. What makes me laugh is I see you go to that link and a short ...

Hypnodomme Goddess MindFuck ZAPS your WILL

Puppet Andrew was mindfucked out of ALL of his money last week by ME. I called him on yahoo voice intending to teach him a lesson for TRYING to resist me. When I want to take YOUR cash you give it to me. It's this simple: When I want it ...

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