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Oh how I love being able to be CHOOSY about which of you eager little subbies get to be MY personal playpet! Now any of you with a wallet are able to be PART of MY world simply by experiencing my brainwash fetish clips, which will ALL invade your mind and ...

Oh how the wicked have fallen

some slave on yahoo: no its for more reasons he thinks i'm a treacherous fool and a liar the problem with You is that You take me down and hit me harder every time and You somehow have me craving that its like You inspire the craving for a bigger hit every time, more of ...

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    ACCESS over 10 years of mindfuck, brainwash & findom blogs written by ME, your MESSIAH of FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION! Yes I will lead you into temptation and yes I will carve out your heart and your wallet, while making you crave it and need it more than anything. These 10 years of blogs include more than […]
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