Oh how I love being able to be CHOOSY about which of you eager little subbies get to be MY personal playpet!

Now any of you with a wallet are able to be PART of MY world simply by experiencing my brainwash fetish clips, which will ALL invade your mind and insert my WILL into your soul, but its not nearly the same as being in my stable as my personal money slave. That’s okay though, because after years of you being addicted to MY programming you will BREAK and beg to be a BIGGER and BETTER part of MY world!

Time and again you boys have thought they were safe just reading the video descriptions, reading my magical words and feeling the power of POSH…and then you decide buying one film won’t hurt, it will be okay, and you’ll be able to resist any further descent into addiction and hopeless obedience for me. But, it never works out that way. Once you try MY mindfuck material you become so mushy and weak that you MUST give in to the beautiful hypnotic call of your GODDESS.


With no holding back now you become just like the rest of the addicted, you become taken with me, as you should be. It’s so natural, so easy. This is why you always return and never stood a chance!  And once you are on that downward spiral of sweet addiction to GODDESS POSH you will become obsessed with DOING MORE and BEING MORE! You will become absolutely consumed with the idea of being a good boy for me, MY special good boy, my helpless captive, eagerly spending his slave wages on all of MY financial lusts, desires, & greedy wants. It feels so good to be so emptied of cash, self-control, and power and all for ME!


I just love when a boy begs for me to keep taking MORE and MORE of that cash! Hearing words like, “It’s not MINE GODDESS, please take your cash, it belongs to YOU my QUEEN…” is always so erotic for me.


And DONT bother crying out to me how badly you want me to take your money when you haven’t already sent tribute first. That would be SELFISH! I don’t have to deal with selfish little peons. I can deal with THE KIND OF SLAVE I ENJOY and that’s it! THIS MEANS you CONFORM to MY STANDARDS or BUH BYE!


I don’t have to put up with little bitches that try to top from the bottom. I don’t have to deal with fetishes that make my stomach turn because I am GODDESS POSH and I don’t enjoy nasty bodily fluid fetishes or anything gross like that, I don’t care to cater to any of your fetishes in fact! Even if they ARE MINE TOO! I’m still catering to ME… I make sure I have my pleasure and satisfaction at the forefront of everything I do. So you get off on making a beautiful woman happy, and having no self-control, on being totally brainwashed into a drone and being the perfect little puppet for me, at my feet, wallet out, cash out, cards displayed, ready to be TAKEN! Then you’ll fit in nicely with the rest of the chosen boys, because that is all I choose. I choose the wallets that are ready and willing, happy and obedient, and eager to slave away for all of my financial demands.

This is MY FINANCIAL QUEENDOM and I am the SUPREME LAW. I am the one who decides EVERY SINGLE THING. This means if I decide I want to make you reach your grubby little slave hand into your bank account and draw out every dollar you’ve ever worked for and hand it all over in ONE SWIFT GO, you will do it. This means if I want to make you devote every minute of your life to earning MORE for me, and to SERVING MORE to me, then you will do so. This means if I want you to kneel for me 12 hours a day in a GODDESS POSH SHRINE, chanting and obsessing, watching MY programming on loop, reading my words again and again, you will do it. This means if I tell you to tribute every 24 hours, every 12 hours, every 2 hours, every 30 minutes, you will reach your PUPPET HAND out and PUSH THAT TRIBUTE BUTTON NOW!

Good boys know they need to prove they are worthy, and that making excuses for not even trying is just pathetic and a waste of their own time. So what if you don’t have ENOUGH to SATISFY my financial lust, its not about having enough. Almost NOBODY has enough, it’s about sacrificing and suffering and doing everything you can anyway. So you can’t afford to sacrifice the billions of dollars I deserve, you’re not Donald Trump or Bill Gates are you? So stop feeling sorry for yourself for not being the wealthiest person on the Earth because that’s the only person who could possibly ever satisfy my financial lust, but you know what, I’d still keep my slaves. I’d still have my money slaves, every single one of them, in my pocket even if I did have the wealthiest man on Earth serving me. Because it’s about so much more than ONLLY the cash, BUT the CASH MUST BE PART OF IT, as well as the sacrifice, the loyalty, the rush of being served, the devotion and dedication to me, the worship and slavery for me, that is all so thrilling too. I would keep my boys on collar and leash even if Bill Gates or Donald Trump were my slaves!


And if Donald Trump was MY money slave omg the things I would do to him. I would torture his emotions and fuck with his head so much he would be a weeping little baby bitch for me! I would have so much fun tormenting that man and so much fun making him do whatever I wanted. I would drive him up a wall crazy but he would love ME anyway, just like all of you do. I push and push and make you insane with the need to OBEY those commands, fulfill my desires, and keep me happy but still you can’t stay away, you love me so much. You are so fucked for me!


Watch PROMO 2 for the Season of the Siren film Ultra Luxe Seduction en Harmony HERE!


My Poshyfool woke up the other day to find out he had a custom clip waiting for him, POSHYFOOL is a TOOL made JUST FOR MY PLEASURE…



YESSSS it’s not just a custom for MY poshyfool, but a clip to get you on the poshyfool assembly line. I don’t deserve to have just one poshyfool in my stable of money slaves! Poshyfools are so much fun to use and abuse, little tools made JUST for MY pleasure! You want to be a POSHYFOOL too! MY own personal pleasure tool.  Become MY poshyfool now and go buy the new clip IMMEDIATELY!

This video has no visual effects, and no audio layers! This is a very intimate and personal mindfuck, your face so close to MINE, so close to THE GODDESS!

Just like that I have you reaching into your wallet digging out that credit card ready to SPEND and SPEND on ME! And I don’t even have to remove one stitch of clothing to make you do whatever I want. I control you down to your very last cent and all without baring any of my GODDESS FLESH! What makes me so compelling and POWERFUL and easy to OBEY….its certainly not stripping off my clothing ! I’m so amazing at what I do, you’ll never be able to figure it out.

Instead of trying to figure out how I do what I do to you, go and send me a GIFT and a TRIBUTE!

Check my TOP 10 AMAZON GIFTS post, so you can rest assured you are buying me what I want!

Goddess Posh

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Oh how the wicked have fallen

some slave on yahoo:
no its for more reasons
he thinks i’m a treacherous fool and a liar
the problem with You
is that You take me down and hit me harder every time
and You somehow have me craving that
its like You inspire the craving for a bigger hit every time, more of the drug
bigger doses, more, more, more
without regard for the damage mentally or financially You inflict
and You have pushed me down so far beyond my limits
and You still make me feel so much throbbing lust for Your manipulation
i’m a fucking useless worthless loser at Your feet. i am not mentally strong enough to withstand Your vices and designs and i can’t escape

You are shattering me
You know You’ve won
fuck it You have me addicted to the way You make me suffer
fuck it, i am so screwed, screwed, screwed

this addiction has eaten me up and i cant stop it now, it’s way too late, i’m bloody dependant on it
and only You can make me feel this
You fucking have me so fucked up just like You wanted from the start
i hate what You have turned me into, how i am so bankrupt of ideals and principle now. You’ve poured corruption into my veins and i’m lost to You. i hate this!!!!!! Because i know i will never get fixed

and all the time my awe and lust and love for You grows, i revere every moment of mindfuckery and i crave it like it was the air itself to sustain me

You did this!

(I did, didn’t I)

The Art of Seduction The Burn of Posh

I adore my own seduction, its so easy to fall into the trap of admiring my own sexuality. People assume if you’re a “Domme” that you don’t enjoy sex. Domination is not the lack of sex, it can be a personality trait but it can also be a sexual experience. I don’t understand that mentality.

For me its highly arousing when I make men feel weak. Sure, I enjoy vanilla sex. I’m just like any other woman, I have my own desires and fantasies. But what I really enjoy, without having to think about it, without realizing its happening until I’m already into it, is men who crumble to my will. It wasn’t something I grew up fantasizing about. It just happened in every day situations where a man would take a different approach towards me than he normally would have because of his attraction, and I realized during those times that it was him becoming weak and me becoming powerful. That is a turn on. Its erotic.

Obviously there is the exchange of power in there, but for me its more than that. I have this sadistic mentality that completely collides with the rest of me. I’ve always been so compassionate and thoughtful. I care about the world around me, the environment, animals, children, the elderly. I really have a very gentle nature, most of the time. It seems though that some part of me seeks out to cause destruction, chaos.I get off on it.

When I was 10 years old I was sitting in a circle of kids, we were all crossed-legged working on a project. Suddenly I had this urge, and I took my pencil and stabbed it into this boys leg next to me, right into his thigh. He immediately began to cry, and everyone in my group was really angry, they were yelling at me “What did you do that for?”. I can’t explain why I did it, I don’t remember anything unusual leading up to it. All I knew was that it made me laugh. I sat there trying to stop myself from laughing as he was in pain, but I couldn’t. I was actually holding my stomach in laughter. It still makes me laugh now even as I write about it. I never understood that about myself until I was in my early twenties. It was then that I realized I found pleasure in the pain men experienced from MY HANDS.

It has to be MY HANDS. But it wasn’t just my hands causing pain that I loved. It was pain coming out of nowhere. It was pain when it was least expected. How I love to toy with a boy.. mmmm.. doesn’t that just sound so yummy? I loved to bring him into a complete frenzy of lust and love for me, making him worship the ground I walked on, make him bend over backward trying to keep me happy before suddenly stabbing him in the leg with a pencil. Only now, now that I’m an adult, I don’t just use a pencil. I use words, they are so much sharper. I use sweet sharp words, because they cut like a knife. How they wound even the toughest of us. Even I have cried over words. Haven’t you? Why do I like to sashay into a room and draw every eye to the curve of my breasts, to the roundness of my hips before taking my heel and stomping on some poor helpless guys ego?

My tongue has lashed much more than any whip I’ve had. They could come out for a little play once in a while, but it never aroused me so much as making a man cry because he was reduced to a fragile and helpless creature. Maybe I like to nurture them back afterward, but no, I am often too busy laughing for that.

Maybe they are right, and seduction is an art. Maybe I can paint myself into your mind, colors so rich and vibrant left there as a distant memory and a future event, tempting you, teasing you. Maybe I can carve myself into your heart, leaving my mark on you as a constant reminder of how weak I make you feel. Maybe I can write myself into your soul, directing your life into the cusp of my palm, where you will forever stay on the edge between being crushed and being loved.

Some people are artistic, and others just appreciate beauty. My beauty is art, and you’re here to appreciate it. You can say its my eyes, my face, my breasts, my feet, you can say what you will. I know however it is my mind that seduces you, entraps you, its my mind that pulls you into my world and keeps you here. It is my mind that wishes to enable your addictions, to tempt your dark desires, to drown you in lust. Its my mind that wants to bring out your every weakness, to seduce all resistance, all restraint, all doubt from your very core. Its my mind that wants to reduce you into a reflection of what you once were, to make you tear off your mask and face yourself in the mirror, to force you to let out your inner demons and see how much of a perverted freak you really are. And its my mind that wants to punish you for being so weak, for being so helpless against something as beautiful yet as shallow as my eyes, for being so helpless against my creamy complexion, for being so damn pathetic over a pair of breasts.

Seduction might be an art, but with me it is a slow and deadly one. I will reach into you and crush your heart, so slowly, so tenderly you will think you’re having an orgasm. You will think you’re feeling the pangs of love. When I am done you will feel my hand print burned into you forever. Because you are so shallow, because you are just like any other man and give in to a woman over something as simple as how she looks, because you base your actions on appearance, I have this urge to burn you, and I will.

a little quickie

My week has gone by quickly, with yet another successful acquisition of another persons being. Really, I’m not surprised and neither are you. It’s become quite common.

Firstly, my footbitch is becoming quite entwined around the soles of my feet as I slowly drain his soul and replace it with the aching desires of pampering and pleasing me.

I’ve had nerdling on edge about his annoying behavior and immature antics. He just wants to fit in but his tendency to try and do so is often irritating. I keep him highly aroused by not only allowing him to view my cam randomly, but by encouraging him to buy clips from Ally as he adores her breasts. He’s a bit of a pervert, no?

The clips I’ve done which use mind control and hypnosis have really sealed the fate of addiction to Posh for a lot of men. They watch and can not stop watching, nor stop themselves from obeying my orders. It is truly beautiful to have men succumbing to all of my commands, what can I say, it speaks to me. hahaha

Right now I am on cam with my pretty feet torturing boys, they can not stand how cute my toes are. It is pure torture to not be able to really touch my feet. Ahh well, watching them on cam is the next best thing. Knowing that you have pleased me is even better.

Today has been a hardcore financial lust day. I’ve been feeling my addictive nature becoming more abusive towards my pets, pushing them further than their limits can handle, and taking more cash and gifts than they truly can afford. It is just bliss for me to feed my greed, and to see you suffering in the name of MY joy gives me a kinky sense of satisfaction.


Lets hear it for the boy(s!)

I’ve always loved to control people. I never realized as a child what I was doing, or even as a teen. I never understood that satisfaction that I was feeling in the pit of my stomach, or what it meant. I only knew that I would have uncontrollable fits of laughter as I sat outside of chaos and made it happen. It always amused me that nobody ever figured out I was the ring master. I’ve always been so efficient at it, and so innocent in appearance, that I’ve never had to defend myself.

I’ve loved the discord I could cause by simply setting people up for it. As I got older I started truly understanding what it meant. Not only did I have the power to control people without them knowing, but I was able to get what I wanted out of it.

Now, with my stable of pets I rarely write about the things they do for me. I know that serving me is an honor and it would be an honor for me to mention you in my journal. So I’ve been doing something since about three days ago to lead up to todays journal.

Does this sound familiar to you pet?

“If you buy this you’ll be my favorite.”

“If you send this amount of money you’ll be my favorite”

“You’ll be my number one if you send me more money than he did.”

“Ooops looks like he bought more gifts than you. You’ll have to remain at the bottom of ladder.”

“I know you want to be at the top don’t you, you want to be number one which means you have to buy this.”

“I love this pet so much he gives me everything I want, what did you give me today.”

“With an attitude like that you won’t be number one.”

“Good boy, now you’re my number one.”

I’m sure a few of those have been said to you within the past few days. Well that’s because I knew if I played favorites I’d inspire you to try harder, and it definitely worked. Not only did I get whatever I wanted from all of you, but I also caused a couple of you to duke it out on yahoo and the whole time I sat back laughing. Neither of you realized I was feeding the other one lines to say, and you were both quite desperate to be my favorite. Boy 2 was feeding it to me the whole time, it was kinda funny. But honestly, the way you two behaved.. neither one of you is in the running to be my favorite anymore. Both you sound like 9 year old boys, and I don’t keep that kind of immaturity in my stable.

boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:11 PM): Goddess Posh loves me more
boy2(3/30/2009 7:44:19 PM): That’s not what she said.
boy2(3/30/2009 7:44:27 PM): She told me I sent her the most cash.
boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:37 PM): I just asked her right now and she said I’m her favorite so you can get off it you probably don’t even give her everything you have do you loser
boy1(3/30/2009 7:44:49 PM): how does it feel to not get mentioned in her blog if you’re such a big spender?
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:45:02 PM): I’ve never seen you on there either. why did you send me a message, i only care about goddess not you
boy1(3/30/2009 7:45:21 PM): but I’m her favorite and she told me you said you wanted to kick my ass
boy2(3/30/2009 7:45:58 PM): i am starting to think You don’t like me
boy1(3/30/2009 7:46:16 PM): what gave you the clue genius. i can’t believe she keeps you around loser
boy2(3/30/2009 7:46:50 PM): she just told me that i’m her favorite so you can go away now
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:46:58 PM): and I will kick your ass
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:02 PM): I told you to wait
boy2 (3/30/2009 7:47:07 PM): what the hell are you talking about
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:28 PM): should have waited
boy1(3/30/2009 7:47:33 PM): you talked to goddess and now shes mad at me you stupid cunt but at least I get to send her more cash to make up for it

boy2(3/30/2009 7:48:03 PM): i just send cash because i love her so i don’t need to wait around for permission like you
boy1(3/30/2009 7:48:12 PM): you’re lucky she told me to stop talking to you

Anyways, after causing all of them to run around like their feet were going out of style trying to buy me gifts and give me cash, I decided it was time for the “Big Reveal”..

And who is the number one?

I’ll tell you, it’s not who you think it is. I’ve known all along that it wasn’t you, but it sure was fun getting your hopes up and making you try for it. hahahaha.

Number one is ME. Should have realized that from the beginning. hahaha– I am self-centered, the center of my world, and the center of your world!
Stop trying to be the top pet and start trying to make sure I am happy ALWAYS. That’s the best way for a pet like you to live your life, and when I feel you are selfless enough I will give you special attention. Until then you’ll always be at the bottom of the barrel.

Goddess Posh

corset1 picture-1782 picture-1787 picture-1792

Foot Torture!

I know you’re one of those boys which dreams about being my own personal slave. It irks a little piece of you that I have a very good boy come over here every day to clean my house, cook me dinner and buy me groceries. It drives that jealousy wild when you realize he gives me his whole paycheck every week. In return he is given the satisfaction of knowing he has done well for his Goddess, he has been selfless and thoughtful and he has worked hard to keep me happy. I know you’re in agony wishing it could be you instead. I thought I’d throw you a little bone, maybe give you a taste of what you’re missing and rub it in a bit.

This clip I made shows my gorgeous feet from the subs perspective. It starts with you on the floor looking at me in my shoes as I taunt you, until I remove them and find my feet are dirty! Ooops.. and then it shows the very slave who comes here daily, the one you wish you could be, as I refuse to let him touch my perfect immaculate feet- it’s almost as if it’s you looking at my toes, holding my pink soles in your palms, bringing me pleasure. Of course it ends with him handing me $300.00 in cash. Oh if only you could be so lucky, but alas,  you are just a lonely old pervert sitting on the PC without the courage to take any action. Awww too bad!

Foot Torture Preview

Full clip is 10 minutes and available here:

Financial domination is my main focus, it gets me off as you know. I have much financial lust, and those who serve me are required to quench my thirst. I’m not only interested in it, but I won’t just take on a fetishist. Those who serve me must also have a craving for financial slavery, and we will incorporate other forms of kink/BDSM as well. If you don’t understand then you aren’t a financial slave and we aren’t compatible. Those who know how it feels to experience that relationship are drawn to me and together we will explore the deepest realms of servitude.

Big Bad Wolf- Who Me?

Here I am! Better watch out for me, I’m the big bad wolf..

Looks like I sense some prey is nearby. I’m going to getcho and bite down hard!

I’ve set up a page on my wordpress that is all my photos in one location – okay not all of them, I still have to add a lot. But, it’s just a nice place where only those who are owned by me can view the pics on their knees as they worship their one and only Goddess. It is password protected and don’t think about trying to badger those who you know are serving me for the pw. Don’t forget! I have those vicious teeth which could cause you much damange. I will also sell the password for $100.00 but only if I like you. 

I’m going out tonight in about three hours so catch up with me now while you can. I’m busy torturing my foot bitch, my piggy bitch and my nerdy but I’m sure you can squeeze in there if you motivate me enough.

Goddess Posh

Everything Perfect

All week long from the shadows of my light submissive little creatures emerged begging to serve Me. These foolish boys had been fantasizing about serving me for months, even a year and only just now got the courage to approach me. It doesn’t shock me in the least that I have many secret admirers. I know I am intimidating, and I only take on the best slaves there are, but if you are going to be looking at my website, my clips and reading my words you will show your appreciation. Do not wait so long, the longer you wait the harder your fall will be when I pull your safety net out from under you. There is nothing sweeter than the feeling of releasing all control and knowing that with my help you had accomplished turning your life of mundane nothingness into one full of meaning and purpose.

For those of you who can’t get enough of me there is a new interview I gave available on They asked me to be the first Domme in “The Hot Seat” and I was happy to do so, even though I wasn’t feeling well at the time. Here is the link, have a look, and if you are a Domme interested in doing an interview just scroll to the bottom and read the directions.

Oh footbitch has truly shown me he is a dedicated pet this week, he’s even gone shopping to send me a surprise authentic gift from Spain, as well as some Euros which I can add to my money from around the world collection. I have him locked up in a nice pink chastity device and I love the thought that he was out shopping for me all day while his penis was being squeezed mercilessly by the device. I took a few pictures just for him of my feet in the sandals that arrived here yesterday. Spring is creeping up slowly and I’d like to have my feet ready for it. I donated a lot of my shoes to charity instead of selling them to you boys, which means you now have the chance to replace my shoes! Yay! I make life so much fun for you don’t I. I’m just too kind.

Buy Me Shoes Here


I’m all yellow because I’m such an angel hahaha.

I know you’re reading this, hoping to get a glimpse into my life and remember the days when you were a part of it. Your heart is beating faster as you start to realize this part right here is directed at you. Your throat is constricting, and your stomach tickles with nervous butterflies. You don’t realize it but you’re holding your breath in anticipation. Exhale, look around you and realize how empty your life is without me. Every day you come here and feed your addiction, every day you watch my clips, every day you are on the brink of coming back to me on your knees begging for the chance to please me again. Every day of your life you are so close to doing the one thing you were meant for- that is serving me. Every day that you take to pick yourself back up after I destroyed you will be another day you’ve wasted by not stepping over that line, and falling to your knees in front of me. I have faith that you will overcome the inner turmoil you are facing and will crumble to the ground admitting you’ve been nothing more than a fool.

The Seduction of Begging

There are few things which turn me on as much as having a grown man on his knees begging me. He could be begging me for any thing, and the sight, sound and symbolism he portrays is what truly arouses my dark side. Of course, his weakness is another added stimulant.

Begging for me to show mercy, begging for me to show attention, begging for me to take money, begging for me to allow cumming, it all sounds like music to my ears. One would think that the begging would soften me up, but it simply doesn’t. It only makes me more eager, pumping adrenaline through my veins, making me want to force you to beg for longer and longer. I know at any point I can get whatever I want from a slave when he is in this state, but I choose to hold out until I can’t take it any longer. It’s so much fun to have him in torment, my sadistic side reaches out and strokes his face coaxing him into a calm comfort before I dig my claws into his mind and scoop out any thoughts of hope he may have been holding on to. The roller coaster of emotions I can bring him to are also felt by me. I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t get pleasure from it. I’m quite self-indulgent.

Don’t think you can use begging as a way to get what you want from me, a way to control my mood, since you know how much I love it. There have been foolish boys trying this in the past, and all it got them was ignored. I am too clever, too intelligent and too experienced for you to play mind games on Me. However, I will gladly twist your brain up into nothing more than a crying, begging mess.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

mmm now that I have that out of the way, I wanted to inform you that I have updated my website some. I’ve changed it from all one image into text, so I can pick up more hits on google searches. I’m still offering banner swaps to other Dommes.

I supplied access to all my youtube clips in one place.

As you know it’s titled quite appropriately as I truly will be or already am your demise.

Goddess Posh

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