Take a Step Towards Financial Slavery for Goddess Posh

I know you’ve already laid addicted and helpless slave boy eyes on this new clip, but here’s a nice little mind melting reminder… go buy NOW if you haven’t already!

I’m so excited that in 2018 I will be making my FIRST public appearance at an ADULT EVENT as Goddess Posh!!! Boys, this is your opportunity to SERVE ME in the flesh, cash only of course. I’m not interested in doing any BDSM sessions, but shopping on your dime, walking you around collared and leashed, talking down to you … that all sound fabulous!!! Just remember: kneeling for ME LEADS directly to BRAINWASHING !!!

However, the honor of being able to serve me in person, it doesn’t come cheap. I will not be seeing any boys for anything one on one without a hefty deposit and everything is on MY terms.

My dumdum is going to be delivering 5k to me in person before the AVN trip, and then another 5k to me in Vegas.

All of you will be expected to contribute to my hotel room & traveling costs.

I love life so much, I could cry! I love the butterfly effect. I was hit with such a strong realization, seeing people from 10,000 years ago, migrating across the world. To visualize these people taking one step after the other, creating a path to their new home, but not realizing the path they were truly creating went much further… much longer… than they could ever imagine. That the impact would be THIS… what we have TODAY. Its incredible, you never know what you’re doing today that can effect tomorrow, or even hundreds, or thousands, of years from now.

Now you’re on the path of serving ME, so what you do today will directly effect your tomorrow. The more steps you take towards ME, the more impact you are having in MY life… and MY LIFE, is the STUFF OF LEGENDS. MY LIFE will leave a very big imprint on this world for thousands of years to come, because I am choosing to be great. That is something you can choose for yourself too, by kneeling for ME, your superior, and accepting your role in LIFE is to suffer for, sacrifice for, and serve ME. Every little click you do sends you spinning deeper into Poshtopia, where you are becoming part of something so much BIGGER and so much BETTER than you!

Take a step towards financial slavery for Goddess Posh, every day, take another step, every day send another tribute, click again, and again. Every day secure your place in MY world with your wallet. Let it open and empty upon ME, so that I may allow you to stay at my feet … because only those who know what I am worth are welcome. I am intolerant of those who do not worship, adore and serve me, after all!

I also see that my creative talents are often copied by other ladies, maybe some do not even realize that I am the original source, but I am. My boys know it. We all know it. I see that as the butterfly effect. I have that power. I am a trend setter. I create and others can’t help but to want to do theirs like MINE. IT’s ok, because I am GREAT, I am FABULOUS, so wanting to be like me or being inspired by me is natural. I’ll just continue to be me, focused on me, and create what comes from within ME. I am blessed that I have such a deep creative well to draw from. I am blessed that I can be free from bitter, jealous, jaded or fearful thoughts because I know, and have always known, that I am the MASTER of FINANCIAL DOMINATION MINDFUCKING & BRAINWASHING … I am the MASTER of CREATIONS!!

BOYS will WORSHIP MY MASTERY … use code MASTERDRAIN in my IWANTCLIPS store & add 1000% to your order. Imagine the butterfly effect that would have. For one, I would be in the top clips for a long time with that big of a sale! Which will result in picking up even more boys with MY Venus Sway. For two, I would brag like crazy about that one. For three, I would NEVER forget you. I would always remember the first boy and any and every boy that uses that code. For four, you would be POSITIVELY IMPACTING MY LIFE.

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets… the VIP has a new update…

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Ruthless Financial Acquisition

Ruthless Financial Acquisition – perhaps this is how you can describe my power over you, and how quickly and effectively I drain you. Does it make you feel like an object, like a mere wallet with no personal identity of your own? Does it make you feel abused and used when you review accounts that once were flourishing, now floundering in the RED!?

This is my art & passion, and you are my canvas. It’s my philosophy that you are here to serve MY purpose, my purpose to create and to destroy as I see fit. Being a Goddess it’s my choice, will I turn you into an addicted love struck puppet or will I break you into millions of pieces and leave you stranded and alone craving only MY control.

I believe I should never have a stress in the world at all. Since I believe it, it’s true. I believe YOU should carry the burden of being without, you should suffer so that I may not. You, and all the other boys who serve me, together should sacrifice your own financial security so that I may receive MORE luxuries.

I don’t receive just the luxury of having to not worry about bills, of not having to work some meaningless boring job, or having to devote all of my time to a career I am not happy in.. I receive the luxury of being able to devote MY time to my real true interests and develop my character and personality, my knowledge & my skill. I also am able to devote my time into creation. I view each of you boys as a personal mural of my ideologies, desires, philosophies.. you are each a representation of your Goddess and the extraordinary power of my brainwashing!

Thus, it is an HONOR for you to take on a burden of stress so that I may focus more of MY energy onto the things I love. In fact, by knowing you are going without for ME, it becomes less of a burden for you and more of a PLEASURE. To know you have become a drone to my will, an addict to my desires, a weak pet under my spell is a thrill you can’t find anywhere else.

Which is why you’re going to join the CLAN of Posh. You’re going to devote your entire existence to MY happiness, your whole world is going to be centered on me and you will relish in the moments when I am draining your wallet and your life!

You can begin by purchasing this file “The Wicked Church of Seduction: Join the Clan”

You will follow up with a cash donation to your Goddess, you will go without and you will suffer and teeter on the edge of losing it all, so that I may continue thrive in bliss.

You will also become a VIP member if you have yet to do so.

You will build a shrine to me, and if you already have one, you will build it even bigger and write a prayer and chant it daily as you kneel before your shrine!

Goddess Posh


Repeat this chant now!
Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is the LIGHT in my dismal world
Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is EVERYTHING
Goddess Posh is the reason I breathe
Goddess Posh is the reason I live
Goddess Posh is the reason I suffer and bleed
Goddess Posh is my addiction
Goddess Posh is my salvation
Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is the LIGHT in my dismal world
Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is EVERYTHING
Everything for HER
Everything for HER
Everything for HER
Without her I am empty
Without her I am alone

Goddess Posh is my all
Goddess Posh has saved my soul
Goddess Posh deserves every last cent
I will suffer in her name
I will suffer for my Queen

Goddess Posh is everything
Goddess Posh is my ALL


It feels SO good to give it ALL up to HER

Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is the LIGHT in my dismal world
Goddess Posh is ALL
Goddess Posh is EVERYTHING


I am your Goddess & you WILL worship!

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