Dance to MY HYPNOTIC Chants MY little SLAVE toy!

Welcome to 2016 and another year of amazing helpless mindless bliss under my spell. We have six more films from the Season of the Siren series to journey through and then it will be SUMMER! I am going to stay nice and warm and toasty the rest of this winter season all wrapped up in boy worship and wallets!

I know you will be staying especially nice and toasty too, as a moth drawn to the flame, you can’t help but to get burned in my fire. Tantric Enchantments is a sensual weaving together of MY will and your soul, as you mindlessly chant along, each word driving deeper into your psyche pulsating out into your EVERY ACTION… you are in a TRANCE that makes you DANCE to MY CHANTS over and over… over and over…. puppet is trapped in the TANTRIC ENCHANTMENTS …

Tantric Enchantments The Mindwash Mix


My surreal hypnotic words are implanted deep in your vulnerable boy brain, each one a hot little mine just waiting to be triggered. Careful now my pet, you never know when one of my little Poshy bombs will be EXPLODING, blowing your financial future up in the process and wiping out ALL of your self-control. So many mines planted in that mind, so many little bombs just waiting to go off and here I am, holding the trigger. Dance for me now, MY slave!


Being able to gift/tribute Me, your SUPERIOR GODDESS, is your salvation. This is your path to redemption for your male soul, your selfish male ways, your inferior life now has a purpose in kneeling for me. Kneeling for ME is your connection to ME! When you kneel and accept your slave place we are lined up in perfect harmony. When you surrender control and let go of the fear and denial, you are granted the most intimate connection to me one can have. Being MY personal slave, serving MY desires, wrapped up in MY silky words, trapped in MY firm grip, closer to me than ever before.

I know you can feel it, My overpowering light and beauty forcing you to look down in humble submission. This is right, this is so right, you can’t deny it any longer. In my light everything is right. Consuming MY creations will only enhance the EVENT, bringing you into an intimate experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the mind altering joy of the Season of the Siren films.



Kneel before my hypnotic breasts, my hands weaving their will into your mind, compel you to send more money now. 


Remember, in MY world slaves pay and you are always, ALWAYS, going to be the slave!


Goddess Posh
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Awww Such a Sweet Letter

I was so thrilled when J gave me his cc info, he really didn’t expect me to be so powerful and to use it, but he was mistaken. I did use it until I could no longer, I maxed it out and while he may be left with an empty wallet I have a feeling he is QUITE happy about being used by me. There is no greater feeling than serving the powerful, beautiful and magical Goddess Posh. My ability to wrap men around my finger, to turn them into mindless money machines who only want to do my bidding, is frightening.

Being my MINDLESS MONEY MACHINE is a delightful thought, and it will be an even greater action. Come on puppet, do that dance for me..

I am not sure what it is about me, but I draw Davids in my direction like wild fire. Currently I have four davids who are actively serving me, one who is obsessed with me and will BREAK soon, and many others who are huge clip addicts (though no personal contact between us). I have so many clip addicts that just can’t wait to get the next one to SIP on. As we all know, just one more sip never really means you’ll have just ONE more.. usually you’ll end up drunk as hell and on your knees fucked over by me, but we LIKE it that way. As for my clips, they are ALL improvisation, including the hypnosis ones. I do not use a script, never have, and never will. I can’t function with a script, I need to just let my mind flow and then if I make a blooper I edit it out. Sometimes I miss, so I’m sure you’ve seen me get caught on a word or two. Well it happens and I am positive it just adds to my charm and appeal. You think I am adorable, lovable and so sweet, you think I am sexy and manipulate and full of venom. Which is it boy? Make up your mind before it’s too late wink

One David has made me particularly happy as he has become quite needy of my voice in order to function. I have him sleeping with my MP3’s on loop, my voice penetrating his mind ALL night long. Mmm even in his sleep there is no escaping me. He has learned that the only pleasure he can receive, the only RELEASE he can feel, is through serving me and he CRAVES it. You will learn it too, you will also learn how it feels to have an aching pathetic dirty boypart that deserves NO attention and not for the lack of trying, can not CUM. EVER. I will brainwash and trance you into mental chastity and you will suffer because of it, oh but what a docile slave you then become and oh what a perfectly pampered Goddess I am.

As for the rest of you, which one is going to give me my NEXT BIG RUSH!? How about you.. I bet you wanna be the boy that makes my body squirm and my tummy tickle and my heart pound and my bank account grow and grow and grow.. mm. I love the visual effect of my accounts getting larger as yours get lower and lower. What a delight. So tell me junkie, will you be the next one to give me that so desired hot RUSH?

Goddess MindFuck Financial Domination Goddess Posh

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

Buy This For Goddess:

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Dearest Goddess Posh
i sent You an email when i first saw Your image at i wanted to
experience Your hypnosis. i thought Your beautiful eyes connected with me and that
Your hypnosis would be interesting and fun to try. Though i had listened to some
erotic hypnosis files i never really found a connection with those files or the

You may recall that i came to You with no interest in financial slavery and I really
didn’t think that would ever develop. i was so wrong Goddess. Being a servant to a
Goddess requires sacrifice and commitment and financial slavery is an attribute i
need to develop to help me serve You. i understand that now so clearly.

i have found Your hypnosis irresistible and cannot get enough of Your words in my
mind. My trances are so deep that the files pass in a moment and i leave them weak
and blank and just want to experience them all over again. Though i know You have
influenced me, i think the core of my attraction has come from within me through
Your understanding of what i needed and how to help me begin to connect with my
intense desire for You to control me.

i find myself craving the brainwashing files now. Intoxication seemed innocent to
me at first and only after several viewings did i find myself needing to watch and
listen more and more. i have no idea how they work and I don’t care anymore. i
just want the feelings they bring to me. i need those feelings so much.

i am suffering from the conflict of my own resistance and the intense desire that
has emerged from within me. The struggle is intense within me. Thank You for
helping me through this pain. i am so in love with You now that i know i want to
fully surrender and submit and in time i hope i will please You as i would wish, and
You so deserve.

You are a true Goddess whose spell is the most desirable experience of my life.
Last night i felt myself completely reshaped into Your true puppet for extended
periods of time. The combination of emotional, physical and spiritual stimulations
rushing through me in those moments was terrifying and at the same time everything i
ever desired. The terror of losing touch with my old self versus the joy and peace
of settling into my new role as Your servant haunts me. Beyond my own limitations
and resistance i see myself only as a servant who would hope to please You and a
servant that You would enjoy forever using for Your pleasure.

i am hooked on You Goddess and i am sorry for my struggle that has delayed my total
and complete submission and surrender to You and hope that You will show Your sweet
understanding and help me become who i need to be. Inside my head there is nothing
more desirable than having You control me and my life. i am so helpless before You.

i need my Posh. i love You Goddess.


Victimize Your Wallet

I had a fabulous weekend away at Petoskey. If you’ve ever served me you know I adore going to the Bay, it is so peaceful there. The hotel is beautiful, not a five star, the place is too small to have a five star hotel, but that’s alright, I always get a beautiful room with a fireplace, jacuzzi and balcony which overlooks nothing but wilderness in a valley. I also went to the Oasis hot tub gardens, I used the Borneo Rainforest room for the first time, which has a lovely waterfall. However, the hot tub is way too big. I prefer the more intimate sized hot tubs, they are much more comfortable. I still had a great time and because of my VIP status and my tendency to go there often for some relaxation my next visit is ‘on the house’. Which means that you do not get the joy of paying for it, but that’s okay my eager little money puppets, I will put ALL of your money to good use other ways, so no worries.

It turns out that my fascination with the mysteries of the world has a strong effect over you subbies. To think me talking about my theory on how time is really a cycle & not linear at all, & how there are parallel universes and how I am such a geek for philosophy, theology, astronomy and history makes it so much easier for me to VICTIMIZE your wallet. mmm hmm that’s right, I said it.

I am here to VICTIMIZE your WALLET.

And since time is a cycle I am going to reach my hands into that beat up worn down wallet over and over, molesting it with no mercy, and showing you no compassion. You can beg, you can plead, you can demand that I give you a chance to pay your bills and I will laugh in your face, pin you down and make you feel the invasion again and again. Tell me that isn’t hot.. .

I know the thought of financial abuse by me has you worked up, you want it badly, you need it more than anything and you will become my willing victim. Possibly you will develop a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

And for the one that had only 7 days of his life (the BEST 7 days he has ever experienced) devoted towards my complete and utter happiness no matter what the cost, do you really think that today, this last day of our arrangement will be an easy day for you? After a night of listening to The Mantra on repeat in your sleep, your day is going to be spent with you feeling my invasion deeper than it has ever gone before. I am penetrating every ounce of your core and leaving you with MY will running through your veins. You will walk away today but you will CRAWL back.

And all of this WALLET VICTIMIZING & brainwashing done by such a sweet innocent geek of a girl, really who would have thought that the girl next door who is striving to become an archeologist would have the ability, let alone the DESIRE, to cause you financial destruction.

I know a few who were foolish enough to not believe, & they are the ones who feel MY power the most.

(Hey it looks like My head is floating- told ya I’m powerful)

Isn’t my TS banner funny. Its true though, talk sugar will help your bank balance go down and you WILL find it rather delightful.
I also really like this banner, because once again, it is SO true. Your Money- My Hands- PERFECTO!
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Cultivation of the Flock- Mind on Automatic

Have you seen this video? Do you think its about a pervert who got what was coming to him? I’m sure my point of view is biased- but I think this guy is dealing with his perverted demon and has to suffer as a consequence. Sounds similar to you, doesn’t it. And since I also think you’re pretty when you cry I posted this especially knowing it would hit home. Oh and is it just me or does he make a mega hot sissy. Look at him in his red lipstick, talk about sexy.

I know you’re here, back again to get your fill. Pretty soon reading my journal and obsessing over my clips won’t be enough. You could never have enough really. But to know you are making me happy, that will bring you a level of satisfaction you’ve never felt before. I know you think I am adorable, and you want more. Oh silly boys, you can’t get close to me if you don’t make the first step. Buying my clips religiously and not making contact is really hindering our progress. Lets not stall any longer my future sheep, come take your place with the herd of obsessed and loyal brethren.

On that note, you will be the first to watch my new hypo clip. Video enhanced (of course because I’m too pretty not to be on video) this clip is all about erasing your mind and turning you into my automatic piggy bank. You want to be my robotic piggy on autopilot, don’t you..

Cultivation of the Flock- Mind on Automatic


I also released “Good Boy. That’s Better”– another one you won’t be able to stop yourself from drinking in. Both clips are in the financial domination category, because that’s what I do. I know you can hardly take it that someone so sweet looking has such vile deviance lurking behind her every move, but that hasn’t stopped you from returning daily to my feet.

Oh I am too kind, giving you all of this material that makes you weak and helpless. I don’t know why I outdo myself like this. How grateful you must be.

And for those who haven’t figured it out a certain somebody is back. I said I wouldn’t allow him back this time but I just had to hear all about how horrible it was for him and how his gf left him. I had to enjoy the fruits of my five minute labor after all. Oh and how I did enjoy it. He begged me not to write about him EVER again in my journal. What a fool, why would any of you ever wish for that. Its an honor to ever be mentioned by me. How rare it is that I focus on any of you in here. I normally keep it all about me and how powerful, beautiful, intelligent and a multitude of other things I am.

12K Al, are you happy you fucked over a bunch of other Dommes and then came to me and expected to do the same thing, only to find yourself short of 12k a few short months later? I can take the niteflirt screenshot but all of you know I don’t need to, my power is evident and thats why you little fetish fuckers who like to play games with other women avoid me. You know I won’t cater to you, I don’t need your money. I just love to financially dominate men, I can survive financially without it, and even if I couldn’t I still wouldn’t ever bend to your will. 12K Al, we’re about to make that 14K by the end of September, I expect you to comply with your tail between your legs, otherwise your fear of the same punishment that Paul had to face will become a reality.

Have to do some spamming, I always forget to link to anything besides c4s. Just bookmark this entry, no doubt I won’t post my links again for months. You ought to have them saved in your Posh folder anyway. I am not your link fetcher.






6. goddess.posh yahoo ID (I do NOT check email here. Only IM)

7. (Seriously, self explanatory)

8. Banner exchange & other inquiries go to

And I thought you were a good little Catholic boy..

Maybe you once were, but no longer. You’ve tasted corruption, and now you long to drown in it. You aren’t satisfied with just a sip, you want me to pour it into your soul straight from the bottle down your throat, filling up every crevice until it spills over your lips and stains your skin.

You’ve led a life of hypocrisy. One in which you put on your pristine Sunday best, pranced to the alter, fell to your knees and begged for the holy being of your choice to give you all of your wildest dreams and more on a silver platter claiming you lived a life of innocence & humble obedience while the whole time you were nothing more than a sniveling wasteful useless depraved mess of a man with no purpose.

That is until I came along. Only when you found me did being on your knees feel truly right. Only when you found me did obedience become second nature. Only when you found me did your wants dissipate.

I gave you purpose, I took control over your life from the inside out. I started with your thoughts, your passions, your desires and twisted them to my own liking. Slowly I seeped out into your world, taking over everything from the way you behaved towards other people, the way you dressed, what you ate, to how you spend MY money. Everything was transformed.

And now, no longer are you the sinner of some false faith, but the believer in a superior life altering Goddess.

Follow behind me with blind faith, the Lion leads the lamb. Where will I bring you next, will I allow you to drown in the corruption you crave so strongly, will I sacrifice your life for my own pleasures, or will I slowly and tenderly shear you, until you’re left exposed and naked before me?

Come, destiny awaits you.

Ritual of the Apostles: Erotic Monetary Exchanges

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that what I truly love & rightfully deserve is to live a life of grand exquisite luxury, provided by a group of apostles whose only purpose and one desire is to keep me in this lifestyle. Its apparent that I can of course get by without you, but that doesn’t get me off nearly as much. And in return these apostles get nothing, except for the opportunity to fill their life with a Goddess to worship. This is an erotic monetary exchange, this is a desire to submit your money to me knowing that you will receive zilch in return.

Its not a question of if I can cash in on your fetish, profit from your weaknesses or maneuver your thinking. That’s simple for someone of my intelligence, beauty & charm. But that’s not financial domination, that is exploitation and manipulation. While I do enjoy mind control I am not always going to be giving out the ‘mind fuck’ you crave. While I do enjoy men becoming weak against my will, I do not always desire to exert the energy it takes. This is not a game of give and take to me. This is my life, this is how I live. I live with men at my beck and call, regardless of what they may receive in return.

Its not beyond my understanding that arousal for you is immediate upon giving to me what I want, I know how it makes you feel. Yet, I do not wish to focus on that, I do not care. What I care about is that you are doing what pleases me.

Some can say the actions I take to fulfill my financial lust is really me catering to your desires. They are wrong. Those who serve me know that whatever fetishes they have are kissed good bye. I am not some bitch on the PC who is desperate for money and willing to do whatever nasty degrading act it takes to get you off and make you pay. You aren’t here to PAY me, you are here to SERVE MY WILL. If we have the same fetish interest that makes it even better. However, if you get off on having your foot fetish exploited then I am not the woman for you. See, I have one foot bitch right now, and only because I like him. He tells me how different I am, I don’t give him the pictures or clips he loves, I don’t even turn my cam on for him. He hasn’t left yet. He has fallen for me despite the fact that I have not catered to his wants. It hasn’t stopped him from worshiping me and giving me what I desire. I am powerful enough that you will fall prey to me and forget what you wanted in the first place.

I think another slave of mine has a foot & leg fetish, but its been so long since we’ve even discussed his wants that I can’t remember..

And if you think I am going to spit at you, call you every four lettered word in the dictionary, sell you my used items, give you masturbation instructions aside from.. do not masturbate.., humiliate your penis, get on cam whenever you want it, show you my feet, take special custom pics for you in special outfits, give you humiliation tasks, mail you pieces of my flesh, send you bodily fluids, play your fake blackmail games, ‘work’ around your schedule, pop a balloon, smash things with my feet, pretend like you’re miniature and I’m eating you or stuffing you between my amazing breasts, shake my butt for you, smoke anything ever at all, tie up & torture your genitals, parade around in heels, wait until you are drunk, high, smashed, stoned, humiliated, humored, horny, or otherwise satiated before getting the cash that I deserve then you are not a financial slave and I want nothing to do with you. Capice. You can find plenty of women who apparently share all of these same fetishes as you do, and you can get off to them.

And if you think you can handle submitting to my will 100%, submitting to my financial lust, becoming another apostle in my world of financial domination then you will click this link & experience firsthand an erotic monetary exchange with Me.

The Call of the Succubus

My weekend was slow! I didn’t get to go up north like I wanted, but made plans to be gone from Weds-Sat this week instead, which means a whopping 4 to 5 days without me.

I heard comments that my journal was boring, okay everyone in the  LJ financial domination community probably read those comments. I never sent any of my subs in to defend me, and none of them are on LJ. I know I have many admirers on here who lurk and hope to see a new entry from me daily. I did post as myself to make it clear that I knew whoever was bashing my writing either was a very insecure person or someone that is obsessing over me.  People are curious why I don’t post ‘proof’ pics or talk in more detail about my exploits of men. I can understand why people are confused after seeing something the same way for so long, and then someone else comes along that is different.

When I first came online a couple of years ago I’d go through the hassle of posting pics every now and then. I rarely talked about figures even then. It became a really big hassle! Honestly, when you are getting gifts or cash a lot you don’t want to sit and have to prove it every single time to the rest of the Financial Domination world. I decided I would just share pictures or videos of the gifts and cash I get with those who actually send it, and even then only if they make it worth it. I really feel that I should live as stress free a life as possible, and that I have more to offer the world intellectually than just some pics of the money I get. I didn’t think it was interesting at all, I found it to be just a contest amongst the ladies and just some jerk off material for the boys. I didn’t want to participate with either of those things. Its not my job to entertain the rest of the community. If they want to jerk off to the IDEA  of financial slavery by seeing what other people do they can find someone ELSE to jerk off to. So while some people may consider my journal boring, I consider them a boring person. I write the way I do to attract intelligent people.

I am a snob, I don’t care what other people think about me, I only let certain men serve me. I have my standards. I am not willing to do any kind of what I deem degrading or disgusting acts to make a man feel ‘submissive’ enough to give me cash. The men who serve me are very well educated and understand it is not about fetishes, it is about my superiority and their inferiority. It is about them giving me money because it is only RIGHT and it is how the world is.

I make clips because I enjoy it, its a nice way to make men feed their mind with my images and words. Its a simple way to keep my subs in constant need of me. Its a wonderful way to meet new men that feel the same way I do about financial domination. I enjoy seducing men out of their money. I feel as though I am more of a manipulator, & a bit sadistic, than I am a “Domme”. While I am always SUPERIOR to these men, I fit more as their Goddess to be worshiped.

I have produced two new Posh Experiences for those who are interested. If you’re not interested in my journal why do you keep reading it?

The first is called –


This is an MP3 (obviously) in which I use the exercise of repeat after me to brainwash you into believing that you can not live without me. I am your oxygen, and in order to survive you need me. You need to breathe me in, feel me taking over your body, becoming one with you. I am the OXYGEN you breathe!

Call of the Succubus-
Traditionally succubus want to drain your cock, but I am sure you already know that my corruption & lust has nothing to do with your man bits, aside from SEDUCING you into SUBMISSION. This Succubus prefers instead to feed on your soul, & your wallet.

Listen to the Call of the Succubus, hear my voice penetrating your life as I tempt you & distract you from my evil plan, by applying beautiful pink lipstick & teasing you with my cleavage & breasts.

Cleavage cam & Lipstick fetish all in one while brainwashing & seduction work your mind over, making you feel so weak & so helpless, all for Me, your SUCCUBUS.

Its so easy to relax to my voice, and give in to my will. You’ll never consider fighting my power again.

Go stock up on the clips of me, while I am gone it will give you plenty to obsess over. Feed your mind, and I’ll feed from your soul..

The Art of Seduction The Burn of Posh

I adore my own seduction, its so easy to fall into the trap of admiring my own sexuality. People assume if you’re a “Domme” that you don’t enjoy sex. Domination is not the lack of sex, it can be a personality trait but it can also be a sexual experience. I don’t understand that mentality.

For me its highly arousing when I make men feel weak. Sure, I enjoy vanilla sex. I’m just like any other woman, I have my own desires and fantasies. But what I really enjoy, without having to think about it, without realizing its happening until I’m already into it, is men who crumble to my will. It wasn’t something I grew up fantasizing about. It just happened in every day situations where a man would take a different approach towards me than he normally would have because of his attraction, and I realized during those times that it was him becoming weak and me becoming powerful. That is a turn on. Its erotic.

Obviously there is the exchange of power in there, but for me its more than that. I have this sadistic mentality that completely collides with the rest of me. I’ve always been so compassionate and thoughtful. I care about the world around me, the environment, animals, children, the elderly. I really have a very gentle nature, most of the time. It seems though that some part of me seeks out to cause destruction, chaos.I get off on it.

When I was 10 years old I was sitting in a circle of kids, we were all crossed-legged working on a project. Suddenly I had this urge, and I took my pencil and stabbed it into this boys leg next to me, right into his thigh. He immediately began to cry, and everyone in my group was really angry, they were yelling at me “What did you do that for?”. I can’t explain why I did it, I don’t remember anything unusual leading up to it. All I knew was that it made me laugh. I sat there trying to stop myself from laughing as he was in pain, but I couldn’t. I was actually holding my stomach in laughter. It still makes me laugh now even as I write about it. I never understood that about myself until I was in my early twenties. It was then that I realized I found pleasure in the pain men experienced from MY HANDS.

It has to be MY HANDS. But it wasn’t just my hands causing pain that I loved. It was pain coming out of nowhere. It was pain when it was least expected. How I love to toy with a boy.. mmmm.. doesn’t that just sound so yummy? I loved to bring him into a complete frenzy of lust and love for me, making him worship the ground I walked on, make him bend over backward trying to keep me happy before suddenly stabbing him in the leg with a pencil. Only now, now that I’m an adult, I don’t just use a pencil. I use words, they are so much sharper. I use sweet sharp words, because they cut like a knife. How they wound even the toughest of us. Even I have cried over words. Haven’t you? Why do I like to sashay into a room and draw every eye to the curve of my breasts, to the roundness of my hips before taking my heel and stomping on some poor helpless guys ego?

My tongue has lashed much more than any whip I’ve had. They could come out for a little play once in a while, but it never aroused me so much as making a man cry because he was reduced to a fragile and helpless creature. Maybe I like to nurture them back afterward, but no, I am often too busy laughing for that.

Maybe they are right, and seduction is an art. Maybe I can paint myself into your mind, colors so rich and vibrant left there as a distant memory and a future event, tempting you, teasing you. Maybe I can carve myself into your heart, leaving my mark on you as a constant reminder of how weak I make you feel. Maybe I can write myself into your soul, directing your life into the cusp of my palm, where you will forever stay on the edge between being crushed and being loved.

Some people are artistic, and others just appreciate beauty. My beauty is art, and you’re here to appreciate it. You can say its my eyes, my face, my breasts, my feet, you can say what you will. I know however it is my mind that seduces you, entraps you, its my mind that pulls you into my world and keeps you here. It is my mind that wishes to enable your addictions, to tempt your dark desires, to drown you in lust. Its my mind that wants to bring out your every weakness, to seduce all resistance, all restraint, all doubt from your very core. Its my mind that wants to reduce you into a reflection of what you once were, to make you tear off your mask and face yourself in the mirror, to force you to let out your inner demons and see how much of a perverted freak you really are. And its my mind that wants to punish you for being so weak, for being so helpless against something as beautiful yet as shallow as my eyes, for being so helpless against my creamy complexion, for being so damn pathetic over a pair of breasts.

Seduction might be an art, but with me it is a slow and deadly one. I will reach into you and crush your heart, so slowly, so tenderly you will think you’re having an orgasm. You will think you’re feeling the pangs of love. When I am done you will feel my hand print burned into you forever. Because you are so shallow, because you are just like any other man and give in to a woman over something as simple as how she looks, because you base your actions on appearance, I have this urge to burn you, and I will.

Return to the Garden

Eric.. oh Eric.. I know you’re reading this you filthy pervert. I know you can’t stay away from me. You think you can escape, but already I own you. I’m on your mind always, I’m tantalizing your senses, you are so predictable. How does it feel to not have any control over your actions?

I thought it was time we head back to my Garden, time for me to feed you more of my forbidden fruit. See, I’ve been rather insatiable lately. I know you understand how I have a thirst for the finer things in life, and my favorite way to get them is through emotional entrapment, manipulation and even stealth. mmm, its so delicious, its so gratifying. Really, how could any of you ever stand a chance against giving into my whims when you know it pleases me oh so much. You can’t..

Forbidden Fruit was quite sexy and seductive, wasn’t it. Now you can return to the Garden with me, we have so much more to explore and do. I will entice you with my harmonic voice, bringing you into a fantasy land that seeps into your every day reality. This is 46 minutes, and will take some time to load. I am completely worth it, but I don’t have to tell you that. The visual portion is a very seductive loop, I added it only for the purpose of driving you wild, it does not need to be watched!

A short preview:
Garden Preview

Return to the Garden


This is a hypnotic clip, which features an induction followed by an enchanted story of a Goddess that corrupts and uses a boy, just like you. I take weak willed men, and I exploit them for everything they are worth. I am seduction incarnate.

If you’re not easily prone to be in a trance you will still enjoy this clip, as I’ve added beautiful hypnotic footage of me and the words I speak will draw you in and feed your mind, regardless if you enter a trance or not.

I am just that powerful. I am that beautiful.

You can not resist.

Listen with your headphones on, sit back and feel my hypnotic mind control through every ounce of your body.

I will corrupt you. I will seduce you. I will have my way.

Silent Torture


Of course, there are those of you who aren’t quite ready to hear me speak, or better yet, you don’t deserve to. The other night I was feeling so pretty, I flipped on my cam and talked right to you, but alas, I did not record with volume just because I wanted to torture you. Imagine seven minutes of silent torture, seeing my pretty mouth moving and being so curious as to what I’m actually saying.. and of course, I realized even that was too good for you, so I added some grainy effects to most of the clip. I know you’re weak enough to buy it, you would buy an empty clip if you thought it would make me happy. It is about the exploitation of you and the pleasure of me, isn’t it, boy.

A few of my favorite things.. (Again)

*Waking up to an account brimming with the green dough from my European puppets who were busy sending me sweet sweet cash all morning while I slept in.

*Knowing grown men are on their knees, literally, half way around the world aching for the chance to meet me as they are filled with insurmountable desires of giving it all up on my behalf.

*Fixing men with excessive arrogance and out of control egos by using my intelligence to coerce them into submission, persuading them down to their knees bowing at my feet and squashing any sign of insolence out of them using my heels, leaving them allllll better..

*Understanding that being a woman really is a powerful thing, and encouraging other women to discover this for themselves because the more women who know their strengths the stronger all of us are.

*When Paul falls to his knees and cries, begging for mercy, and pleading for compassion only to feel the hand of greed choking the life out of him instead and THEN comes back for more as often as possible.

*When men who are admiring me for months finally get up the courage to approach me, and after admitting their fears, I wrap my world, my essence, around them like a bubble and keep them safe.. for now ..

*Posh Junkies that swoop in and buy all my clips, repeatedly, adding to their shrine of me and building their insatiable obsession until its unbearable and they crumble in a puddle of brainwashed subservience begging for the chance to give me whatever I want.

*Using my feet, and only my immaculate Goddess feet, to control the actions of others.

*Making people feel uncomfortable with themselves because I am myself.

*Controlling men through diet & chastity. They say a way to a mans heart is his stomach and cock.. and I found that’s the way to his wallet as well..

*Trapping you in a cage, like a wild bird, and keeping you as my special pet to take out and play with as I see fit.

*The use of psychological torment and emotional entrapment, sadistic in the least, to wear down defenses of those who try to challenge me and taking money from them as a sign of the true power exchange, leaving them with the knowledge that they never stood a chance in the first place and that all the truth’s they now know will never go away and their reality is forever changed as they are forced to live with the fact that they are nothing without me.

And of course, we can’t leave out all of my favorite MATERIAL things. . that would be ridiculous..

*Luxury sheets, its only fitting I should be surrounded in Egyptian Cotton Sateen as you work extra hard to afford me the things I


*Vacations to warm sandy beaches, hidden get-a-ways and places of historical significance where I can face adventure and leisure, all on your dime of course.


*Irresistible perfumes to lightly scent my already heavenly neck, like Gucci by Gucci.


*Flats & Heels designed with a Goddess in mind, mmm, sliding into a pair of these shoes knowing you paid for them is bliss.



This will do for now, don’t want to get your imagination too wild, you wouldn’t be able to handle it..

Independence Day

The holiday weekend is here, the epitome of summer we all know and love. BBQ, lakes, beaches, friends, family, ball games  and so much more. The celebration of liberty, freedom and all that jazz. Yet, while I am away camping and enjoying the quintessential American summer, you’ll be spending your Independence day chained up & I have the key.


As your friends are around you, enjoying red white and blue desserts, you’ll remember my stained red lips from Forbidden Fruit, the way my mouth seductively coos at you and calls you into dark & deviant places. How my beauty leaves you unable to think, unable to control yourself, unable to stop from falling to your knees in worship. Your balls will become BLUE as you remember you are not  to cum without permission, which means a whole weekend of no masturbation. Yet, everything around you reminds you of me, and you are left tortured and helpless once again.

As the day continues you sneak off with your phone, to your PC, to a friends computer, whatever it takes to get close to me, and you read my journal AGAIN, you buy my clips AGAIN, you obsess over me some more. While your friends are supposedly celebrating freedom (we all know its just an excuse to get drunk) you are locked up in a dark room dreaming about my luscious full breasts, and how badly you would love to be on your knees looking up at me. When you finally go back to the group, because it would be rude not to and mainly you know if you stay too long you’ll end up sending me all of your cash and your wife or girlfriend or family will become suspicious and find out just how kinky you really are, you still can’t stop thinking about me.


As fireworks shoot into the nights sky, you remember how explosive it feels when you are serving me. How much power I have over you, how much control I take from you, how weak I leave you filled with lust and desires.


The end of the day will leave you with the knowledge that for you this is not Independence day, this is the day of shackles & chains, and you’re my captive. For you, there is no freedom from me. I own your body & your mind, you are trapped beneath my sexy heels. For you, this day is a celebration of your true dependence on me, because you need me for happiness. While everyone around you is laughing, you’re dying on the inside because you miss me, you can’t live without me, and you are hopeless. The rope that binds you is of lust, corruption, & addiction. Now you understand I did not give you those chains, you already had them, I only fastened you to me with them. No matter where you go in life you’ll always have those chains, and its people like me who capture you & use you until you can’t be used up anymore. And you LOVE it. It feels so good, you are deeply disturbed by your pleasure but unable to stop yourself from letting go and releasing all control to me, because it feels so good. Only I can do that to you.


This weekend is a celebration of your independence from lies, and your dependence on the truth. You need ME, and I hold the key. This goes for all of you, not just you Americans, because you’re ALL addicted to me, but you all came with those addictions in the first place. I just pounced.

new clip new clip!

What are my intentions with you?

To exploit, manipulate and control. To take CASH, to bury you in debt, insecurities and lust. To drive you into fits of uncontrollable splurging, spending & submission.

This is perfectly clear when you read my journal, view my website, and speak with me. It seems that some are confused and expect me to perform services for them, to cater to their will, just because I am on niteflirt and have gorgeous breasts. These boys are slightly amusing, but in the end, I want to make sure the rest of you realize that it is really truly all about my sadistic needs and your masochistic ones. Its all about my lust for money, my desire to use seduction as a tool to dominate you, and your inability to stop me from taking control. Do not think I am here as a pseudo-domme on niteflirt to cater to your BDSM fantasies and provide you with orgasm release. I am a FINANCIAL DOMINANT!

Preying on how badly you want more of me, and knowing how addicted and weak you are, I thought it would be pretty amusing to create a collage of clips you’ve already seen before. That’s right, I’ve silenced them and took bits and pieces of things you’ve already paid for, stuffed it into one clip and recorded a very sexy enchanting and tempting dialogue over it. It’s all about how you have no self-control, because even though you’ve already paid for these clips before, you’re too weak to stop yourself from paying again. I know you’re longing to hear exactly what I have to say, dieing to feel my voice rip through your consciousness and leave you begging for more. You’ll end up on your knees at the end, ready to obey every command I give. The clip is still uploading and will be available in 45 minutes! I know you’re so anxious, but releasing this blog before it was finished gave me even more of a thrill, I love knowing you’re suffering and that these 45 minutes will feel like a lifetime to you. Time will go by much faster if you spend it spoiling me, so get to it my puppets and pets.

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