Tushy Adore – Financial Domination Ass Worship Photos

Subtle and sexy.. there’s no need to be blatant and put it all out there. I often get whatever I want from my slaves using my brain alone. But I am a beauty, and it does help that my eyes are so captivating and gorgeous and my voice is so soft and silky and rich .. and my body has such amazing curves. So much curves! Curves that make any man weak, because biologically you’re wired to respond to the hourglass figure I have with a compulsion.. with such intense desire and lust.. and you can’t do anything about it. It’s just part of being YOU.. having the inability to resist MY perfectly feminine figure. Yet, I am so subtle with it.. I rarely ever show anything from the chest down publicly.. no need to. There are plenty of that nature to obsess over on VIP. However the MOST rare photos of me of all would be that of my gloriously thick ass! It is simply put the form of a Goddess, and I am just SO particular about sharing. No need to. I’m brilliant in mind, my body is merely an extension of that. Those who can see my beauty from the inside out are the one’s rewarded with more access to it. The more you appreciate me the way I am, the more I will bring you in and allow you to indulge in worshiping my womanly form.

You Very Indoctrinated Puppets will be delighted to hear that available for your consumption are four new photos of Goddess .. dressed in black sheer stockings, pink panties and DOMINATING you from above!! These photos are close up views of my gorgeous curvy tushy and TOO much for any true POSH lover to handle. If you LOVE all things about me, and most likely you do (yea even YOU) then you will appreciate the exquisite full curvy form of your Goddess. Tushy Adore photos are available to VIP only!

Of course they will cost you boys a pretty penny, because hello.. I have VALUE. Just looking at me will drain your bank account…. and MY ass has only been filmed/photographed ONE other time and only ONE boy has that video (john) .. these photos are beyond valuable. They are priceless to any of you Posh admirers, fans, addicts, slaves, wallets and pets.

The rest of you that aren’t VIP but ARE interested in being my wallet rape victim.. you can start your financial service with a niteflirt tribute and follow up email.


(VIP login to see my stocking feet….)

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VIP Personal Message

NON VIP – ooooh no update for you .. but because I love to rub it in your stupid bitch face what you’re missing out on you can read the description and see the screenshot from the newest clip I’ve made. Until you begin your journey serving ME the right way, with CASH, as a good wallet.. a good financial slave for a greedy financial domination Goddess, then you will forever be forced to accept the fact you are a failure and will continue to ache and yearn for ME and MY spell and MY control. I’d hate to be you.. wanting something so badly and being too stupid to have it. I’d never be in that situation because I always make sure I get whatever I want, in every way in every part of life. It’s just another way I am SUPERIOR to you! I get what I set my mind to. I succeed and accomplish greatness.  You just wither in the shadows longing to be a wallet in my hands, providing to my luxury, pampering and spoiling me the way I deserve. You long to feel my grip around you dragging you deep under.. that’s what you can have, right now.. simply by crawling to me, wallet out.


VIP Personal Messages

You very indoctrinated puppets are so lucky to have such a GENEROUS Goddess! I’ve gone out of my way to create a gorgeous video with a personal message to all of you VIP, a message that is sure to become DEEPLY ingrained into your weak mushy boy brain. But, I want you to listen to my voice closely, maybe I’ll have an even more personal message in this clip just for you .. listen for your name.. you could be one of the pets I speak directly to .. and if you’re not just know that the rest of the message was meant exactly for YOU then!

My weak little wallets.. login now so you can buy the new clip and find out for yourself if your name passes my Goddess lips.

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Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice!

Those of you who have yet to voyage into VIP territory but continue to OBSESS on MY every single word and action are going to be so delighted to hear that my newest clip, Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice, is available not just to the VIP but to the public as well! This is a RARE opportunity for the curious and the HUNGRY to get a peek into my world, where you will undoubtedly be taken away by my greedy whims and swept up under my hypnotic spell. This is just one step of many into MY world.. where submissive men find their purpose in pampering me, providing to me, worshiping me, adoring me, serving me, aching for me.. HURTING for me.. This is just the first of many clicks you will helplessly, mindlessly, make for me. My videos are the artistic reflection of my superior GODDESS mind and they double as a MIND CONTROL tool meant to shape you into a money drone set on GIVE MORE to GODDESS POSH.

You want to collect all of my videos, they are so special to you. You love how unique I am. My style is so cute and powerful, and classy and sweet yet cruel and calculated, terrifyingly prophetic, so talented with my words you get wrapped up in them like a safe warm bed only to find yourself in a sticky web.. trapped, prey, helpless, about to be served up as a meal for MY financial lust.. but you love it, I make you love it, because look at MY gorgeous face and my stunning eyes.. they make your mind so mushy.. yesssss this is why you want to collect all of my videos.. there is nobody and nothing like me…. it’s good to be addicted to Goddess, it’s good to want to have all of my videos..it wouldn’t be right to not have the entire collection. Besides you want your mind completely filled with MY words, MY doctrine, MY philosophy, MY mindfuck, MY brainwash.. you want to be under the influence of The Venus Sway.. mmm it feels so good to open up a video and lose yourself to it.. letting your mind drift off and I implant those sweet triggers of mine.

Triggers get pulled and boom money gets deposited. That’s how it works puppet. You have no choice, I say GIVE and you say YES GODDESS and you GIVE. If you want to LIVE in My world you’ll need to GIVE of yourself.. FULLY $$$$.


Oh Puppet, you Have No Choice! (8 minute Financial Domination video clip)

I want you to love it that I abuse you for my own pleasure, so you will. I want you to crave being my wallet rape victim, and so you will. I want you to kneel and worship with your wallet out, which means you will! Because puppet you have no choice. Fate has designated you to this path where you are addicted to suffering for MY pleasure.




I’m looking at you, thinking about what a weak boy you are for me. And I’m expecting you to hand over that cash, serve my financial lust, and submit to my greed. I’m waiting, expecting you to give in. I know you won’t deny me the cash that is mine. It’s meant to be in MY purse, so I can go out shopping with your money while you stay at work earning more. That’s how I’m looking at you. Like I know you have it for me. I know you’re holding onto MY money. Hand it over now, bitch. OBEY by sending MY money, you already know how.

Puppet, time to SPEND. Go to my wish list and buy me a gift I really want, there are so many to choose from. I’ve been nice enough to keep my list FULL of MY WANTS! I know you can’t resist fulfilling MY desires. I made you that way.

Time to drain that wallet, all on MY greed.. I love to do pay2view wallet rapes on niteflirt. Send me a message, but don’t expect one back without there being a PRICE attached!

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Her Eyes Chained Me

“..and her eyes..her eyes chained me..”

Is it my eyes that have you all chained up for me or is it your innate weakness that makes you such a captive of mine.. I know you can’t look away. I see you trying to consume as much of me as you can. I know you even steal the photos off of my website for your own obsessive little collection. And to those FOOLISH boys that want to act as if you’re not chained to me? Denial is a funny thing. On one hand you say you are not obsessed with, weak for, in need of, or addicted to ME, but on the other hand you won’t stay off of my website, you steal and collect all of my photos that you can, and you won’t stop thinking about ME.. yes I know you won’t stop thinking about me. I made it that way. Awww you can’t escape from you own brain and I have taken that brain, and made it all mine and all filled with my sadistic and greedy will. My voice dominates that mind. It has moved in and taken over every single square inch of that silly little brain of yours.

Doesn’t it drive you insane that just one little photo of me is all it takes to make you all dizzy … you think you can visit MY website and read MY words and see MY photos and not become CHAINED?


Chained by your own desires and chained by MY beauty and power.. My eyes MESMERIZE you and drive you deep into weakness. Don’t you want to be my good puppet and comply with everything I say? mmmm hmmm YESSS you doooooo so much! you love being chained to me, a helpless slave of my will. Slaves don’t have a choice in anything, they just obey. Slaves don’t get to ask for anything, they just serve. Serve & obey with financial sacrifice.. your little puppet head nods up and down mindlessly .. because I hold the strings. I make you do as I want. You don’t believe me, still in denial? I made you come back here AGAIN, didn’t I ..

That’s why you’re going to go to niteflirt right now & send a tribute. You’re chained to me, a puppet here for acting out my will, and I said TRIBUTE because what I want is for you to BE MY WALLET & since I am the GODDESS holding the strings this little puppet is going to OBEY and SPEND SPEND SPEND until there is nothing left.

Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will want to watch the cute video I made just for you…but as always remember I do have ulterior motives and they are deliciously evil!

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I’ll Take The Credit For That

If you’ve been serving me you would have heard at some point some version of good boy or good wallet, and I know it made you feel sooooooo wonderful to receive my praise. First of all, isn’t it amazing what power my words have on you. I tell you good boy and it makes you want to spend even more, doesn’t it. The fact that I can do that so easily to you also makes you want to spend more! So now you’re wanting to spend more like crazy.. but back to the point I originally wanted to make, when you hear me say those things you ought to realize you have no reason to get a BIG head over it! I’m actually not complimenting you. All that wonderful behavior you’re displaying?! I’ll take the credit for that.

I’ll take credit for the way you kneel and hand over all of that money you worked for. I’ll take credit for the way you say ‘yes Goddess’ and obey every single command I give. I’ll take credit for the way you always put me first, never allowing anything or anyone else to take precedence over my happiness. I’ll take credit for all of the obedience, loyalty, devotion, worship, sacrifice, and good behavior you display. It is MY light, MY beauty, MY power, MY greatness that inspires you to be the best financial slave you can be. I am the reason you’re better. I inspire you to be even greater for me. This is why I deserve all the credit. I’m the reason you’re a good boy, I’m the reason your’e a good wallet. One look at Me and you WANT to give me everything I’ve ever desired.. it’s how you’re designed. I deserve ALL THE CREDIT for you being a GOOD WALLET. So if you’re a GOOD WALLET then GIVE ME THE CREDIT!

Good wallets give the credit to ME. Yes this is a pun, for those who are too mushy minded, dull or dimwitted to understand. “GOOD WALLETS GIVE ME THE CREDIT” not only do they give me the credit for making them into a good wallet, but they also hand over their credit cards mindlessly.. yesssssss.. you are a good wallet, so you will give me the credit. I deserve it, I made you into such a good boy. I inspired you into being the best little bitch you can be. So now you want to take me shopping and watch me drain you down to nothing, maxing all of your cards out like nothing. Show you what a good boy is really used for. Used to carry my bags, used to pay the price, used to add sparkle, beauty, luxury and the FINER things in life to MY life! A good wallet will give ME the credit and go to amazon.com and max out credit cards sending me gift cards and gifts from my wish lists. A good wallet will GIVE ME THE CREDIT and login to his niteflirt and max out one card after the other sending me tributes. A good wallet will give ME the credit for his good behavior because as you know I am the reason you display it.

Kneel and Chant:
Goddess Posh deserves ALL the credit.
THE CREDIT is better off in Goddess Posh’s hands.
Goddess Posh earned ALL THE CREDIT simply by being herself, the inspiration to ME to be a better wallet!
The CREDIT IS Goddess Poshs’ there is NO other option!
I don’t deserve ANY of the credit, Goddess Posh deserves ALL of the CREDIT!

Before me, and without me, you are dirty, weak, vile, selfish, and consumed with lust and desires. If you fail me, and you most likely will at some point in some way, its YOUR fault! It’s your fault because you are inferior, and allowed your mushy boy brain to lose focus on ME and what is important, you allowed yourself to fall. Boys that fall off of the path of my training have only themselves to blame. I will take the credit when you are being a good wallet, because I have inspired that behavior from you. But you will take the credit when you fail. You will take the credit by crawling to me and saying ‘ i have failed, i am a weak disgusting boy and i lost focus of what is important’. Then you will take credit again by taking that credit card out of that wallet and sending me a tribute! Take credit for your bad behavior, OWN IT, crawl and beg for mercy and then apologize the right way with CASH!

Oh and the way you can’t stop obsessing, how your addiction has taken over every part of your life now because you have me on your mind 24/7 and want nothing more than to be this way forever.. how you have scraped the barrel trying to do whatever it takes to be a useful bitch in my stable.. how you kneel and surrender yourself completely to me and are willing to lose everything for me.. all of that, yeah I’ll take the credit for that.

I want to go shopping? I’ll take the credit for that, right out of my weak willed wallet!
I want to buy a new car? I’ll take the credit for that, straight from your shaky hands!
I want to go on vacation? I’ll take the credit for that, and leave your wallet empty!

Because a good wallet always gives ME the credit!

Goddess Posh you’re the inspiration I need that makes me into such a good wallet. I am inspired by all of you, especially your greed. You deserve to have THE CREDIT for MY good behavior, in more ways than one. I want to pay this mail like a good wallet..

VIP login for updates and photos!

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The Age of Goddess Posh


It’s the Age of Goddess Posh my pet. It’s the era you want to be part of.  You will invest in my pleasure, you will be a piece of the puzzle, you will focus your energy on being a good boy and reading ALL of MY holy words, allowing the changes to take place, and following the guidance and code of THE POSH MESSIAH.



The Word of Posh Messiah:

Consuming. That’s what MY words are. Life altering. YES. Because your entire life changes when you begin to descend into financial slavery for ME. It starts with just one little click, but it’s so easy to do. You can’t deny yourself the opportunity to INVEST in GODDESS POSH. When  you make that click you’ll want to start making more, I assure you. You’ll be eager to keep going, I know this for a fact. I’ve seen it before. It might start out slowly, even taking place over months, or it could be over night but you’re going to click again… and again. And eventually when you’re releasing the cash into my hands you’ll also be releasing your soul into my cage. I’ll keep it like a little pet, a pretty birdy for me, locked away just for me to coo at and talk to and play with however I want while your shell of a body is set to AUTOMATIC and goes out daily to earn more money, earn more slave wages, slave away day in and day out, spend spend spend, then do it all again. Check the wishlist. Check the site. Check the twitter. Obsess all day and all night. Do it again. Zombie is set to repeat. Emptied of cash, emptied of your soul, emptied of your self-control, and FULL of MY DOCTRINE!



The word of Posh Messiah:

Addicting. That’s what MY words are. Brainwashing. YES! Because you can’t stop reading these words of mine or withdrawal may happen, like a junkie. You can’t deny yourself this little bit of Poshy venom, now can you! And while you’ve been obsessing over MY words you didn’t even realize that I also have been making an investment.. in you! Filling up on these words every chance you can get, aren’t you. Back here reading every single little syllable you can get your greedy hungry little eyes on, and now you’re finding out that this entire time I’ve been using those words to invest in you.. yes! I have invested in YOU! That’s right little INDOCTRINATED fool. My words have been used as weapons of my will, focused into your mind and set off like a little explosion deep in your neurons.. forming trails that are PERMANENT fixtures in your boy brain .. trails of MY will, MY whim.. yes I have invested my time and energy to make you a better drone for me. I have instilled my teachings deep into your mind, deep in your subconscious, using MY Venus Sway and my investment is returning to me TENFOLD!



The Word of Posh Messiah:

Superior. That’s what MY words are. Inspiring. YES!!! Because you feel the ache and the urge to kneel for Me, this superior Goddess, and live a life as a TRUE puppet. With your path laid out before you by me, my desires lighting the way. My superiority inspires you to be a good boy for me, to work hard for me, and to invest in ME. Every time you find yourself back here you are awed all over again by me. Each word you’ve read has only drove you deeper into obsession. Each word has only cemented in place the fact that you are an inferior peon that will kneel and SERVE. Each word has been an investment by me into making you the best wallet you can be. When you read my words you feel inspired to INVEST in Goddess Posh. Blood, sweat and tears aren’t enough for this Goddess though. You’ll need to invest your cash, your slave wages, as a wallet of MINE and believe me you are MINE! That is why you return, addicted, brainwashed, and consumed. That’s why your life has been altered by this superior inspiring Goddess. Because you are MINE.



It’s time to make the smartest investment you’ve ever made, in ME. I’ve already invested in you my pet and the turn around is going to be soooooo sweet. Oh what a delicious pay off .. $$$$$$$$ you helplessly clicking my shiny pretty MONEY buttons, taking those slave wages you’ve worked so hard for, and investing them into MY pleasure mmmmm sooooooo good. Sooooo good to reach my hand into your wallet and pull out whatever I want, while the other hand toys with you so perfectly.. tormenting you so sweetly..



And to think I bet when you first laid eyes on my angelic doll face you felt so sure I could never be your downfall. I bet you took one look and felt safe. Safe to indulge a little in all those desires of yours. Besides, you could stop it any minute if you wanted so no harm giving it a little try with this beautiful Goddess .. no harm at all. Only now you can’t stop. Now you have been exposed to my word and have become an addicted, helpless, financial slave at my disposal. Now you’re looking at this angel face wondering what hit you.




It’s the AGE of GODDESS POSH my pet. It’s the era you CRAVE to be part of.
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The Face that Makes you Tremble

The Face that makes you tremble.. tremble with weakness and the unrelenting truth that you have no choice but to submit to the DIVINE one! Slave john trembles when he see’s the breast worship photos I so generously posted in VIP the other day. He falls to his bitch knees and realizes acceptance of MY authority, MY superiority, and MY GREED are the only options you boys have available to you.


Look at that face.. that face has dominated and destroyed you boys SO well. There are 6 more black and white beauty shots available in VIP but to see the rest of this photo series & in color you will need to head into The Mindfuck Maze.


Not only do I dominate your wallet but I dominate the mind and life of those who serve me. I take OVER in every way possible. Even if you don’t approach thinking that will happen, it does. Becoming obsessed with ME is just part of being you, a weak-minded fool. Embrace your obsession with me by indulging in every little morsel of delicious mindfuck I make available. Every bit of my Venus Sway you can gobble up you should! You ought to be partaking in all that I so generously prepare for you junkies.. the clips, the mp3’s, the photos, the blogs, and the p2v’s are all important for you to grow closer to me. To become BETTER for service and use you will need MY programming. Drink up all the various forms of mindfuck potion I have available for you …. it ‘s the least I would expect since you obviously can’t seem to break your Posh habit.. you can’t stay away can you..



You can’t stay awayyyyyyy.. hahaha.. you are here all the time checking me out, looking for new updates, hoping I update the non-vip portion of my site with more photos for your hungry little eyes. If you want and need MORE of POSH you can get it, by SERVING me! You can serve me without being a VIP boy. You can send an anonymous amazon.com gift card if you’re too shy to approach me, it will make you feel so good. After you send it and realize how much you loved contributing to MY happiness you will be so eager to send more. What a great feeling it is to be under my control .. so helpless, so weak, so yummy, so out of controllll… And you will send more, only the second time around include your email address on your gift card so you can hear back from me.. so I can guide you on your journey of being a POSH puppet.

Step out from the shadows. Come out from being a nothing that only peeps at me and does zero to benefit me and start living the life you were made for.. the life of being a POSH PUPPET.. the life of being a SLAVE to ME.. enslaved for me..

Goddess has you enslaved already.. you’re already chained. I see you can’t stop visiting me and dreaming of being mine. You don’t have to jump right in to being a VIP boy or an owned slave. You can simply serve me.. slowly.. just start with ONE gift card, one tribute, one email.. see where it goes. You will be surprised how quickly you end up begging to be my slave and begging to take it harder.. you will think yourself stupid for holding off all this time. This whole time you could have been SERVING ME! ME!

All this time you’ve been watching, looking, wishing, hoping, wondering, dreaming.. and others have been LIVING it. You could be living it too.. one little tribute at a time.. go ahead, send a gift card, or a niteflirt tribute.. show yourself.. and be prepared to fall. I know you want to be properly Poshatized like all the other boys that serve me.

Amazon.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com & TRIBUTE HERE

My wishlist has been updated .. come on puppet do that dance for me


Goddess Posh

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My Beautiful Breasts Make you WEAK

and I don’t even have to bare my flesh for that to happen. Just a little peep of cleavage and you’re putty in my hands. I received my new bra from robotoine and decided I’m in the mood to take advantage of you boys with it. But you’ll have to be VIP to see the photos and watch the little video I made.


It does give me great cleavage though, wouldn’t you agree. But to see my perfect beautiful Goddess breasts in the actual bra you’d have to be a very indoctrinated puppet.



However without being a VIP you can still serve. I accept gift cards from amazon.com & bravissimo.com to posh@poshmessiah.com .. you will feel wonderful after you send my money, but more importantly I will feel wonderful.

Goddess Posh

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The Mindfuck Maze

I’m inviting you to join me in The Mindfuck Maze, an interactive audio story. The themes are Goddess worship, breast worship, addiction, weakness, brainwashing/mind-control and financial domination OF COURSE! You hear my voice telling the story and then you get to choose which way you want to go next in the maze.. you choose the path you want to take.. with my voice guiding and controlling you along the way of course. You never know if I am persuading you to go a certain way just for my own benefit.. you never know what I’ll have waiting for you around the next corner. I am a mischievous and dangerous little vixen and I have you right where I want you. Will you be able to find your way to the center of the maze?

You follow a hypnotic seductress only to be caught in her web and left to find your way through the mindfuck maze. The mindfuck maze has many pathways for you to get lost in. You will find yourself wandering around in a mushy minded haze with my voice keeping you set to automatic.

You will become obsessed with uncovering every single pathway (there are over 20), collecting every single audio recording (there are 53) finding every little gem I have hidden, and making your way to the center of the maze. Start your journey in the Mindfuck Maze now!


Gift cards go to posh@poshmessiah.com .. I’m in the mood to SHOP with your money! (WHATS NEW)

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Dazzling Enchantress

OOooooh look what VIP get, a new financial domination mindfuck clip to buy.. which means MORE obsession, MORE addiction, MORE helplessness, and most importantly MORE being financially fucked over for Goddess. It’s just part of the territory.. you wander into Poshtopia you’re going to end up with your wallet out.

If you’re not yet a very indoctrinated puppet all you need to do is click the VIP button & pay for access. My files are original works of art that are unlike any other financial domination clips in existence. They are one of a kind, a truly special experience, and not just everyone should be allowed access. If you’d like to continue watching POSH MEDIA then you need access to POSHTOPIA, whether you watch as a financial slave or just as an admirer that appreciates my creations.

As for my newest creation it is DAZZLING and ENCHANTING just like I am! This clip is a throwback in nature and style to many of my clips from the ’09-’11 era while still having a modern look and feel. This clip will become one of your favorites as it is a classic.

Dazzling Enchantress
Like a moth to the flame, the puppet is drawn to his beautiful temptress again and again. You’re so focused on me, your dazzling enchantress, you don’t even notice as I happily go about weaving a web of addiction, obsession and servitude in your weak boy brain.

VIP login so you can update your brain with the newest clip & there are some new photos added to the Goddess gallery for you to obsess over as well.

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Mindfucked Into Wallet Rape

New content addicts!!

I’ve generously added a snippet of my delicious voice for you to listen to as much as you want… or rather as much as you can handle… your poor inferior boy brain is bound to break!

… Now be a good little bitch and listen to the words I say.. OBEY .. click the pleasure button for me. Go on, you know you want to. Click it puppet.

Pleasure Button Mp3 — PLAY ME !!!!!

Also available for all of you Poshy drones a new Mp3 which I happily drain you with. I love making your mind all weak and mushy and then taking full advantage of you … I especially love how I sound in this mp3.. dangerous and delightful .. all rolled into one.

Mindfucked Into Wallet Rape mp3
It’s not really that shocking now is it puppet.. you should have known when you followed me down the deep dark rabbit hole I would take advantage of you.. you should have known I was going to abuse your wallet & fuck your mind. Now look at you.. all used up and begging to be wallet raped.

I’ve been logging into niteflirt accepting financial domination calls lately so I know you addicts will be watching my line obsessively hoping for the chance to talk with me. I’ll be around during the day mostly. I like when you business boys call me from the office. While you earn it I drain it.. ahhh the perfect balance.

Call Button

Enlightenment Through Financial Sacrifice

I know you’re here trying to drink in any drops of POSH you can get your desperate little hands on. I see you, lurking, wishing.. wishing you could be the one to submit to such greatness. It must be humbling to realize what a speck you are in the grand scheme of things. You’re just a blip in time, barely visible in the Universe, you aren’t much at all, and that must make you feel so insignificant. At least here, under my heels, you have more purpose. Here you find yourself being part of the greater good .. part of something much more grand than  yourself.. part of Poshtopia, where MY bliss and pleasure are your path to enlightenment.

You can be significant to me with the right amount of effort. You can stop wishing, stop lurking, and start serving. You can transform from a wandering useless speck in the Universe into a meaningful pet at the heels of this GODDESS!  It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. You can yield to my power or you can diminish into nothing and drift out of here just another nameless, faceless, useless speck! I know you’re drawn to me, my magnetic energy sweeps you right in and pulling away is nearly impossible. But if you’re just going to bob around useless to ME I will make sure you are tossed out of MY orbit and sent floating into nothingness and believe me when I say I won’t give you a second thought, ever. The boys who are serving me as they should be will continue to grow in significance with each and every act of submission, and the useless specks will disappear into nothing. The truly devoted feed my financial lust, enjoying it as it grows stronger and more insatiable, enjoying the pleasure that consumes my world, enjoying being a part of it all. I know you too crave to be a part of Poshtopia, which is a world of UTOPIAN bliss, DOMINATION and submission, where MY happiness is the guiding force behind your every action and each time you stroke my pleasure button with your financial service you fall deeper into obsession and develop MORE significance to Me. It is the perfect balance, we are the yin and yang but ONLY because I allow it. I have all the power and all the control, I am the deciding factor on which of you little specks are allowed access to my INTOXICATING existence!

The good boys, the one’s that love being scooped up by my greedy hands and made into a toy, they appreciate this about me. They will show themselves to me, make themselves known, and stand out amongst all the useless specks that are out there. They do not need convincing. They do not need to be forced. True submissive money slaves adore my financial lust and feel my greed feeds their own desires to serve Me. It is these boys that give me the greatest rush, the most pleasure, the strongest sense of satisfaction. It is these little specks which begin to shine and appeal to me. These are the one’s that I carefully collect…. I pick them out and put them into their own special place in Poshtopia and whenever I want I take it out like a toy off the shelf and play with it to my hearts content. You too can be one of the toys I cherish, or rather one of the prey I delight in tormenting.

Then there are the foolish boys that think being catered to is in fact being submissive (make me feel helpless and a loss of control.. they demand!!). They think that having their butt kissed and being given ‘sessions’ and making a woman WORK for the money he ‘gives’ is service and financial domination. Those little specks usually aren’t drawn into my world because I don’t put out the vibe that I would ever accept that. But it’s funny when once in a while one of you boys that serve me currently gets a little bug up your butt and decides to run away and try something shiny and new that ‘cares about your feelings and fetishes’ and ‘gives you sessions’ .. because you find out quickly just how true and deep the power I have over you really is. You’re quickly reminded that the shallow attractions lead to a shallow connection, that the sessions and butt kissing and catering she does to keep you around makes you feel like you’re the one in control. Like you’re using your wallet to manipulate a woman into performing an act.. and that it doesn’t feel nearly the same, nearly as good, as being under MY influence and knowing you absolutely have no control at all. Knowing that instead of buying an experience, you are experiencing a TRUE exchange of power. So the times when they run off it is simply amusing to me because I know exactly what will happen. You’ll return and you’ll be even more fucked than before.


So what if I take advantage of your weaknesses. So what if I make you love and adore me simply so I can rape your dry of every last cent. So what if I make you beg like a bitch for your own destruction. So what if I manipulate you like a puppeteer with her favorite dolly.. the strings so tightly wound around my fingers.. so what if you get hurt and suffer. You also get to experience Me. Now you get to enjoy the unique mind of this financial domination sensation. Now you get to be a speck with a purpose. So suffer for me. So burn for me. So hurt for me. So open your wallet and SERVE Me!

Crawl into My world and humble yourself with one of these three options:

1. Send a GENEROUS cash tribute by niteflirt or if you’re so lucky to have such personal access via Paypal or Snail Mail

2. Send a HEFTY http://www.bravissimo.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com so I can SHOP with your slave wages for new lingerie. 

3. Send a BIG FAT http://www.amazon.com gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com

Weak little puppet can’t say no.

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