Just a Taste of My Power

I’ve noticed a huge influx lately of girls trying to be JUST LIKE ME. It’s incredible. I know when to brush something off as coincidence, but when someone has your exact style, phrases and personality as their ‘thing’ it becomes pretty clear where their inspiration comes from! I understand I am inspiring to other women who find this world for the first time. Just as others inspired me when I was new, but I also had my own path to forge and I did. I didn’t try to be like any other financial domme out there. Now many new girls try to be like myself, and other well known Financial Dommes without even actually trying to understand Financial Domination. They just mimic our style, our words, and throw out their photos. Hey here’s a little clue for all of you girls who mimic myself & the other top Financial Dommes, all you are is a replica and replica’s are cheap.

I am the FIRST EDITION of all those little Posh replica’s and believe me, I am not cheap. But you already know that, it’s why you’re here. You’re already well aware of all of this. You see the little copycat wannabe’s and all they do is remind you of the real deal, where you’ve experienced the most intense mindfuck you’ve ever had… and that’s with ME, isn’t it. I’ve given you the most mind blowing brain rape’s of all, and left you completely broken and empty and you still come crawling back aching for more. I’ve sliced open your layers and exposed all of your hidden truths, and made you my love-struck puppet JUST LIKE THAT… and you’ve begged me not to cut those strings. You’ve begged me to keep you chained for me.

That’s just a taste of the power I have.

And here is a taste from Mindfuck Melodies, the full hour film, available only to VIP.



The 3 original songs on Mindfuck Melodies:

Get Down & Worship Me

En$laved for Life

Mindfuck Addiction


Here are two screenshots from the Mindwash Mix version of this film!



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Financial Domination: This is OUR Love

Yes I expect cash & gifts from men. No, I don’t have an ‘excuse’ why. There are constantly reasons being given WHY on places like twitter, even hashtags designed around it (#giveyourmoneytowomen etc), you should tribute like ‘women hold the power over men in their pussy’, and ‘men are always wanting women’s time and energy and women should know their worth’ .. etc. You know this can all be true, even I give you tons of reasons WHY you need to serve me cash/gifts. But the fact is I don’t need a reason. I am here and I call myself a Financial Domme, I live it myself and I use my blog and videos to program the lifestyle of financial domination into men. That means if you’re in my atmosphere you come in knowing you are going to be a wallet, knowing that there will be a power exchange, and knowing that I expect gifts/cash… which means I don’t need to give you a damn reason to CLICK AND SPEND.  Because,



This is OUR love, OUR fetish, OUR home. This is what we do, and who we are. So what excuse do you need? I don’t need to drill it into your brain, do I… when we look at it in the most simple of ways, it is the most simple answer. The reason why you will serve cash/gifts is because of YOU AND I. This is US.


My financial lust will be quenched by your submissive demon.


Now is the time for you to respond to me the way I want you to, and the way you crave to, with a tribute.


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Know your Role, Drone

Captive Soul from Lullaby in Lust set to photos & facts from the Season of the Siren series. Remember to thumbs up & leave devoted musings of love and adoration.

You boys have gotten VERY lucky! Because poshtopiapet approached me for a custom and the custom he wanted was already a clip idea on my list. He paid $50 to have it moved to the top of my list, and now he will pay the $50 to buy it as it is already published and ready in my niteflirt goodybags. Remember, I DO NOT take requests. This was a coincidence he had a desire for a clip that matched what I was already planning to do in the future. How lucky lucky lucky for you all as this puts quite a few new pieces of POSHY mindfuck material into your hands. What a bunch of greedy addicts you are too, as you have all gobbled up every drop like it is heaven for you. And of course, serving me CAN BE HEAVEN as long as you’re a good boy! If you find you’re in hell you might want to blame yourself for that one ha.


Know your Role, Drone


There is also a new audio file available called It’s a No-brainer No Brain Boy!

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Be a Good Wallet Now & Obey!

Feel that tick tick tock in the back of your head. That’s a little time bomb implanted in your helpless boy brain the first time you ever laid your eyes on ME. Ohhhh yes you have become INFECTED with an OBSESSION for all things POSH and that time bomb is about to go off! You’re no longer allowed to EXIST if you aren’t existing for ME. I’ve seen you here drooling over my perfect persuasion, wanting to crumble under my influence, and craving to bend to my every wish and desire. And every time you set foot here you’re just making that bomb tick tick tick harder, louder and faster and it WILL explode. Just like your wallet is about to explode CASH all for ME! Speaking of exploding cash for me, I know that’s what my slave mueller is going to be doing with his money slave lever when he gets back from visiting family! Ugh, family obligations, but I always look for a way to use it to my advantage like requiring him to remain chaste the entire time he is gone. Gone but with ME in his mind, controlling him. mmmmm… and his wife has no idea what a robot ATM her husband really is, and all for ME. So when you get back mueller expect to have that slave lever tugged on until you explode load after load of HOT CASH for me!!!!!

Season of the Siren has drawn many boys into my all consuming lair of financial domination and addiction, and we’re only two months into the journey! Lullaby in Lust hasn’t even premiered yet, but that will be Friday. And by then many of my boys are going to have their already weak brains good & PRIMED for the full even, & all because they couldn’t resist snatching up their pre-programming, the Lullaby in Lust Mindwash Mix. The mindwash mix alone has my slaves in a deeply relaxed state willing to do whatever I want… it’s too much fun making boys into mindless drones.

There is a certain somebody from St.Paul/Minneapolis that has been going NUTS searching my site for all things related to Season of the Siren. In fact he even revealed a security issue where non-vip could find and buy the FULL HOUR FILMS, but that has been resolved now. Awwww too bad for you, St.Paul/Minneapolis… I believe I know who you are too and I know you want to spiral deep down out of control for me AGAIN! Yes I remember raping your wallet deep and hard and I know you long to feel my greedy hands penetrating your life, violating your self-control, over and over again! He also managed to find a URL of mine that I haven’t announced yet but I will now, it’s http://www.poshfinancialdomination.com & I may create something more with it later.

Lullaby in Lust the Mindwash Mix


My very indoctrinated puppets, you must login and receive your programming update. Every Word I Say you Crave to Obey … a short clip is waiting to INUNDATE you with MY WILL and TAKE OVER!

I also have new photos for worship and obsession, remember, as you LUST you MUST pay pay pay! Obsessing over MY beauty without sending tribute is just wrong and I hate boys who do that. Sign up to be a VIP now so you can be one of my brainwashed good boys and you too can obsess over my strikingly beautiful photos… so easy to get lost looking at me, isn’t it poshyfool…

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A Glimpse of Lullaby in Lust

The next title in the Season of The Siren series is Lullaby in Lust, and this photo is just a glimpse of what the film will be. I spent the first half of July with vacation and my birthday(tomorrow!), and I will be spending the second half delighted with the view from my pedestal as I watch all of you toy soldiers marching to the beat of my magical melodies.

A Lullaby in Lust … so weakened by your own lust you can’t resist the lullaby melodies, and with a body that is aching for more and a mind that is all sleepy you’re just so mixed up, so confused, you can’t think straight… you’ve become the most vulnerable prey. My sensual beauty and alluring voice make you feel so consumed with me that danger isn’t even a factor anymore.

This film will be released in July!



I’m buying Final Cut Pro X, it’s $300… send the cash to me on paypal! I want a new camcorder (especially for filming the rest of this series), I have a few in mind, but not narrowed down just yet. I’ll want to use B&HPhoto. You have to contact me to find out what I want, how much it cost, and how to pay for it. This means you will be walking right into the Lions den! Come in kneeling, wallet out!

Stueeeeeeeeey, you still have an unopened pay2view sitting in your niteflirt inbox. I know you want to OPEN it and send MY money, go do it right now. I shouldn’t have to tell you to OBEY, especially not for my birthday! But since you’re obviously so inferior and small of mind you need your hand held now and then… your superior Goddess is showing you the way. Click on SEND PAYMENT … send MY money!

Other boys that have obeyed my last journal entry and sent tribute as instructed have pleased me greatly but the few of you who haven’t still have time to make it up to me. Send your tribute now, and double it for making me wait. I should never have to wait for MY cash. It’s MINE, and I’m just allowing you to earn it for me. Ha! Except for you mrwimpers, your $500 has been added to your debt so you now owe me 1k. Isn’t it funny how you always get so close to the finish line and then I always find a way to make you have to pay MORE!

Poshyfool – no you haven’t had much resistance lately, and why should you? You’re MY puppet on strings, and I’ve had you POSHATIZED for years now. To be POSHATIZED means to love and adore all things POSH, to have your mind rewired and made in the image of a POSH PUPPET, to be reformed and shaped anew into a LIVING DRONE programmed only to OBEY. This is what I’ve done to you my poshyfool and you can’t resist ever. I love having my way with you. Making you order the bra for me from bravissimo was one of my favorite things this month. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy your selection, but it turned out to be PERFECT. I want another one in fact! This time with panties to match, but not a thong. I love that they send the catalog to your house, I don’t think your wife would have much use for bra’s from a store that caters strictly to large busted women. Haha. So funny. I’ll be even happier if they mail a catalog to your work! SO Poshyfool you now have another bra to order in your programming, and I decided I still want more cash for my birthday. I deserve it! I shouldn’t have to wake up on my birthday and not get a cash gift from you, should I!?

The same goes for you JOHN! You haven’t missed any of my birthdays in all these years, this year will be no different. I’ll accept cash this year, but I might want flowers to. I’ll let you know! I can’t imagine having a birthday go by where my good boy john didn’t please me!  It’s just absurd.

If you haven’t been doing your part lately in this journey of ours, meaning SERVING, you can start again right now. Simply send a gift card to posh@poshmessiah.com … it’s so easy to do. It’s the first step in many you will be taking down the addicting path of financial domination to Goddess Posh.

I’ll be accepting calls on niteflirt this afternoon as well. I won’t be turning my phone lines on much this summer so now is your chance to call and give in to the glory of Goddess.

Call Button

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Order Order Order Me More Gifts

All addicts may relax knowing I made it home safely from my 3 week vacation. I traveled all over the southwest US… and when I say vacation, I mean vacation. I wore make up one time. I painted my nails once and let them chip. I completely relaxed. I only talked with the slaves who are consistently serving me, and we didn’t talk much. Just tributes from them now and then while I enjoyed my time away from everything. I completely fell in love with Colorado and of course with the Grand Canyon again and the Pondarosa Pines were amazing too! I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I would have liked, but I got a pretty good handful.

The next film in the Season of the Siren film series will be released in the month of July, more updates on that later.


I arrived home from vacation to find birthday gifts waiting from Freddy and Alan. Good boys, you were thinking ahead. The rest of you that SERVE me, adore me, LOVE me, worship me… you shouldn’t need me to hold your hand through sending a birthday gift. Cash is always my favorite, but you’ll also need to send a gift from my amazon wishlist.


It’s so true that I make you want to OBSESSIVELY COMPULSIVELY click & spend … YESSSS.  You want to be OCD for me! Spending and spending obsessively, compulsively clicking, no desire to stop… just a desire to order, order, order MORE gifts, spend and send MORE cash… hit that magic number, the one that keeps repeating in your mind over and over. It won’t shut up, it won’t go away, until after you PAY! You’re an OCD boy just for me. I make you have OCD for my financial abuse!!!!  Obsessive compulsive disorder order order order me more gifts.

Obsessive compulsive boy, you must keep my gift card balance even at all times, right now it ends with a 27, make it end with a 00 (send a gift card to make up the difference)!! I must have an EVEN amount of gifts on my wishlist and it must end with a ZERO! If you see 106 then you need to buy 6 gifts to fix it! You’re OCD boy, you can’t stop spending and spending until you reach the magic number! I must have an even number in my niteflirt account at the end of every day, and rounded up to the nearest 100! Right now it ends with a 45, make it end with a 00(send NF tribute to make up the difference)! OCD boy MUST obey! OCD boy can’t stop until he pays it ALL, makes it ALL even, for Goddess. After you obey send a message to check on the status of my accounts, perhaps they will need another adjustment! Check EVERY single day. You can’t relax until after you make sure all of my accounts are EVEN. OCD boy has no choice, he is programmed to OBEY, and mindlessly complies as I take FULL ADVANTAGE.


Login my very indoctrinated puppets for photo updates.

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Goddess Posh Will Warp your Brain for LIFE!!!

Why would I allow you into my world without a tribute? I am a Financial Domination Goddess, my expectations will not be lowered for anyone. Why would you ever expect to be an exception to the rule? Why would you ever think you could be MY friend and just hang out with me without serving me? I am here to be worshiped and served by money slave. Nothing else. I am here to feel the rush of adrenaline I get every time I make one of you wallets open up and start mindlessly helplessly spending on me.


I am here to ask you a question, why are you existing without existing for ME???


Why are you a wallet without being a wallet for ME? You’re already what you are, a wallet that exists to be penetrated by my greedy hands. So why are you here reading this and not living this? You need my powerful hand to reach out and grab you by the leash and lead you to your place at my feet. You need my Venus Sway to mesmerize and pull you in to the seductive tempting world of Financial Domination, of being a wallet with a purpose for Me. It’s all here already, the bait has been set and now you get to enjoy giving into it. I know you want to be my helpless money slave, or maybe I just make you think you want to.. I’ll never tell.


I have another question for you. Why are you here right now looking at my holy words, and my beautiful face, feeling the power of my persuasion sweeping over you and you haven’t paused to send a gift card or tribute in response to me? This is what you were born to do. You were made to respond automatically to ME with the desire to SPEND SPEND SPEND. I expect to be served the cash I want from you, right now.

My palm is ready to be filled with your will so I can crush it. Then filled with your mind so I can mold and shape it. And as I crush your will, and mold your boy brain, I pluck hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars out of your wallet. Just sent me a $500 tribute? Oh that’s nice, what a good little wallet you are for me mmmm it makes me feel SO good when I know that I compel you to spend spend spend.. oh what’s that bitch boy, you want to spend spend spend MORE .. YES MORE… I’ll make you HURT for me and of course you won’t be able to stop loving me even through all that pain.

Spend Spend Spend to no end! That’s what Goddess wants out of you boys and that’s what I’m getting.

My Very Indoctrinated Puppets are so excited about the upcoming FEMME FATALE FILM series I am creating (I love being a creator!!!). If you don’t keep up with twitter (which I heard may be removing over 10mil adult accounts soon so bookmark my site!) then you’re not aware that I have a beautiful new series of Femme Fatale Films for you boys to drown in. It’s called Season of The Siren and will feature one new hour long film every month for 12 months!!! I can’t wait to see how this beautiful collection is going to look next year omggggg you boys are not going to be able to handle this without DRAINING yourself DRY of cash on me! Let the obsession and addiction growwwwww.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming film Serenade Haze from  Season of The Siren set for release in June 2015.. Only the first of 12 eeeeeeek I’m so excited to warp your brains even more! Mmmmm you’re already all so addicted and hooked, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become even MORE so! OH yes you are going to keep falling and falling my little addicted drone… this series of clips will melt your boy brain down to a puddle for me. YESSS I am going to warp your boy brain for LIFE- even those who try to escape never fully regain control over it.

(it’s true isn’t it william, you still have your mind warped by me too.. so do you Mark.. you can’t lie or hide it.. it’s been in there consuming you since ’09 haha and so do you JOHN you try to take back control only to find yourself more broken.. and you mike.. I know you love when I make you cry and it hurts you when you deprive yourself of me too long.. )

Serenade Haze Screenshot



Let the worshipping continue in even more greatness than it already has. I am GODDESS POSH, you will REMOVE your ego, you will REMOVE your pride, you will LOWER to your knees, and you will LOWER your bank balance for ME!!! I will not tolerate anyone serving me who can not raise the bar to MY standards and expects me to instead lower myself to theirs. No you will get to your knees and strive to meet the challenge of quenching MY financial lust. If you can’t understand that I am more than worth sacrificing and suffering for you simply do not belong here and can scurry along. Maybe you’ll finally come to your senses but I don’t care if you do or not because it’s not about you is it. It’s about ME, and I only like the boys that understand that.

Login my Very Indoctrinated Puppets for more photos to worship ….

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The Mindwash Minx

Women have held a great power over man from the beginning of time, and most do not realize this. Most will cower in the shadow of a man, hoping for his approval. Most will feed the male whatever he wants for fear it will wander away if not. I won’t feed you whatever you want, and if you wander away I won’t be scared to be without you. I’m not like that, because I know the power I have. I know what I possess. This is why you don’t see me tweeting photos all day every day of every single thing I do. My life is much too sacred for that. You peeping toms and perverts don’t get to just LOOK at ME! I am not here for you to STARE at you disgusting lowlife! I want REAL MEN WITH REAL CASH TO SERVE ME LIKE A REAL GODDESS.. not a bunch of jerking off perverts that can’t stop staring at my perfect breasts and beautiful face long enough to get their wallet out and SERVE.

My beauty isn’t on display. I’m not a dolly on the internet for various men to come look at and play with as they see fit. I’ve received a lot of messages from men asking to see my body, asking to see more of me, and I ignore them. Those men don’t get me. They don’t get what I want. The men who get what I want would never ask for something like that. I already feel you’re way more than blessed as it is because of the header I have on my site. Too much of MY beauty exposed for the masses to see.

It’s much better to keep my beauty locked away from all the UNDESERVING FILTH of the world, the disgusting predators and horrible dirty creepos that populate the internet. I shudder at the thought of those unworthy vile cretins being given access to me. This is why I limit how much I show on twitter, and I feel I have been much too generous as is. I am the kind of woman that deserves to be worshiped and served for all that I am, including my physical form. I am sensuous, elegant, elite, classy, feminine, femme fatale, dominate, adorable, and seductive all in one.. it’s too much for your boy brain to take.. the site of my curves puts your lust into high gear and sets you off on a path of destruction.. no thinking, just obsessing, over those curves, over that face… too much beauty for a boy like you to take.. just stare and obsess for me my pet..

My body is too beautiful and sensual to be on display for everyone .. ugh! You will PAY and PAY and PAY to kneel and worship under the divine curves of your Goddess.

Luscious Goddess Enjoys your Money Photo Set


Under Perfection Cleavage & Toes Photo Set:


Blue Dream Beauty Worship Photo Set:



Speaking of goodybags have you checked out my sister, Princess Sasha Star ? She has many to choose from.
I took the photos of her in this goodybag with my Nikon D800 .. there are two bonus photos that show me in the bg taking the pics.

Ruby Red Love – Lipstick Fetish Photos

My lips LOVE to be coated in this ruby red lipstick.. it glides on so smoothly. I’m so beautiful with these full pouty red lips…now it’s time to cash in on your weakness. Included are 20 high quality fetish photos of me applying ruby red lipstick & two bonus photos revealing the photographer, Goddess Posh.

 <— Princess Sasha Star goodybag!!!

Have you noticed my new twitter name? TheMindwashMinx @GoddessPosh



What is up with the lack of favorites (other than robotoine) and retweets on this photo? You boys are pathetic.

Despite your lack of devotion to me on twitter I have taken mercy on my addicts and released the new clip The Mindwash Minx anyway. It is in Poshtopia right now, calling to you .. tempting you .. here puppet puppet, here, come watch me… After watching you will be triggered by my name on twitter every time you see it.. triggered into sweet sweet surrender of yourself to The Mindwash Minx .. triggered into mindless obedience… triggered onto your weak knees with your wallet out!


My amazon wishlist has exploded with WANTS. Start clearing it. You’re worthless to me if you’re not spending, and if you don’t like being worthless FIX it with your WALLET. Pay penance with your PAYCHECK by spending it all on ME.


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Pamper Pleasure Provide Financial Domination Mp3

I’m a Financial Domme because of a lot of reasons but one reason is that I enjoy being pampered. When I’m here with you boys its because I want to be pampered by weak willed wallets, I want to be pleasured to no end and I want luxury provided to me. I want all of this and I want it funded by you boys. I login so I can experience these things.. but every now and then it seems you boys need a push to remember your place. Don’t approach me as a friend, don’t approach me as a partner, definitely do not approach me telling me what you want, don’t approach me speaking about what I can do for you or what do you get for serving me.. but this mp3 I’ve created isn’t a ‘DONT DO THAT’ negative message.. it’s a positive message. It’s more effective at adjusting your brain because it focuses instead on how good it feels to pamper, and pleasure, and provide for Goddess.. it focuses your mind where it needs to be.. kneeling on the ground under me, basking in my superior beauty and light, SERVICING my every desire. And those of you who are already there, already kneeling, a puppet desperate to serve, you will listen to this new Mp3 on loop so you can deepen and further your addiction to ME.

This Mp3 is your will come undone.


Pamper Pleasure Provide


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, you will login and listen to the new free audio I’ve added to the Goddess Gallery.. listen, obsess, and give into the voice that melts you. Read about my torture of Alan and my delight with Poshyfool and enjoy obsessing over the new photos I’ve added .. I want you hooked and helpless, and you are.
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Programmed by The Posh Persuasion

Three beautiful screen caps from the newest financial domination mindfuck clip which is bound to hit the VIP boys right where it hurts the most.. in the wallet! Watch me and feel your will weaken as the POSH persuasion takes you deep under a love struck spell.. leaving your brain free for my favorite thing- turning YOU into a DRONE that is so GENEROUS and SO GIVING.. cash flows like water from it’s wallet into MY hands. Mmmmm!


Adore me for the natural beauty I am. No gimmicks. No model in cheap lingerie claiming to be the crack you can’t resist. Just a natural beautiful woman.. so pure and so real.. this is where you come when you want a real connection with your Financial Goddess. When you want to know you’re serving a true Financial Domme, and not just some facade or image or character. I’m the epitome of WOMAN and you’re the epitome of FUCKED!


You too can have access to this clip and my other Financial Domination clips in Poshtopia, click the VIP button and make the first step on the road to SERVING my financial lust.


You can vote for me to get VOUCHERS on my deliverycode wishlist. The more you vote, the more I earn. You can vote from each of your devices!

Login VIP to buy the new clip & worship the new photos I’ve so generously added .. so dangerously added I should say .. dangerous for you and your weak little mind.
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Financial Fuck Toy for Goddess Posh

I make you want to be my financial fuck toy, don’t I..


Here’s me in my new favorite dress. Ohhhh so close to seeing yet.. so far! If only you were VIP you could login and admire and worship the curves of my Goddess body on your weak bitch knees.. but you can’t even get cleavage .. just a little tease of it.. a little hint.. you know it’s there but DENIED..

Login Very Indoctrinated Puppets and be weakened by the photos of me ..admire and worship me the way I deserve, with you kneeling wallet out begging to be my financial fuck toy.

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You’re an ADDICT That’s Why You Always Come Back

I’ve been online raping you boys since 2007. I wasn’t here in 1999 when online Financial Domination was first heard of, because I was 15 in high school. So no I can’t say I am part of the original crew of Financial Dommes. But when I made my first Financial Domination niteflirt listing it was August 2007 and I had studied the world of Financial Domination since Jan 2007 when I was first exposed to it. I didn’t just hop online expecting to get rich. I knew it wouldn’t be like that and I didn’t want it to be. I was invigorated and inspired by this lifestyle. I wanted to delve into it and be part of it, because it felt natural to me. It excited me. It brought me from a point in life where I was being perceived as a sweet little girl to being perceived as a powerful sexy woman. I knew Financial Domination was MY path. So I respected and I learned from those who were here before me. I miss that feeling of a tight knit community we use to have when Financial Domination was more underground.

There are so many newbies joining daily I can’t keep up anymore. I’ve tried joining some of the social communities that are still around but they mostly are flooded with so many new girls I just feel out of place there. I wish there was a community for Financial Dommes that have been established for over a certain length of time. Maybe that is snobby of me, but it’s more of a nostalgic thing at this point. Even on twitter, where I can control who I follow, I am still flooded with photos/tweets/vids etc from ‘insta’ girls. I mean more power to them, to the women who want to be part of this.. I encourage other women to grab life by the horns and succeed, as I have done. But I would like to see a place where experienced established financial Dommes can go and enjoy reminiscing, feel nostalgic together.. etc etc..

It’s obvious that I have paved my own way in this world, as I may have similarities to others but in general I am very original and one of a kind. I have not lived by anyone’s standards or expectations of what a Financial Domme ought to be but my own, while at the same time making sure to respect the world of financial domination and what it means. I have shown that I can rape and drain wallets without mercy in fast quick binges, or I can slowly rape you over time.. over YEARS.. and make you love it while you are being destroyed.. and I have shown that I am not going anywhere. All these new girls are not a threat to me. Most of them just mimic my style, and the style of other established financial dommes, and by doing so kick themselves in the butt. Because not being yourself is one of the quickest ways to be washed out of this scene.

Anyway, the point is that I have been here taking control over your finances for quite a while now. For someone to last as long as I have done in this ‘scene’ proves that I have what it takes to make your wallet BLEED GREEN. I am REAL. I’m not just some shiny sparkly newbie who has modeled herself after all those that came before her and then acts like the main authority of financial domination. Those girls are the one’s that get on my nerves. Hey it’s called RESPECT. When I made my debut online I certainly did not act like I was gods gift to financial domination and nobody before me knew what they were doing and nobody after me did either.. That’s how a lot of newbies act. I think that is why it irritates some people. But anyway psychoanalyzing the scene aside, the point is that you boys might get distracted by the shiny sparkly newbies but that’s all it is. Just a distraction. A replication of the REAL thing. The real thing being MYSELF and other true Financial Dommes, of course.

That’s why you’re still here. That’s why I rub it in your face often. It amuses me how long you’ve actually been obsessing over me. So maybe you aren’t one of those boys that has given in yet. Maybe you’ve been observing me since 2007 and have watched my progression with admiration and respect without ever having contributed one time. Maybe you have given in once or twice, but have managed to resist SPENDING since.. but you haven’t resisted looking, thinking, wishing. Maybe you have served me as a full fledged Posh slave and devoted yourself entirely to my pleasure, obeyed my every command, cherished my every word, and worshiped the ground I walked on before losing your way and now you’re pining for me, missing me.. hurting to be close to me again. Whatever the case may be, you’re still coming back here and while you might try to live in denial telling yourself you can look and not touch and therefore pat yourself on the back for being so strong and having such self-control.. I know the real reason, I know the truth. You’re here to get a taste. To get a feel. You’re being selfish, trying to get some for yourself without giving anything to me. You’re trying to get a hit of your favorite drug, without having to ‘pay the price’.. that’s not self-control. That’s not strength. That’s PATHETIC. That’s denial. That’s helpless addiction slowly starting to ease it’s way up out of your core.. slowly starting to ease it’s way into your life.. slowly taking over.. that’s you taking one step closer to what I’m offering.

And what exactly am I offering? I’m offering you the opportunity to serve me, and through your financial sacrifice you will find salvation.. or maybe you will only find pain and suffering..  does it matter what you will find? What matters is that I am served, not what you get out of it. Thinking about what you get out of serving me is not serving..serving means you set yourself aside, put yourself out there, and sacrifice yourself for another person or purpose. You don’t serve to get something back, or it’s not SERVING. What should motivate you is serving ME. That is all the motivation you need. Putting a smile on my face. Adding some pleasure, joy and light into my world. Knowing you’re providing comfort and leisure and luxury to Me is all you need to keep you in the right frame of mind.

So you think you’re so tough and strong? You think you can resist MY call? No, you can’t. Wanting to is dumb. It’s selfish of you to want to DENY to me what I desire. You’re not tough because you keep coming back to my website wishing you could feed my financial lust only to walk away instead. No bitch, that’s not tough at all. That’s pathetic! This is why I am here, this is why you are here.. to worship and serve ME, MY financial lust, MY greed, MY desires.. to kneel in submissive worship of ME.. why else would you be here? It’s 2015 and you still can’t stop yourself. YOU’RE AN ADDICT, THAT’S WHY YOU ALWAYS COME BACK. You’re fucked.

I want an amazon.com gift card sent to posh@poshmessiah.com with a message on it from you, I want it to declare your weakness for me and to admit your inferiority. I want it right now puppet..

Ps. Don’t you just LOVE the new look on my site. I love it! You can thank me for having my site made even more beautiful and addictive with a TRIBUTE. Look at me, you know what I want.. why else would I be looking at you like that with my hand extended..

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