Financial Domination Isn’t for the Faint of Heart

Allowing those of you that have yet to become a very indoctrinated puppet to feel a bit of my power, to experience a taste of my delicious Poshy venom, to become obsessed and addicted to me, is simply a fun little way for me to entrap you. It’s impossible for you to not become ensnared by me, with all the feminine charm I possess. What sort of inferior male would deny his absolute desire to kneel before me, in sweet submissive awe? What sort of SLAVE SUB MALE are you if you do not accept you are beneath me, and BOW with your wallet out, ready to serve. Not the kind of man that is allowed into MY world, that is certain. I only accept men that understand the only one ALPHA here is ME.

Gaze upon my superior beauty and know that I am here, witnessing your downfall. I knew long ago you would come crawling to me, and I knew long ago you would become MINE when you did. I also know that you would try to resist at first, but this resistance is feeble and frail, and will crumble away as day by day my DELICIOUSLY intoxicating words sweep through your brain, taking over.



Send a $100 tribute now. I’ll be spending your money while you’re spending your time obsessing over all that I am. How dare you enjoy all that I am, without paying tribute to ME. I do not want you loitering around on MY website, this is not the hang out for broke boys. If you’re not here to submit to MY will, why are you here? MY will says you will come undone, and unglued, and unhinged, in the BEST way possible, all for me… with your bank accounts sliced open and hemorrhaging cash into MY beautiful, deserving hands. Quenching MY financial lust with your financial pain is a MUST. So you have to dig a little into your savings, go a little into debt, maybe even take out a loan for MY benefit, but it is for ME, and I am the QUEEN of your WORLD. We all know as the QUEEN I make the rules, and I get whatever I want from all of the little citizens which live beneath me. That would be you, my mindfucked minion. See yourself, you’re way down there, and see I am way up HERE and that makes ME IN CHARGE! Do you think I want a little worm like you wiggling around my perfect feet without even so much as a financial tribute to offer up?

Financial Domination isn’t for the faint of heart, but you already know that, in fact that is what attracts you. The danger is sexy, that in itself makes your heart race and takes your breath away. You’re pulled so deeply into a trance for me you don’t even care as the flames flicker against your flesh and burn my will deep into your soul. You know you’re going to get burned, but you don’t stop. You want to burn for me.


I know you are dying to contact me and speak directly with me!! Send $100 on amazon to and put your email in the FROM box so I can write you back! Become swept up in a STAR STRUCK fever when you hear back from me and I guide you on this path to redemption through financial slavery.

GREG, you have failed to become a VIP or to even impress me at all. This is okay, because you’re not perfect and failure is bound to happen with you, but then you must learn from it and make it up to me. If you do not do that part, then you will be left to wallow alone in your own failures while myself and the GOOD BOYS move right on along without you. Don’t get left behind because you are too scared to put one foot in front of the other.



MY face is THE face which broke all the control you thought you had, ripped open your heart, and emptied your wallet… and will do so again and again. This is the face which you will kneel and worship like a good little sub boy for me. My financial gain is your financial pain and we wouldn’t have it any other way, now would we, my addict.


YES MY addict, well you are obsessed with me and I know I’m swimming around in that little man brain of yours sooooo it does make you MINE doesn’t it… only thing is, do I want to keep you. Do I want you to remain MINE, or will I cast you off into a life of lonely depression… if you keep ME satisfied with your wallet, fulfilling MY financial lust with your financial service, I won’t be so quick to toss you out.


Rise to the occasion and meet my standards like a true sub would. I know you are compelled to tribute, and so you will.



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Dance to MY HYPNOTIC Chants MY little SLAVE toy!

Welcome to 2016 and another year of amazing helpless mindless bliss under my spell. We have six more films from the Season of the Siren series to journey through and then it will be SUMMER! I am going to stay nice and warm and toasty the rest of this winter season all wrapped up in boy worship and wallets!

I know you will be staying especially nice and toasty too, as a moth drawn to the flame, you can’t help but to get burned in my fire. Tantric Enchantments is a sensual weaving together of MY will and your soul, as you mindlessly chant along, each word driving deeper into your psyche pulsating out into your EVERY ACTION… you are in a TRANCE that makes you DANCE to MY CHANTS over and over… over and over…. puppet is trapped in the TANTRIC ENCHANTMENTS …

Tantric Enchantments The Mindwash Mix


My surreal hypnotic words are implanted deep in your vulnerable boy brain, each one a hot little mine just waiting to be triggered. Careful now my pet, you never know when one of my little Poshy bombs will be EXPLODING, blowing your financial future up in the process and wiping out ALL of your self-control. So many mines planted in that mind, so many little bombs just waiting to go off and here I am, holding the trigger. Dance for me now, MY slave!


Being able to gift/tribute Me, your SUPERIOR GODDESS, is your salvation. This is your path to redemption for your male soul, your selfish male ways, your inferior life now has a purpose in kneeling for me. Kneeling for ME is your connection to ME! When you kneel and accept your slave place we are lined up in perfect harmony. When you surrender control and let go of the fear and denial, you are granted the most intimate connection to me one can have. Being MY personal slave, serving MY desires, wrapped up in MY silky words, trapped in MY firm grip, closer to me than ever before.

I know you can feel it, My overpowering light and beauty forcing you to look down in humble submission. This is right, this is so right, you can’t deny it any longer. In my light everything is right. Consuming MY creations will only enhance the EVENT, bringing you into an intimate experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

Don’t miss out on the mind altering joy of the Season of the Siren films.



Kneel before my hypnotic breasts, my hands weaving their will into your mind, compel you to send more money now. 


Remember, in MY world slaves pay and you are always, ALWAYS, going to be the slave!


Goddess Posh
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Triggering you into SPENDING

If you’re following me on twitter you already know the name of the next Season of the Siren film, which is Honey Sweet Codeine Beats and its going to be oh so tasty and make you oh so sleepy!

More updates on that later.

Right now I’m planning on doing only one thing and that is to completely destroy the will of all of my boys. Its fun when you lose control! mmmmm


Tugging on all of those puppet strings at once, just like that… making your silly little boy brain weak and mushy… seductively pushing your buttons with my perfectly manicured fingers…

Submit to my beauty, with my pale creamy flesh, sweet angel face and golden blonde tresses I am the epitome of your destruction. Silence any distracting thoughts, they are pointless. Focus your mind only on staring into my gorgeous eyes and swimming away from everything else, deep into a world of POSH POSH POSH…. mmmmm alllllllll POSHY alllllllll the time! Drown out everything else with my glowing beauty and just repeat OUT LOUD after me like a good MINDLESS drone…


Repeat after Goddess now:


I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control

I have no will of my own, Goddess Posh is in control
mmm good boy … keep going … more more more:


a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants

a puppet has only one purpose, to give Goddess Posh what she wants


mmmm hmmm that’s right and all you’re is a puppet… so you’re going to keep repeating after ME:


i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

i’m just a puppet i’ll give her what SHE wants

What do YOU want Goddess?


Oooooh I want a TRIBUTE! Now nod your head up and down and say out loud:


yes Goddess

yes Goddess

yes Goddess


Mmmmmm good boy… no will of your own, just a weakened wallet, open and emptying itself all over for me! You’re just another money slave for me, incapable of saying no. I have you set to automatic, no control, just spewing cash for me… more more more… losing it all to me. I have you under my financial domination control, and I’ve just TRIGGERED your clicking finger, making you need to spend spend spend everything you have on ME.


Login VIP to find out why POSHYFOOL is such a TOOL for me!


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Financial Domination in Action My Addicts

See this image of me in front of a greenscreen… that’s a sneak peek from an upcoming HYPNOSIS video! But this isn’t just your standard hypnosis video…


This video will feature myself and another Domme! She is alluring, hypnotic and oh so dangerous, and she and I are the perfect balance of light and dark evil! Who is she? You’ll have to be a very indoctrinated puppet to find out…

Just know the only thing eternal about you is your soul, and we plan to trap that. Mmmm hmmm that’s right, your very soul is destined to be caged for us.


I’ve received so many Desigual dresses this weak, but do you think it’s enough? Of course not! I’ll be adding more to my wishlist, as well as more jewelry. Robotoine sent me a huge jewelry box and I put all of my extras in there and still have plenty of room so that means more shopping for all of you…. make sure to keep your eye on my amazon list as I may tag you next! You never know when you will be called into action for your Goddess. To see all of the photos, 34 in total, you’ll need to buy them from me like a good payboy. Click the paymail and pay pay pay for MORE of ME! Even if you didn’t have the honor of gifting me a dress you’ll still be buying these photos so you can obsess over my beauty, empty your mind of everything else and just zone in on my gorgeous eyes. You’re so hooked…


Buy My photos and let your weakness fund MY shopping! This is FINANCIAL DOMINATION in action, my weaklings.

This isn’t some little girl playing dress up, or taking off her clothes, for money and slapping on the title of Financial Domme. I am a real true Financial Domme in action. I live and breathe financial domination. This is more to me than some game. This is what I was born to be, and you were born to be under me… pleading with me to victimize your wallet… give you some use… make you some way important to me, close to me… take control and dominate you into helpless compliance… this is more than some role play or fantasy game. This is a passionate exchange of power between two people.


My very indoctrinated puppets need to login now for more sneak peek photos & information!

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PREMIERE of Destruction in the Key of Seduction

Destruction in the Key of Seduction is the fifth film in the series, and I can’t believe it! That means next month we will be halfway through our journey already … wow it’s going to be such a beautiful series once it is complete. I can’t wait!

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.13.32 PM

See I look excited to be taking you down, don’t I. Because I am.



Buy the mindwash mix now but be warned you may not be able to put together a sentence when it’s over, but you will be able to click and spend like a good payboy.

Buy Now


Your destruction is my construction as I’ve designed you to fall. THIS IS A HYPNOSIS FILM. YOU WILL BE TAKEN INTO A TRANCE.

I am the divine SIREN and you are left in a sleepy stupor for me as my candy red lips seduce you with their hypnotic words, and my full creamy cleavage drowns out all thoughts… and oh yes there is the binaural beats and the subliminal messaging too… and lets not forget the 3 original songs that will be repeating through your mind all day and all night reinforcing my programming and deepening your brainwashing. Your addiction to me is fed even when you’re not in front of the film, because the film gets into your head and it won’t leave… it will swim through your mind constantly, keeping you always in a state of DESTRUCTION for me.

My words will work their way deep into your enchanted little mind and embed themselves right into your soul. And your cash, well that my little addict, will be flowing freely from your account into mine. Flowing as it should, without limit, without fear, without hesitation, from the slave to the Goddess.

The 3 original songs:
Puddle Brain Puppet
Delicious Defeat
Love Trance

Destruction in the Key of Seduction themes: financial domination, financial destruction, mental slavery, emotional slavery, breast worship, lipstick fetish, red lips, blonde, binaural beats, mind control, hypnosis, siren, singing


My films and clips have been bringing many of you new boys down for me. I have loved watching as one by one you take a chance with the Siren, too weak to resist. You finally give in and watch one mindwash mix, and then you need the next and the next. It’s too hard to stop, you want and need to own every single piece of this marvelous creation of mine! But if you haven’t watched the full hour films you are definitely still missing out, as my VIP LOVE the mindwash mixes, but the full films are even MORE mindblowing!



BY THE WAY I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A HYPNODOMME (you can not pay me to do a hypnosis session), BUT RATHER I’M A HYPNOTIC FINANCIAL DOMME. Or in other words a Financial Domme that understands hypnosis, mind-control techniques and uses my own brand of mindwashing called The Venus Sway. And I am naturally sooooooo hypnotic….just look into my eyes and you will know exactly what I mean… you can’t stop staring….


Now put that money in my hand. I know my place, do you know yours?



The dress was paid for by my puppet drone, and he is so thrilled to be able to say that… you can go buy a dress for me as well.


By the way, Steven that called me at $19.99 a minute and confessed you had been obsessing on my website for a year or more & fantasizing about giving it ALL to me… that fantasy is your new reality now. It was just one little call, but you are going to keep cracking. I set my rate to $49.99 now, so next time you call you will be drained even faster which is what I like.


PSA: The most current Mindwash Mix will be $50 and the rest of the Mindwash Mix companion clips will all be going up to $99.99 on niteflirt, & already have on clips4sale!

Now my very indoctrinated puppets, login and buy the new film. And while you’re in there read my words before you dare to look at the new photos.

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I want more than you’ve ever given before

October is here, and I love the fall, but noooooo winter is soooooo close now. I will embrace the cold snow like a champion! I will embrace mother nature and not whine and cry like a brat, but instead allow my slaves buy me a LOT of snow gear to keep me all bundled up and warm. October doesn’t just bring the promise of colder days ahead, but also the change of leaves (which is beautiful) and Halloween. I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be dressing up as, but I was offered the suggestion of Cat Woman from a friend. Hmmm interesting thought…

AND not only does October bring ALL of those things but also it is bringing you another Season of the Siren film, titled Destruction in the Key of Seduction



All of you completely corrupted and addicted toys have Friday to look forward to, when I release the preview clip & announce the release date.

Also a little public service announcement: when I say MERCILESS WALLET RAPE that means I have no remorse about draining you of the cash that rightfully belongs to me, and no matter how much you beg and plead that it hurts, I will be digging in deeper and taking MORE. I love to DIG deeper than anyone ever has. I want MORE MONEY than you’ve EVER GIVEN ANYONE ELSE BEFORE!!!!  You see by my allowing you to sacrifice your slave earnings for MY pleasure, I am already showing you mercy. There is a reason I have referred to myself as the Deity of Ruin.



Tribute is expected now, my dear addicted reader.


Login my VIP, and see what penance puppet drone will be paying for his sins.Read more“I want more than you’ve ever given before”

All of That Money Belongs to Me

All of That Money

Yessss all of your money belongs to me. Even if you haven’t ever given in to the Poshy persuasion you already know your wallet belongs to me, and it won’t be long before you crawl to me and present it to its rightful owner!

In the name of my blondiful POSHY Persuasion I compel you to take action right now. The opportunity to serve me is here, its time to crawl forward and make yourself known to me through your financial sacrifice and submission.




I see you peering in at me from your puny little life. The edge is in sight, and I’m on the other end of it pulling you over… dragging you down where you belong.  True purpose and true depth for your life can be found when you finally submit to your Goddess. Stop staring at me from your sad little world and start serving in MINE! Empty your pockets, I’m ready to play.

I generously sent out a mail on niteflirt with 3 breast worship photos, if you’re not already on my niteflirt list then awwww so sad you missed out! But you can get on my niteflirt list easily, just CLICK HERE!



Login VIP.



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Dazzling Blonde Beauty Makes Weak Boy Brains Sleepy & Spendy

Pay for MORE of MY Dior!

I don’t always wear makeup but when I do it’s DIOR and slave paid for.

Most likely you understand that it’s a parody of the Dos Equis guy commercials, but in this case the parody serves a purpose other than just humor (though of course you may lay your praise at my feet for my humor and wit).  But the main point is to remind you, my pet, that you need to open your wallet and pay for MORE of MY Dior. Pay for MORE of my everything!
Not only do you need to open your wallet and pay for MY makeup, you will pay for anything I want. And why is this, you might wonder…

Because, you’re without control. I have the control. You’re on a leash, a little weakling being yanked this way and that way by my strong hands, and you’re going to do exactly as I say. Pay for MORE of MY Dior, and pay for MORE of EVERYTHING I want! I have an entire list of items hand chosen by ME that I know you just can’t wait to shop from. Click on my amazon wishlist and then mindlessly click ‘add to cart’ next to every item, and then go check out and send all of those gifts to me and make me DELIGHTED and FILLED WITH GLEE. See it’s really so easy, why make more than one trip… might as well get me everything I want in one go and oh don’t worry, I’ll be wanting plenty more again tomorrow so you’ll still have more opportunity to be of service to me.


My dazzling BLONDE beauty makes your boy brain feel so mushy and sleepy, and sleepy boy feels oh so spendy mmmmm … you stare and stare, and suddenly, hours have gone by and your wallet feels oh so much lighter! #FINANCIALDOMINATION This is the fate of a Posh puppet.

Login my VIP so you may stare and stare at even MORE of my dizzyingly beautiful photos.


Goddess PoshRead more“Dazzling Blonde Beauty Makes Weak Boy Brains Sleepy & Spendy”

Golden Blonde & Delicious Financial Domme

Wow, the time for change has arrived and in such a beautiful way! I’ve once again returned to the golden blonde and DELICIOUS vixen that many of you can say was the first look of mine that stole your heart. After keeping my hair dark, and then natural, for 3 years I was definitely ready for a change. But I don’t have to explain my actions to you boys, and I know you will worship and love me just as much, if not even MORE so, as a blondie!


Golden Blonde Goddess PHOTOS <—- My VIP have been granted the privilege of 25 shiny new beautiful photos in the Goddess Gallery but they, just like you, will be BUYING this PHOTOSET.

The more you stare at me, the deeper your obsession grows and the heavier your mind becomes… it can’t think, it just shuts down, when confronted with my superior Goddess beauty. Your mind is but a sleepy mushy ball of clay for me and I have you shaped and designed to be drained of all your hard earned money on ME. Spend and spoil your blonde beauty with your slave wages like a good boy now, get busy sending MY cash, mmmmmm it feels so good to have your wallet victimized by ME doesn’t it. After you send one tribute, send another tribute, and then for good measure… go ahead and send me more!


My Very Indoctrinated Puppets, there is a special new video update for you! Go watch it now so you can receive your new programming.
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Money Fairy Steals ALL of your MONEY!

The money fairy flies in and steals all of your money, while looking too cute & too pure to ever be capable of doing such evil wicked things!


Ooooh look at you getting all dumbbbb and numbbbb for me. That’s because I’ve sprinkled my magical Poshy dust all over you and now you’re in a daze for me, completely transformed into my transfixed puppet. Can’t say no to Goddess, only wants to be a good boy for Goddess, nods its head up and down for Goddess….yes it feels so good to be so dumb and numb for Goddess… go click… and click… and click some MORE….yesssss that’s a good dumb and numb boy! I will siphon every ounce of control away from you with my magical Poshy dust…. mmmmm



Login my very indoctrinated puppets to receive more of my financial domination brainwash programming …

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All in My Name

All in My Name


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become an addicts most beloved drug.

The needle so prettily sits in my clever grip.

In my hands it so tenderly strip… strip… strips…

all his weak will  away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the intoxication in his lungs.

Inhales slowly enjoying the burn of his favorite fix.

Relaxed even as I make his mind drift… drift… drift…

away to the Venus Sway.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the angel in white with the Siren songs.

My sweet temptations are like the crack of a whip.

The helpless boy bruised and broken as I rip… rip… rip…

every bit away.


Oh what have I done.

I’ve become the chalice from which he drinks til he’s drunk.

Opens up so eager to pour my poison past those lips

He doesn’t notice as the money starts to drip… drip… drip…

his wallet sliced open with perfect precision


the cash from within flows like blood from his veins

all in my name.

All in my name.


I know my voice is a pleasure you can’t resist, so CLICK HERE for a free mp3 of Me reading All in My Name!


Buy the photoset below & get lost staring into my gorgeous eyes as you play the poetry reading on loop.


So Sweet Danger Photo Set

you will worship my holy beauty, and love when you break.



Financial Domination with my puppets has been beyond amazing. Especially in the past year of my life, as my sense of freedom is growing more and more, thanks to the way I have conquered countless men and their wallets. I am able to live in luxury, comfort and relaxation in a way that most people only dream of. Yes I made this life for myself, but I was born for it. Just like you were born for me.

Send tribute now.

Goddess Posh
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Boy Brains FRIED by Goddess Posh

Oh how the lovely little wallets just keep piling up for me, one after the other crumpled on the floor emptied! Emptied but with great satisfaction, as being emptied for my financial lust is a privilege and a gift. This is the purpose of the wallet, to be emptied of the cash it carries.

And my mindfuck financial domination files are doing just that to all of you weak little toys of mine.

Even those of you who feel you have such strong resolve… you do not. Your will is weak. I’ve broken you already, you’re here again for a reason. Because you can’t stop me from consuming your will from the inside out, as I’ve already implanted myself deep in that boy brain of yours. You live with my triggers implanted and just waiting to be pushed.


Get down & worship ME now. I am not going to settle for your secrete admirer stares, or your long distance longings. I deserve to be SERVED & WORSHIPED. Submit, you inferior, weak, broken, bitch. 


Now maybe you haven’t been able to become a very indoctrinated puppet yet but you’ve really been thinking about it. This is the time you need to indulge in my newest video, Brainwashed into a Very Indoctrinated Puppet, which is available on niteflirt.

I’ve so generously created a little preview that is going to make you NEED the full file!

Click here to Buy Brainwashed into a VIP:

After you watch the video you can join VIP here:

Once you are a VIP of mine you’ll be able to buy other mindfuck videos such as the brand new videos Sweet Soft Addiction & Pretty things for Poshy, which you can preview right now.

My VIP you will login so you can be overwhelmed with all the new Poshy material I have waiting for your impressionable weak boy brain.
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